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/* Fold a constant sub-tree into a single node for C-compiler
Copyright (C) 1987-2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GCC.
GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later
GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
<>. */
/* Non-zero if we are folding constants inside an initializer; zero
otherwise. */
extern int folding_initializer;
/* Convert between trees and native memory representation. */
extern int native_encode_expr (const_tree, unsigned char *, int, int off = -1);
extern tree native_interpret_expr (tree, const unsigned char *, int);
/* Fold constants as much as possible in an expression.
Returns the simplified expression.
Acts only on the top level of the expression;
if the argument itself cannot be simplified, its
subexpressions are not changed. */
extern tree fold (tree);
#define fold_unary(CODE,T1,T2)\
fold_unary_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2)
extern tree fold_unary_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree);
#define fold_unary_ignore_overflow(CODE,T1,T2)\
fold_unary_ignore_overflow_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2)
extern tree fold_unary_ignore_overflow_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree);
#define fold_binary(CODE,T1,T2,T3)\
fold_binary_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2, T3)
extern tree fold_binary_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
#define fold_ternary(CODE,T1,T2,T3,T4)\
fold_ternary_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2, T3, T4)
extern tree fold_ternary_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree, tree);
#define fold_build1(c,t1,t2)\
fold_build1_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, c, t1, t2 MEM_STAT_INFO)
extern tree fold_build1_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree,
#define fold_build2(c,t1,t2,t3)\
fold_build2_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, c, t1, t2, t3 MEM_STAT_INFO)
extern tree fold_build2_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree,
#define fold_build3(c,t1,t2,t3,t4)\
fold_build3_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, c, t1, t2, t3, t4 MEM_STAT_INFO)
extern tree fold_build3_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree,
extern tree fold_build1_initializer_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree);
extern tree fold_build2_initializer_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
#define fold_build_call_array(T1,T2,N,T4)\
fold_build_call_array_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2, N, T4)
extern tree fold_build_call_array_loc (location_t, tree, tree, int, tree *);
#define fold_build_call_array_initializer(T1,T2,N,T4)\
fold_build_call_array_initializer_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2, N, T4)
extern tree fold_build_call_array_initializer_loc (location_t, tree, tree, int, tree *);
extern tree get_array_ctor_element_at_index (tree, offset_int);
extern bool fold_convertible_p (const_tree, const_tree);
#define fold_convert(T1,T2)\
fold_convert_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2)
extern tree fold_convert_loc (location_t, tree, tree);
extern tree fold_single_bit_test (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
extern tree fold_ignored_result (tree);
extern tree fold_abs_const (tree, tree);
extern tree fold_indirect_ref_1 (location_t, tree, tree);
extern void fold_defer_overflow_warnings (void);
extern void fold_undefer_overflow_warnings (bool, const gimple *, int);
extern void fold_undefer_and_ignore_overflow_warnings (void);
extern bool fold_deferring_overflow_warnings_p (void);
extern void fold_overflow_warning (const char*, enum warn_strict_overflow_code);
extern enum tree_code fold_div_compare (enum tree_code, tree, tree,
tree *, tree *, bool *);
extern int operand_equal_p (const_tree, const_tree, unsigned int);
extern int multiple_of_p (tree, const_tree, const_tree);
#define omit_one_operand(T1,T2,T3)\
omit_one_operand_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2, T3)
extern tree omit_one_operand_loc (location_t, tree, tree, tree);
#define omit_two_operands(T1,T2,T3,T4)\
omit_two_operands_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2, T3, T4)
extern tree omit_two_operands_loc (location_t, tree, tree, tree, tree);
#define invert_truthvalue(T)\
invert_truthvalue_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
extern tree invert_truthvalue_loc (location_t, tree);
extern tree fold_unary_to_constant (enum tree_code, tree, tree);
extern tree fold_binary_to_constant (enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
extern tree fold_bit_and_mask (tree, tree, enum tree_code,
tree, enum tree_code, tree, tree,
tree, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree *);
extern tree fold_read_from_constant_string (tree);
extern bool wide_int_binop (wide_int &res, enum tree_code,
const wide_int &arg1, const wide_int &arg2,
signop, wi::overflow_type *);
extern tree int_const_binop (enum tree_code, const_tree, const_tree, int = 1);
#define build_fold_addr_expr(T)\
build_fold_addr_expr_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, (T))
extern tree build_fold_addr_expr_loc (location_t, tree);
#define build_fold_addr_expr_with_type(T,TYPE)\
build_fold_addr_expr_with_type_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, (T), TYPE)
extern tree build_fold_addr_expr_with_type_loc (location_t, tree, tree);
extern tree fold_build_cleanup_point_expr (tree type, tree expr);
#define build_fold_indirect_ref(T)\
build_fold_indirect_ref_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
extern tree build_fold_indirect_ref_loc (location_t, tree);
#define fold_indirect_ref(T)\
fold_indirect_ref_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
extern tree fold_indirect_ref_loc (location_t, tree);
extern tree build_simple_mem_ref_loc (location_t, tree);
#define build_simple_mem_ref(T)\
build_simple_mem_ref_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
extern poly_offset_int mem_ref_offset (const_tree);
extern tree build_invariant_address (tree, tree, poly_int64);
extern tree constant_boolean_node (bool, tree);
extern tree div_if_zero_remainder (const_tree, const_tree);
extern bool tree_swap_operands_p (const_tree, const_tree);
extern enum tree_code swap_tree_comparison (enum tree_code);
extern bool ptr_difference_const (tree, tree, poly_int64_pod *);
extern enum tree_code invert_tree_comparison (enum tree_code, bool);
extern bool inverse_conditions_p (const_tree, const_tree);
extern bool tree_unary_nonzero_warnv_p (enum tree_code, tree, tree, bool *);
extern bool tree_binary_nonzero_warnv_p (enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree op1,
bool *);
extern bool tree_single_nonzero_warnv_p (tree, bool *);
extern bool tree_unary_nonnegative_warnv_p (enum tree_code, tree, tree,
bool *, int);
extern bool tree_binary_nonnegative_warnv_p (enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree,
bool *, int);
extern bool tree_single_nonnegative_warnv_p (tree, bool *, int);
extern bool tree_call_nonnegative_warnv_p (tree, combined_fn, tree, tree,
bool *, int);
extern bool integer_valued_real_unary_p (tree_code, tree, int);
extern bool integer_valued_real_binary_p (tree_code, tree, tree, int);
extern bool integer_valued_real_call_p (combined_fn, tree, tree, int);
extern bool integer_valued_real_single_p (tree, int);
extern bool integer_valued_real_p (tree, int = 0);
extern bool fold_real_zero_addition_p (const_tree, const_tree, int);
extern tree combine_comparisons (location_t, enum tree_code, enum tree_code,
enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
extern void debug_fold_checksum (const_tree);
extern bool may_negate_without_overflow_p (const_tree);
#define round_up(T,N) round_up_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T, N)
extern tree round_up_loc (location_t, tree, unsigned int);
#define round_down(T,N) round_down_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T, N)
extern tree round_down_loc (location_t, tree, int);
extern tree size_int_kind (poly_int64, enum size_type_kind);
#define size_binop(CODE,T1,T2)\
size_binop_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2)
extern tree size_binop_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree);
#define size_diffop(T1,T2)\
size_diffop_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2)
extern tree size_diffop_loc (location_t, tree, tree);
/* Return an expr equal to X but certainly not valid as an lvalue. */
#define non_lvalue(T) non_lvalue_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
extern tree non_lvalue_loc (location_t, tree);
extern bool tree_expr_nonzero_p (tree);
extern bool tree_expr_nonnegative_p (tree);
extern bool tree_expr_nonnegative_warnv_p (tree, bool *, int = 0);
extern tree make_range (tree, int *, tree *, tree *, bool *);
extern tree make_range_step (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree,
tree *, tree *, int *, bool *);
extern tree range_check_type (tree);
extern tree build_range_check (location_t, tree, tree, int, tree, tree);
extern bool merge_ranges (int *, tree *, tree *, int, tree, tree, int,
tree, tree);
extern tree sign_bit_p (tree, const_tree);
extern tree exact_inverse (tree, tree);
extern bool expr_not_equal_to (tree t, const wide_int &);
extern tree const_unop (enum tree_code, tree, tree);
extern tree const_binop (enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
extern bool negate_mathfn_p (combined_fn);
extern const char *c_getstr (tree, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT * = NULL);
extern wide_int tree_nonzero_bits (const_tree);
/* Return OFF converted to a pointer offset type suitable as offset for
POINTER_PLUS_EXPR. Use location LOC for this conversion. */
extern tree convert_to_ptrofftype_loc (location_t loc, tree off);
#define convert_to_ptrofftype(t) convert_to_ptrofftype_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, t)
/* Build and fold a POINTER_PLUS_EXPR at LOC offsetting PTR by OFF. */
extern tree fold_build_pointer_plus_loc (location_t loc, tree ptr, tree off);
#define fold_build_pointer_plus(p,o) \
fold_build_pointer_plus_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, p, o)
/* Build and fold a POINTER_PLUS_EXPR at LOC offsetting PTR by OFF. */
extern tree fold_build_pointer_plus_hwi_loc (location_t loc, tree ptr, HOST_WIDE_INT off);
#define fold_build_pointer_plus_hwi(p,o) \
fold_build_pointer_plus_hwi_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, p, o)
#endif // GCC_FOLD_CONST_H