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//===-- hwasan_setjmp_riscv64.S -------------------------------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file is a part of HWAddressSanitizer.
// setjmp interceptor for risc-v.
// HWAddressSanitizer runtime.
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_asm.h"
#include "builtins/assembly.h"
#if HWASAN_WITH_INTERCEPTORS && defined(__riscv) && (__riscv_xlen == 64)
#include "sanitizer_common/sanitizer_platform.h"
// We want to save the context of the calling function.
// That requires
// 1) No modification of the link register by this function.
// 2) No modification of the stack pointer by this function.
// 3) (no modification of any other saved register, but that's not really going
// to occur, and hence isn't as much of a worry).
// There's essentially no way to ensure that the compiler will not modify the
// stack pointer when compiling a C function.
// Hence we have to write this function in assembly.
.section .text
.file "hwasan_setjmp_riscv64.S"
.global __interceptor_setjmp
addi x11, x0, 0
j __interceptor_sigsetjmp
.global __interceptor_sigsetjmp
sd ra, 0<<3(x10)
sd s0, 1<<3(x10)
sd s1, 2<<3(x10)
sd s2, 3<<3(x10)
sd s3, 4<<3(x10)
sd s4, 5<<3(x10)
sd s5, 6<<3(x10)
sd s6, 7<<3(x10)
sd s7, 8<<3(x10)
sd s8, 9<<3(x10)
sd s9, 10<<3(x10)
sd s10, 11<<3(x10)
sd s11, 12<<3(x10)
sd sp, 13<<3(x10)
#if __riscv_float_abi_double
fsd fs0, 14<<3(x10)
fsd fs1, 15<<3(x10)
fsd fs2, 16<<3(x10)
fsd fs3, 17<<3(x10)
fsd fs4, 18<<3(x10)
fsd fs5, 19<<3(x10)
fsd fs6, 20<<3(x10)
fsd fs7, 21<<3(x10)
fsd fs8, 22<<3(x10)
fsd fs9, 23<<3(x10)
fsd fs10, 24<<3(x10)
fsd fs11, 25<<3(x10)
#elif __riscv_float_abi_soft
# error "Unsupported case"
// We always have the second argument to __sigjmp_save (savemask) set, since
// the _setjmp function above has set it for us as `false`.
// This function is defined in
tail __sigjmp_save
.macro WEAK_ALIAS first second
.weak \second
.equ \second\(), \first
WEAK_ALIAS __interceptor_sigsetjmp, __sigsetjmp
WEAK_ALIAS __interceptor_setjmp, _setjmp
// We do not need executable stack.