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! { dg-do compile }
! { dg-options "-fcray-pointer" }
! Test the fix for PR36703 in which the Cray pointer was not passed
! correctly so that the call to 'fun' at line 102 caused an ICE.
! Contributed by James van Buskirk on com.lang.fortran
! Reported by Tobias Burnus <>
module funcs
use ISO_C_BINDING ! Added this USE statement
implicit none
! Interface block for function program fptr will invoke
! to get the C_FUNPTR
function get_proc(mess) bind(C,name='BlAh')
implicit none
character(kind=C_CHAR) mess(*)
type(C_FUNPTR) get_proc
end function get_proc
end interface
end module funcs
module other_fun
implicit none
! Message to be returned by procedure pointed to
! by the C_FUNPTR
character, allocatable, save :: my_message(:)
! Interface block for the procedure pointed to
! by the C_FUNPTR
public abstract_fun
abstract interface
function abstract_fun(x)
import my_message
implicit none
integer(C_INT) x(:)
character(size(my_message),C_CHAR) abstract_fun(size(x))
end function abstract_fun
end interface
! Procedure to store the message and get the C_FUNPTR
function gp(message) bind(C,name='BlAh')
character(kind=C_CHAR) message(*)
type(C_FUNPTR) gp
integer(C_INT64_T) i
i = 1
do while(message(i) /= C_NULL_CHAR)
i = i+1
end do
allocate (my_message(i+1)) ! Added this allocation
my_message = message(int(1,kind(i)):i-1)
gp = get_funloc(make_mess,aux)
end function gp
! Intermediate procedure to pass the function and get
! back the C_FUNPTR
function get_funloc(x,y)
procedure(abstract_fun) x
type(C_FUNPTR) y
external y
type(C_FUNPTR) get_funloc
get_funloc = y(x)
end function get_funloc
! Procedure to convert the function to C_FUNPTR
function aux(x)
subroutine x() bind(C)
end subroutine x
end interface
type(C_FUNPTR) aux
aux = C_FUNLOC(x)
end function aux
! Procedure pointed to by the C_FUNPTR
function make_mess(x)
integer(C_INT) x(:)
character(size(my_message),C_CHAR) make_mess(size(x))
make_mess = transfer(my_message,make_mess(1))
end function make_mess
end module other_fun
program fptr
use funcs
use other_fun
implicit none
procedure(abstract_fun) fun ! Removed INTERFACE
type(C_FUNPTR) fp
fp = get_proc('Hello, world'//achar(0))
p = transfer(fp,p)
write(*,'(a)') fun([1,2,3])
end program fptr