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// 990811 bkoz
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// GNU General Public License for more details.
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// Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307,
// USA.
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_2/King Tubby's - Repatriation
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_2/Vivian Jackson and the Prop
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_2/Michael Rose - Born Free (d
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_2/King Tubby's - Love Thy Nei
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_1/Vivian Jackson and the Defe
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_1/Vivian Jackson and the Ralp
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_1/Tommy McCook and Don D. Jnr
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_1/Big Youth and Vivian Jackso
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_1/King Tubby's - Big Youth Fi
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_1/Upsetter Mix - Rally Dub
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_1/Dicky Burton - God Is Watch
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_1/Pablo and Vivian Jackson -
/mnt/cdrom/yabbyyou_jesusdread/disk_1/King Tubby's - Rock King Tu
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_i'myours,you'remine/This time
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_i'myours,you'remine/I'm Yours, You're Mine
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_i'myours,you'remine/Lonely House
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_i'myours,you'remine/Close Your Eyes
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_i'myours,you'remine/Useless Landscape
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_i'myours,you'remine/East of the Sun
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_i'myours,you'remine/September Song
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/Naima's Love Song
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/Stay As Sweet As You Are
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/Make Him Believe
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/I Should Care
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/Once Upon a Summertime
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/You Go To My Head
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/In the Still Of the Night
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/When It's Sleepy Time Down
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/The Love We Had Yesterday
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/Dip Bag
/mnt/cdrom/bettycarter_it'snotaboutthemelo/You're Mine, Too
/mnt/cdrom/c_adderly_somethin'_else/Autumn Leaves
/mnt/cdrom/c_adderly_somethin'_else/Love For Sale
/mnt/cdrom/c_adderly_somethin'_else/Somethin' Else
/mnt/cdrom/c_adderly_somethin'_else/One For Daddy-O