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! { dg-do compile }
! PR fortran/66929
! Generic procedures as actual argument used to lead to
! a NULL pointer dereference in gfc_get_proc_ifc_for_expr
! because the generic symbol was used as procedure symbol,
! instead of the specific one.
module iso_varying_string
type, public :: varying_string
character(LEN=1), dimension(:), allocatable :: chars
end type varying_string
interface operator(/=)
module procedure op_ne_VS_CH
end interface operator (/=)
interface trim
module procedure trim_
end interface
elemental function op_ne_VS_CH (string_a, string_b) result (op_ne)
type(varying_string), intent(in) :: string_a
character(LEN=*), intent(in) :: string_b
logical :: op_ne
op_ne = .true.
end function op_ne_VS_CH
elemental function trim_ (string) result (trim_string)
type(varying_string), intent(in) :: string
type(varying_string) :: trim_string
trim_string = varying_string(["t", "r", "i", "m", "m", "e", "d"])
end function trim_
end module iso_varying_string
module syntax_rules
use iso_varying_string, string_t => varying_string
subroutine set_rule_type_and_key
type(string_t) :: key
if (trim (key) /= "") then
print *, "non-empty"
end if
end subroutine set_rule_type_and_key
end module syntax_rules