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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-additional-options "-cpp" }
program test
implicit none
integer, target :: i, arr(1000)
integer, pointer :: ip, iph
integer, contiguous, pointer :: parr(:), parrh(:)
! Assign the same targets
ip => i
parr => arr
iph => i
parrh => arr
!$acc data copyin(i, arr)
!$acc host_data use_device(ip, parr)
! Test how the pointers compare inside a host_data construct
if (.not. associated(ip, iph)) STOP 1
if (.not. associated(parr, parrh)) STOP 2
if (associated(ip, iph)) STOP 3
if (associated(parr, parrh)) STOP 4
!$acc end host_data
!$acc end data
end program test