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/** @ingroup COIProcess
* @addtogroup COIProcessSink
* @file sink/COIProcess_sink.h
#include "../common/COITypes_common.h"
#include "../common/COIResult_common.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/// This call will block while waiting for the source to send a process destroy
/// message. This provides the sink side application with an event to keep the
/// main() function from exiting until it is directed to by the source. When
/// the shutdown message is received this function will stop any future run
/// functions from executing but will wait for any current run functions to
/// complete. All Intel® Coprocessor Offload Infrastructure (Intel® COI)
/// resources will be cleaned up and no additional Intel® Coprocessor Offload
/// Infrastructure (Intel® COI) APIs should be called after this function
/// returns. This function does not invoke exit() so the application
/// can perform any of its own cleanup once this call returns.
/// @return COI_SUCCESS once the process receives the shutdown message.
/// This call will block until all stdout and stderr output has been proxied
/// to and written by the source. This call guarantees that any output in a
/// run function is transmitted to the source before the run function signals
/// its completion event back to the source.
/// Note that having an additional thread printing forever while another
/// calls COIProxyFlush may lead to a hang because the process will be forced
/// to wait until all that output can be flushed to the source before returning
/// from this call.
/// @return COI_SUCCESS once the proxy output has been flushed to and written
/// written by the host. Note that Intel® Coprocessor Offload
/// Infrastructure (Intel® COI) on the source writes to stdout and
/// stderr, but does not flush this output.
/// @return COI_SUCCESS if the process was created without enabling
/// proxy IO this function.
/// Loads a shared library from host filesystem into the current sink
/// process, akin to using dlopen() on a local process in Linux or
/// LoadLibrary() in Windows.
/// @param in_pFileName
/// [in] The name of the shared library file on the source's file
/// system that is being loaded. If the file name is not an absolute
/// path, the file is searched for in the same manner as dependencies.
/// @param in_pLibraryName
/// [in] Name for the shared library. This optional parameter can
/// be specified in case the dynamic library doesn't have an
/// SO_NAME field. If specified, it will take precedence over
/// the SO_NAME if it exists. If it is not specified then
/// the library must have a valid SO_NAME field.
///@param in_LibrarySearchPath
/// [in] a path to locate dynamic libraries dependencies for the
/// library being loaded. If not NULL, this path will override the
/// environment variable SINK_LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If NULL it will use
/// SINK_LD_LIBRARY_PATH to locate dependencies.
/// @param in_Flags
/// [in] Bitmask of the flags that will be passed in as the dlopen()
/// "flag" parameter on the sink.
/// @param out_pLibrary
/// [out] If COI_SUCCESS or COI_ALREADY_EXISTS is returned, the handle
/// that uniquely identifies the loaded library.
/// @return COI_SUCCESS if the library was successfully loaded.
/// @return COI_INVALID_POINTER if in_pFileName is NULL.
/// @return COI_DOES_NOT_EXIST if in_pFileName cannot be found.
/// @return COI_INVALID_FILE if the file is not a valid shared library.
/// @return COI_MISSING_DEPENDENCY if a dependent library is missing from
/// either SINK_LD_LIBRARY_PATH or the in_LibrarySearchPath parameter.
/// @return COI_ARGUMENT_MISMATCH if the shared library is missing an SONAME
/// and in_pLibraryName is NULL.
/// @return COI_UNDEFINED_SYMBOL if we are unable to load the library due to
/// an undefined symbol.
/// @return COI_ALREADY_EXISTS if there is an existing COILIBRARY handle
/// that identifies this library, and this COILIBRARY hasn't been
/// unloaded yet.
/// @return COI_BINARY_AND_HARDWARE_MISMATCH if the target machine of the
/// binary or any of its recursive dependencies does not match the
/// engine associated with Process.
/// @return COI_NOT_INITIALIZED if setup of remote process on host is not
/// completed yet.
const char *in_pFileName,
const char *in_pLibraryName,
const char *in_LibrarySearchPath,
uint32_t in_Flags,
COILIBRARY *out_pLibrary);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" */
#endif /* _COIPROCESS_SINK_H */
/*! @} */