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#include <omp.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
struct S
int a, b;
typedef struct S S;
int main (void)
int d = omp_get_default_device ();
int id = omp_get_initial_device ();
if (d < 0 || d >= omp_get_num_devices ())
d = id;
S s;
#pragma omp target enter data map (alloc: s.a, s.b)
#pragma omp target exit data map (release: s.b)
/* OpenMP 5.0 structure element mapping rules describe that elements of same
structure variable should allocate/deallocate in a uniform fashion, so
"s.a" should be removed together by above 'exit data'. */
if (d != id && omp_target_is_present (&s.a, d))
abort ();
return 0;