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! { dg-do run }
! Tests the fix for PR40646 in which the assignment would cause an ICE.
! Contributed by Charlie Sharpsteen <>
! and reported by Tobias Burnus <burnus@gcc,>
module bugTestMod
implicit none
type:: boundTest
procedure, nopass:: test => returnMat
end type boundTest
function returnMat( a, b ) result( mat )
integer:: a, b, i
double precision, dimension(a,b):: mat
mat = dble (reshape ([(i, i = 1, a * b)],[a,b]))
end function returnMat
end module bugTestMod
program bugTest
use bugTestMod
implicit none
integer i
double precision, dimension(2,2):: testCatch
type( boundTest ):: testObj
testCatch = testObj%test(2,2) ! This would cause an ICE
if (any (testCatch .ne. dble (reshape ([(i, i = 1, 4)],[2,2])))) STOP 1
end program bugTest