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! PR90030.
! Test if the array data associated with c is properly aligned
! on the accelerator. If it is not, this program will crash.
! This is also included from '../libgomp.fortran/pr90030.f90'.
! { dg-do run }
program routine_align_main
implicit none
integer :: i, n
real*8, dimension(:), allocatable :: c
n = 10
allocate (c(n))
!$omp target map(to: n) map(from: c(1:n))
!$acc parallel copyin(n) copyout(c(1:n))
do i = 1, n
c(i) = i
!$acc end parallel
!$omp end target
do i = 1, n
if (c(i) .ne. i) stop i
end program routine_align_main