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// { dg-do compile }
// { dg-options "-fdollars-in-identifiers" }
// Origin: Giovanni Bajo <giovannibajo at libero dot it>
// Make sure that Java special functions can be called correctly.
// (continue from java1.C)
extern "Java"
typedef __java_int jint;
namespace java
namespace lang
class Class;
class Object;
class Throwable {};
class Foo;
typedef struct java::lang::Object* jobject;
typedef struct java::lang::Throwable* jthrowable;
typedef class java::lang::Class* jclass;
using java::lang::Foo;
class Foo : public java::lang::Throwable
static ::java::lang::Class class$;
* Step 4: Manual declaration of _Jv_Throw
* This is the last case we need to test. In the other file we're testing
* the compiler is able to generate an artifical declaration for this
* function, so we need to test here if it works with a normal declaration.
extern "C" jobject _Jv_AllocObject (jclass, jint) __attribute__((__malloc__));
extern "C" void _Jv_Throw (jthrowable) __attribute__ ((__noreturn__));
void Bar4(void)
Foo* f = new java::lang::Foo;
throw (f);