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/* Copyright (C) 2008-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributor: Joern Rennecke <>
on behalf of Synopsys Inc.
This file is part of GCC.
GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later
GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
for more details.
Under Section 7 of GPL version 3, you are granted additional
permissions described in the GCC Runtime Library Exception, version
3.1, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License and
a copy of the GCC Runtime Library Exception along with this program;
see the files COPYING3 and COPYING.RUNTIME respectively. If not, see
<>. */
#include "arc-ieee-754.h"
#if 0 /* DEBUG */
.global __divsf3
.balign 4
push_s blink
push_s r1
bl.d __divsf3_c
push_s r0
ld_s r1,[sp,4]
st_s r0,[sp,4]
bl.d __divsf3_asm
pop_s r0
pop_s r1
pop_s blink
cmp r0,r1
#if 1
bne abort
jeq_s [blink]
b abort
bne abort
j_s [blink]
#define __divsf3 __divsf3_asm
#endif /* DEBUG */
.balign 4
__divdf3_support: /* This label makes debugger output saner. */
norm.f r12,r2 ; flag for 0/x -> 0 check 0,0x60000000,r1 ; denorm/large number -> 0
beq_s .Lret0_NaN
tst r1,r9
add_s r2,r2,r2
sub_s r12,r12,8
asl_s r2,r2,r12
asl_l r12,r12,23
bne.d .Lpast_denorm_fp0
add r5,r5,r12
/* r0 is subnormal, r1 is subnormal or 0. */
.balign 4
norm.f r12,r3 ; flag for x/0 -> Inf check 0,0x60000000,r0 ; large number/denorm -> Inf
beq_s .Linf
add_s r3,r3,r3
sub_s r12,r12,8
asl_s r3,r3,r12
asl_s r12,r12,23
b.d .Lpast_denorm_fp1
add r4,r4,r12
bclr.f 0,r1,31 ; 0/0 -> NaN
bic r0,r10,r9
j_s.d [blink]
sub.eq r0,r0,1
.global __divsf3
.balign 4
.long 0x7f800000 ; exponent mask
ld r9,[pcl,-4]
bmsk r2,r0,22
xor r4,r0,r2
bmsk r3,r1,22
xor r5,r1,r3
and r11,r0,r9
breq.d r11,0,.Ldenorm_fp0
xor r10,r4,r5
breq r11,r9,.Linf_nan_fp0
bset_s r2,r2,23
and r11,r1,r9
breq r11,0,.Ldenorm_fp1
breq r11,r9,.Linf_nan_fp1
bset_s r3,r3,23
cmp r2,r3
asl_s r2,r2,6+1
asl_s r3,r3,7
add.lo r2,r2,r2
bclr r8,r9,30 ; exponent bias
bclr.lo r8,r8,23 ; reduce exp by one if fraction is shifted
sub r4,r4,r5
add r4,r4,r8
xor.f 0,r10,r4
bmi .Linf_denorm
and r12,r4,r9
breq r12,0,.Ldenorm
sub_s r2,r2,r3 ; discard implicit 1
.rep 6
divaw r2,r2,r3
breq r12,r9,.Linf
bmsk r0,r2,6
xor_s r2,r2,r0
.rep 7
divaw r2,r2,r3
asl_s r0,r0,7
bmsk r1,r2,6
xor_s r2,r2,r1
or_s r0,r0,r1
.rep 7
divaw r2,r2,r3
asl_s r0,r0,7
bmsk r1,r2,6
xor_s r2,r2,r1
or_s r0,r0,r1
.rep 3
divaw r2,r2,r3
asl_s r0,r0,3
divaw r1,r2,r3
bmsk_s r2,r2,2
tst r1,-0x7e ; 0xffffff82, test for rest or odd
bmsk_s r1,r1,0
add_s r0,r0,r2 ; assemble fraction
add_s r0,r0,r4 ; add in sign & exponent
j_s.d [blink] r0,r0,r1 ; round to nearest / even
.balign 4
bic.f 0,r9,r1 ; fp1 Inf -> result NaN
bic r1,r5,r9 ; fp1 sign
sub.eq r1,r1,1
j_s.d [blink]
xor_s r0,r0,r1
bic r0,r4,r9 ; fp0 sign
bmsk.f 0,r1,22 ; x/inf -> 0, x/nan -> nan
xor.eq r1,r1,r9
j_s.d [blink]
xor_s r0,r0,r1
j_s.d [blink]
or r0,r10,r9
j_s.d [blink]
mov_s r0,r4
.balign 4
add.f r12,r4,r4
asr_l r12,r12,24
bpl .Linf
max r12,r12,-24
add r1,pcl,42; .Ldenorm_tab-.
ldb_s r12,[r12,r1]
mov_s r0,0
lsr_s r2,r2
sub_s r1,r1,r12
j_s.d [r1]
bic r4,r10,r9
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Lret_r4
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_0bit
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_3bit-8
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_3bit-4
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_3bit
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_10bit-24
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_10bit-20
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_10bit-16
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_10bit-12
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_10bit-8
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_10bit-4
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_10bit
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_17bit-24
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_17bit-20
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_17bit-16
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_17bit-12
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_17bit-8
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_17bit-4
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_17bit
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_23bit-20
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_23bit-16
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_23bit-12
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_23bit-8
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_23bit-4
.byte .Ldenorm_tab-.Ldiv_23bit