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! { dg-do compile }
! Checks the fix for PR34008, in which INTENT(INOUT) was disallowed
! for the first argument of assign_m, whereas both INOUT and OUT
! should be allowed.
! Contributed by Harald Anlauf <>
module mo_memory
implicit none
type t_mi
logical :: alloc = .false.
end type t_mi
type t_m
type(t_mi) :: i ! meta data
real, pointer :: ptr (:,:,:,:) => NULL ()
end type t_m
interface assignment (=)
module procedure assign_m
end interface
elemental subroutine assign_m (y, x)
! overwrite intrinsic assignment routine
type (t_m), intent(inout) :: y
type (t_m), intent(in) :: x
y% i = x% i
if (y% i% alloc) y% ptr = x% ptr
end subroutine assign_m
end module mo_memory
module gfcbug74
use mo_memory, only: t_m, assignment (=)
implicit none
type t_atm
type(t_m) :: m(42)
end type t_atm
subroutine assign_atm_to_atm (y, x)
type (t_atm), intent(inout) :: y
type (t_atm), intent(in) :: x
integer :: i
! do i=1,42; y% m(i) = x% m(i); end do ! Works
y% m = x% m ! ICE
end subroutine assign_atm_to_atm
end module gfcbug74