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! { dg-do run }
! Test the fix for PR39879, in which gfc gagged on the double
! defined assignment where the rhs had a default initialiser.
! Contributed by David Sagan <>
module test_struct
interface assignment (=)
module procedure tao_lat_equal_tao_lat
end interface
type bunch_params_struct
integer n_live_particle
end type
type tao_lattice_struct
type (bunch_params_struct), allocatable :: bunch_params(:)
type (bunch_params_struct), allocatable :: bunch_params2(:)
end type
type tao_universe_struct
type (tao_lattice_struct), pointer :: model, design
character(200), pointer :: descrip => NULL()
end type
type tao_super_universe_struct
type (tao_universe_struct), allocatable :: u(:)
end type
type (tao_super_universe_struct), save, target :: s
subroutine tao_lat_equal_tao_lat (lat1, lat2)
implicit none
type (tao_lattice_struct), intent(inout) :: lat1
type (tao_lattice_struct), intent(in) :: lat2
if (allocated(lat2%bunch_params)) then
lat1%bunch_params = lat2%bunch_params
end if
if (allocated(lat2%bunch_params2)) then
lat1%bunch_params2 = lat2%bunch_params2
end if
end subroutine
end module
program tao_program
use test_struct
implicit none
type (tao_universe_struct), pointer :: u
integer n, i
allocate (s%u(1))
u => s%u(1)
allocate (u%design, u%model)
n = 112
allocate (u%model%bunch_params(0:n), u%design%bunch_params(0:n))
u%design%bunch_params%n_live_particle = [(i, i = 0, n)]
u%model = u%design
u%model = u%design ! The double assignment was the cause of the ICE
if (.not. allocated (u%model%bunch_params)) STOP 1
if (any (u%model%bunch_params%n_live_particle .ne. [(i, i = 0, n)])) STOP 2
Deallocate (u%model%bunch_params, u%design%bunch_params)
deallocate (u%design, u%model)
deallocate (s%u)
end program