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/* Compiler implementation of the D programming language
* Copyright (C) 1999-2021 by The D Language Foundation, All Rights Reserved
* written by Walter Bright
* Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
#pragma once
#include "root/port.h"
#include "root/stringtable.h"
#include "ast_node.h"
#include "globals.h"
#include "arraytypes.h"
#include "visitor.h"
class Identifier;
struct Scope;
class DsymbolTable;
class Declaration;
class ThisDeclaration;
class TypeInfoDeclaration;
class TupleDeclaration;
class AliasDeclaration;
class AggregateDeclaration;
class EnumDeclaration;
class ClassDeclaration;
class InterfaceDeclaration;
class StructDeclaration;
class UnionDeclaration;
class FuncDeclaration;
class FuncAliasDeclaration;
class OverDeclaration;
class FuncLiteralDeclaration;
class CtorDeclaration;
class PostBlitDeclaration;
class DtorDeclaration;
class StaticCtorDeclaration;
class StaticDtorDeclaration;
class SharedStaticCtorDeclaration;
class SharedStaticDtorDeclaration;
class InvariantDeclaration;
class UnitTestDeclaration;
class NewDeclaration;
class VarDeclaration;
class AttribDeclaration;
class Package;
class Module;
class Import;
class Type;
class TypeTuple;
class WithStatement;
class LabelDsymbol;
class ScopeDsymbol;
class ForwardingScopeDsymbol;
class TemplateDeclaration;
class TemplateInstance;
class TemplateMixin;
class ForwardingAttribDeclaration;
class Nspace;
class EnumMember;
class WithScopeSymbol;
class ArrayScopeSymbol;
class SymbolDeclaration;
class Expression;
class DeleteDeclaration;
class OverloadSet;
struct AA;
#ifdef IN_GCC
typedef union tree_node Symbol;
struct Symbol;
struct Ungag
unsigned oldgag;
Ungag(unsigned old) : oldgag(old) {}
~Ungag() { global.gag = oldgag; }
void dsymbolSemantic(Dsymbol *dsym, Scope *sc);
void semantic2(Dsymbol *dsym, Scope* sc);
void semantic3(Dsymbol *dsym, Scope* sc);
struct Prot
enum Kind
none, // no access
Kind kind;
Package *pkg;
Prot(Kind kind);
bool isMoreRestrictiveThan(const Prot other) const;
bool operator==(const Prot& other) const;
// in hdrgen.c
void protectionToBuffer(OutBuffer *buf, Prot prot);
const char *protectionToChars(Prot::Kind kind);
/* State of symbol in winding its way through the passes of the compiler
enum PASS
PASSinit, // initial state
PASSsemantic, // semantic() started
PASSsemanticdone, // semantic() done
PASSsemantic2, // semantic2() started
PASSsemantic2done, // semantic2() done
PASSsemantic3, // semantic3() started
PASSsemantic3done, // semantic3() done
PASSinline, // inline started
PASSinlinedone, // inline done
PASSobj // toObjFile() run
/* Flags for symbol search
IgnoreNone = 0x00, // default
IgnorePrivateImports = 0x01, // don't search private imports
IgnoreErrors = 0x02, // don't give error messages
IgnoreAmbiguous = 0x04, // return NULL if ambiguous
SearchLocalsOnly = 0x08, // only look at locals (don't search imports)
SearchImportsOnly = 0x10, // only look in imports
SearchUnqualifiedModule = 0x20, // the module scope search is unqualified,
// meaning don't search imports in that scope,
// because qualified module searches search
// their imports
IgnoreSymbolVisibility = 0x80 // also find private and package protected symbols
typedef int (*Dsymbol_apply_ft_t)(Dsymbol *, void *);
class Dsymbol : public ASTNode
Identifier *ident;
Dsymbol *parent;
Symbol *csym; // symbol for code generator
Symbol *isym; // import version of csym
const utf8_t *comment; // documentation comment for this Dsymbol
Loc loc; // where defined
Scope *_scope; // !=NULL means context to use for semantic()
const utf8_t *prettystring;
bool errors; // this symbol failed to pass semantic()
PASS semanticRun;
DeprecatedDeclaration *depdecl; // customized deprecation message
UserAttributeDeclaration *userAttribDecl; // user defined attributes
UnitTestDeclaration *ddocUnittest; // !=NULL means there's a ddoc unittest associated with this symbol (only use this with ddoc)
Dsymbol(Identifier *);
static Dsymbol *create(Identifier *);
const char *toChars();
virtual const char *toPrettyCharsHelper(); // helper to print fully qualified (template) arguments
Loc& getLoc();
const char *locToChars();
bool equals(RootObject *o);
bool isAnonymous();
void error(Loc loc, const char *format, ...);
void error(const char *format, ...);
void deprecation(Loc loc, const char *format, ...);
void deprecation(const char *format, ...);
bool checkDeprecated(Loc loc, Scope *sc);
Module *getModule();
Module *getAccessModule();
Dsymbol *pastMixin();
Dsymbol *pastMixinAndNspace();
Dsymbol *toParent();
Dsymbol *toParent2();
Dsymbol *toParent3();
TemplateInstance *isInstantiated();
TemplateInstance *isSpeculative();
Ungag ungagSpeculative();
// kludge for template.isSymbol()
int dyncast() const { return DYNCAST_DSYMBOL; }
static Dsymbols *arraySyntaxCopy(Dsymbols *a);
virtual Identifier *getIdent();
virtual const char *toPrettyChars(bool QualifyTypes = false);
virtual const char *kind() const;
virtual Dsymbol *toAlias(); // resolve real symbol
virtual Dsymbol *toAlias2();
virtual int apply(Dsymbol_apply_ft_t fp, void *param);
virtual void addMember(Scope *sc, ScopeDsymbol *sds);
virtual void setScope(Scope *sc);
virtual void importAll(Scope *sc);
virtual Dsymbol *search(const Loc &loc, Identifier *ident, int flags = IgnoreNone);
Dsymbol *search_correct(Identifier *id);
Dsymbol *searchX(Loc loc, Scope *sc, RootObject *id, int flags);
virtual bool overloadInsert(Dsymbol *s);
virtual d_uns64 size(Loc loc);
virtual bool isforwardRef();
virtual AggregateDeclaration *isThis(); // is a 'this' required to access the member
virtual bool isExport() const; // is Dsymbol exported?
virtual bool isImportedSymbol() const; // is Dsymbol imported?
virtual bool isDeprecated(); // is Dsymbol deprecated?
virtual bool isOverloadable();
virtual LabelDsymbol *isLabel(); // is this a LabelDsymbol?
AggregateDeclaration *isMember(); // is this a member of an AggregateDeclaration?
AggregateDeclaration *isMember2(); // is this a member of an AggregateDeclaration?
ClassDeclaration *isClassMember(); // is this a member of a ClassDeclaration?
virtual Type *getType(); // is this a type?
virtual bool needThis(); // need a 'this' pointer?
virtual Prot prot();
virtual Dsymbol *syntaxCopy(Dsymbol *s); // copy only syntax trees
virtual bool oneMember(Dsymbol **ps, Identifier *ident);
static bool oneMembers(Dsymbols *members, Dsymbol **ps, Identifier *ident);
virtual void setFieldOffset(AggregateDeclaration *ad, unsigned *poffset, bool isunion);
virtual bool hasPointers();
virtual bool hasStaticCtorOrDtor();
virtual void addLocalClass(ClassDeclarations *) { }
virtual void checkCtorConstInit() { }
virtual void addComment(const utf8_t *comment);
bool inNonRoot();
// Eliminate need for dynamic_cast
virtual Package *isPackage() { return NULL; }
virtual Module *isModule() { return NULL; }
virtual EnumMember *isEnumMember() { return NULL; }
virtual TemplateDeclaration *isTemplateDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual TemplateInstance *isTemplateInstance() { return NULL; }
virtual TemplateMixin *isTemplateMixin() { return NULL; }
virtual ForwardingAttribDeclaration *isForwardingAttribDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual Nspace *isNspace() { return NULL; }
virtual Declaration *isDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual StorageClassDeclaration *isStorageClassDeclaration(){ return NULL; }
virtual ThisDeclaration *isThisDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual TypeInfoDeclaration *isTypeInfoDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual TupleDeclaration *isTupleDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual AliasDeclaration *isAliasDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual AggregateDeclaration *isAggregateDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual FuncDeclaration *isFuncDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual FuncAliasDeclaration *isFuncAliasDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual OverDeclaration *isOverDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual FuncLiteralDeclaration *isFuncLiteralDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual CtorDeclaration *isCtorDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual PostBlitDeclaration *isPostBlitDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual DtorDeclaration *isDtorDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual StaticCtorDeclaration *isStaticCtorDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual StaticDtorDeclaration *isStaticDtorDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual SharedStaticCtorDeclaration *isSharedStaticCtorDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual SharedStaticDtorDeclaration *isSharedStaticDtorDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual InvariantDeclaration *isInvariantDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual UnitTestDeclaration *isUnitTestDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual NewDeclaration *isNewDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual VarDeclaration *isVarDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual VersionSymbol *isVersionSymbol() { return NULL; }
virtual DebugSymbol *isDebugSymbol() { return NULL; }
virtual ClassDeclaration *isClassDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual StructDeclaration *isStructDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual UnionDeclaration *isUnionDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual InterfaceDeclaration *isInterfaceDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual ScopeDsymbol *isScopeDsymbol() { return NULL; }
virtual ForwardingScopeDsymbol *isForwardingScopeDsymbol() { return NULL; }
virtual WithScopeSymbol *isWithScopeSymbol() { return NULL; }
virtual ArrayScopeSymbol *isArrayScopeSymbol() { return NULL; }
virtual Import *isImport() { return NULL; }
virtual EnumDeclaration *isEnumDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual DeleteDeclaration *isDeleteDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual SymbolDeclaration *isSymbolDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual AttribDeclaration *isAttribDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual AnonDeclaration *isAnonDeclaration() { return NULL; }
virtual OverloadSet *isOverloadSet() { return NULL; }
void accept(Visitor *v) { v->visit(this); }
// Dsymbol that generates a scope
class ScopeDsymbol : public Dsymbol
Dsymbols *members; // all Dsymbol's in this scope
DsymbolTable *symtab; // members[] sorted into table
unsigned endlinnum; // the linnumber of the statement after the scope (0 if unknown)
Dsymbols *importedScopes; // imported Dsymbol's
Prot::Kind *prots; // array of PROTKIND, one for each import
BitArray accessiblePackages, privateAccessiblePackages;
ScopeDsymbol(Identifier *id);
Dsymbol *syntaxCopy(Dsymbol *s);
Dsymbol *search(const Loc &loc, Identifier *ident, int flags = SearchLocalsOnly);
OverloadSet *mergeOverloadSet(Identifier *ident, OverloadSet *os, Dsymbol *s);
virtual void importScope(Dsymbol *s, Prot protection);
void addAccessiblePackage(Package *p, Prot protection);
virtual bool isPackageAccessible(Package *p, Prot protection, int flags = 0);
bool isforwardRef();
static void multiplyDefined(Loc loc, Dsymbol *s1, Dsymbol *s2);
const char *kind() const;
FuncDeclaration *findGetMembers();
virtual Dsymbol *symtabInsert(Dsymbol *s);
virtual Dsymbol *symtabLookup(Dsymbol *s, Identifier *id);
bool hasStaticCtorOrDtor();
static size_t dim(Dsymbols *members);
static Dsymbol *getNth(Dsymbols *members, size_t nth, size_t *pn = NULL);
ScopeDsymbol *isScopeDsymbol() { return this; }
void accept(Visitor *v) { v->visit(this); }
// With statement scope
class WithScopeSymbol : public ScopeDsymbol
WithStatement *withstate;
WithScopeSymbol(WithStatement *withstate);
Dsymbol *search(const Loc &loc, Identifier *ident, int flags = SearchLocalsOnly);
WithScopeSymbol *isWithScopeSymbol() { return this; }
void accept(Visitor *v) { v->visit(this); }
// Array Index/Slice scope
class ArrayScopeSymbol : public ScopeDsymbol
Expression *exp; // IndexExp or SliceExp
TypeTuple *type; // for tuple[length]
TupleDeclaration *td; // for tuples of objects
Scope *sc;
ArrayScopeSymbol(Scope *sc, Expression *e);
ArrayScopeSymbol(Scope *sc, TypeTuple *t);
ArrayScopeSymbol(Scope *sc, TupleDeclaration *td);
Dsymbol *search(const Loc &loc, Identifier *ident, int flags = IgnoreNone);
ArrayScopeSymbol *isArrayScopeSymbol() { return this; }
void accept(Visitor *v) { v->visit(this); }
// Overload Sets
class OverloadSet : public Dsymbol
Dsymbols a; // array of Dsymbols
OverloadSet(Identifier *ident, OverloadSet *os = NULL);
void push(Dsymbol *s);
OverloadSet *isOverloadSet() { return this; }
const char *kind() const;
void accept(Visitor *v) { v->visit(this); }
// Forwarding ScopeDsymbol
class ForwardingScopeDsymbol : public ScopeDsymbol
ScopeDsymbol *forward;
ForwardingScopeDsymbol(ScopeDsymbol *forward);
Dsymbol *symtabInsert(Dsymbol *s);
Dsymbol *symtabLookup(Dsymbol *s, Identifier *id);
void importScope(Dsymbol *s, Prot protection);
const char *kind() const;
ForwardingScopeDsymbol *isForwardingScopeDsymbol() { return this; }
// Table of Dsymbol's
class DsymbolTable : public RootObject
AA *tab;
// Look up Identifier. Return Dsymbol if found, NULL if not.
Dsymbol *lookup(Identifier const * const ident);
// Insert Dsymbol in table. Return NULL if already there.
Dsymbol *insert(Dsymbol *s);
// Look for Dsymbol in table. If there, return it. If not, insert s and return that.
Dsymbol *update(Dsymbol *s);
Dsymbol *insert(Identifier const * const ident, Dsymbol *s); // when ident and s are not the same