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! { dg-do run }
! This tests the fix for PR16940, module interfaces to
! contained functions caused ICEs.
! This is a simplified version of the example in the PR
! discussion, which was due to L.Meissner.
! Submitted by Paul Thomas
module Max_Loc_Mod
implicit none
interface Max_Location
module procedure I_Max_Loc
end interface
function I_Max_Loc (Vector) result(Ans)
integer, intent (in), dimension(:) :: Vector
integer, dimension(1) :: Ans
Ans = maxloc(Vector)
end function I_Max_Loc
end module Max_Loc_Mod
program module_interface
use Max_Loc_Mod
implicit none
integer :: Vector (7)
Vector = (/1,6,3,5,19,1,2/)
call Selection_Sort (Vector)
subroutine Selection_Sort (Unsorted)
integer, intent (in), dimension(:) :: Unsorted
integer, dimension (1) :: N
N = Max_Location (Unsorted)
if (N(1).ne.5) STOP 1
end subroutine Selection_Sort
end program module_interface