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/* bcmp
This function is in the public domain. */
@deftypefn Supplemental int bcmp (char *@var{x}, char *@var{y}, int @var{count})
Compares the first @var{count} bytes of two areas of memory. Returns
zero if they are the same, nonzero otherwise. Returns zero if
@var{count} is zero. A nonzero result only indicates a difference,
it does not indicate any sorting order (say, by having a positive
result mean @var{x} sorts before @var{y}).
@end deftypefn
bcmp (from, to, count)
char *from, *to;
int count;
int rtnval = 0;
while (count-- > 0)
if (*from++ != *to++)
rtnval = 1;
return (rtnval);