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/* Compiler implementation of the D programming language
* Copyright (C) 1999-2021 by The D Language Foundation, All Rights Reserved
* written by Walter Bright
* Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
#pragma once
#include "root/dcompat.h"
#include "root/ctfloat.h"
#include "root/outbuffer.h"
#include "root/filename.h"
#include "compiler.h"
// Can't include arraytypes.h here, need to declare these directly.
template <typename TYPE> struct Array;
typedef unsigned char Diagnostic;
DIAGNOSTICerror, // generate an error
DIAGNOSTICinform, // generate a warning
DIAGNOSTICoff // disable diagnostic
// The state of array bounds checking
typedef unsigned char CHECKENABLE;
CHECKENABLEdefault, // initial value
CHECKENABLEoff, // never do bounds checking
CHECKENABLEon, // always do bounds checking
CHECKENABLEsafeonly // do bounds checking only in @safe functions
typedef unsigned char CHECKACTION;
CHECKACTION_D, // call D assert on failure
CHECKACTION_C, // call C assert on failure
CHECKACTION_halt // cause program halt on failure
enum CPU
avx, // AVX1 instruction set
avx2, // AVX2 instruction set
avx512, // AVX-512 instruction set
// Special values that don't survive past the command line processing
baseline, // (default) the minimum capability CPU
native // the machine the compiler is being run on
enum CppStdRevision
CppStdRevisionCpp98 = 199711,
CppStdRevisionCpp11 = 201103,
CppStdRevisionCpp14 = 201402,
CppStdRevisionCpp17 = 201703
// Put command line switches in here
struct Param
bool obj; // write object file
bool link; // perform link
bool dll; // generate shared dynamic library
bool lib; // write library file instead of object file(s)
bool multiobj; // break one object file into multiple ones
bool oneobj; // write one object file instead of multiple ones
bool trace; // insert profiling hooks
bool tracegc; // instrument calls to 'new'
bool verbose; // verbose compile
bool vcg_ast; // write-out codegen-ast
bool showColumns; // print character (column) numbers in diagnostics
bool vtls; // identify thread local variables
char vgc; // identify gc usage
bool vfield; // identify non-mutable field variables
bool vcomplex; // identify complex/imaginary type usage
char symdebug; // insert debug symbolic information
bool symdebugref; // insert debug information for all referenced types, too
bool alwaysframe; // always emit standard stack frame
bool optimize; // run optimizer
bool map; // generate linker .map file
bool is64bit; // generate 64 bit code
bool isLP64; // generate code for LP64
bool isLinux; // generate code for linux
bool isOSX; // generate code for Mac OSX
bool isWindows; // generate code for Windows
bool isFreeBSD; // generate code for FreeBSD
bool isOpenBSD; // generate code for OpenBSD
bool isSolaris; // generate code for Solaris
bool hasObjectiveC; // target supports Objective-C
bool mscoff; // for Win32: write COFF object files instead of OMF
Diagnostic useDeprecated;
bool stackstomp; // add stack stomping code
bool useUnitTests; // generate unittest code
bool useInline; // inline expand functions
bool useDIP25; // implement
bool release; // build release version
bool preservePaths; // true means don't strip path from source file
Diagnostic warnings;
bool pic; // generate position-independent-code for shared libs
bool color; // use ANSI colors in console output
bool cov; // generate code coverage data
unsigned char covPercent; // 0..100 code coverage percentage required
bool nofloat; // code should not pull in floating point support
bool ignoreUnsupportedPragmas; // rather than error on them
bool enforcePropertySyntax;
bool useModuleInfo; // generate runtime module information
bool useTypeInfo; // generate runtime type information
bool useExceptions; // support exception handling
bool betterC; // be a "better C" compiler; no dependency on D runtime
bool addMain; // add a default main() function
bool allInst; // generate code for all template instantiations
bool vsafe; // use enhanced @safe checking
unsigned cplusplus; // version of C++ name mangling to support
bool showGaggedErrors; // print gagged errors anyway
CPU cpu; // CPU instruction set to target
CHECKENABLE useInvariants; // generate class invariant checks
CHECKENABLE useIn; // generate precondition checks
CHECKENABLE useOut; // generate postcondition checks
CHECKENABLE useArrayBounds; // when to generate code for array bounds checks
CHECKENABLE useAssert; // when to generate code for assert()'s
CHECKENABLE useSwitchError; // check for switches without a default
CHECKENABLE boundscheck; // state of -boundscheck switch
CHECKACTION checkAction; // action to take when bounds, asserts or switch defaults are violated
unsigned errorLimit;
DString argv0; // program name
Array<const char *> modFileAliasStrings; // array of char*'s of -I module filename alias strings
Array<const char *> *imppath; // array of char*'s of where to look for import modules
Array<const char *> *fileImppath; // array of char*'s of where to look for file import modules
DString objdir; // .obj/.lib file output directory
DString objname; // .obj file output name
DString libname; // .lib file output name
bool doDocComments; // process embedded documentation comments
DString docdir; // write documentation file to docdir directory
DString docname; // write documentation file to docname
Array<const char *> ddocfiles; // macro include files for Ddoc
bool doHdrGeneration; // process embedded documentation comments
DString hdrdir; // write 'header' file to docdir directory
DString hdrname; // write 'header' file to docname
bool hdrStripPlainFunctions; // strip the bodies of plain (non-template) functions
bool doJsonGeneration; // write JSON file
DString jsonfilename; // write JSON file to jsonfilename
unsigned debuglevel; // debug level
Array<const char *> *debugids; // debug identifiers
unsigned versionlevel; // version level
Array<const char *> *versionids; // version identifiers
DString defaultlibname; // default library for non-debug builds
DString debuglibname; // default library for debug builds
DString mscrtlib; // MS C runtime library
DString moduleDepsFile; // filename for deps output
OutBuffer *moduleDeps; // contents to be written to deps file
// Hidden debug switches
bool debugb;
bool debugc;
bool debugf;
bool debugr;
bool debugx;
bool debugy;
bool run; // run resulting executable
Strings runargs; // arguments for executable
// Linker stuff
Array<const char *> objfiles;
Array<const char *> linkswitches;
Array<const char *> libfiles;
Array<const char *> dllfiles;
DString deffile;
DString resfile;
DString exefile;
DString mapfile;
typedef unsigned structalign_t;
// magic value means "match whatever the underlying C compiler does"
// other values are all powers of 2
#define STRUCTALIGN_DEFAULT ((structalign_t) ~0)
struct Global
DString inifilename;
DString mars_ext;
DString obj_ext;
DString lib_ext;
DString dll_ext;
DString doc_ext; // for Ddoc generated files
DString ddoc_ext; // for Ddoc macro include files
DString hdr_ext; // for D 'header' import files
DString cxxhdr_ext; // for C/C++ 'header' files
DString json_ext; // for JSON files
DString map_ext; // for .map files
bool run_noext; // allow -run sources without extensions.
DString copyright;
DString written;
const char *main_d; // dummy filename for dummy main()
Array<const char *> *path; // Array of char*'s which form the import lookup path
Array<const char *> *filePath; // Array of char*'s which form the file import lookup path
DString version; // Compiler version string
DString vendor; // Compiler backend name
Param params;
unsigned errors; // number of errors reported so far
unsigned warnings; // number of warnings reported so far
FILE *stdmsg; // where to send verbose messages
unsigned gag; // !=0 means gag reporting of errors & warnings
unsigned gaggedErrors; // number of errors reported while gagged
unsigned gaggedWarnings; // number of warnings reported while gagged
void* console; // opaque pointer to console for controlling text attributes
Array<class Identifier*>* versionids; // command line versions and predefined versions
Array<class Identifier*>* debugids; // command line debug versions and predefined versions
enum { recursionLimit = 500 }; // number of recursive template expansions before abort
/* Start gagging. Return the current number of gagged errors
unsigned startGagging();
/* End gagging, restoring the old gagged state.
* Return true if errors occurred while gagged.
bool endGagging(unsigned oldGagged);
/* Increment the error count to record that an error
* has occurred in the current context. An error message
* may or may not have been printed.
void increaseErrorCount();
void _init();
extern Global global;
// Be careful not to care about sign when using dinteger_t
// use this instead of integer_t to
// avoid conflicts with system #include's
typedef uint64_t dinteger_t;
// Signed and unsigned variants
typedef int64_t sinteger_t;
typedef uint64_t uinteger_t;
typedef int8_t d_int8;
typedef uint8_t d_uns8;
typedef int16_t d_int16;
typedef uint16_t d_uns16;
typedef int32_t d_int32;
typedef uint32_t d_uns32;
typedef int64_t d_int64;
typedef uint64_t d_uns64;
// file location
struct Loc
const char *filename; // either absolute or relative to cwd
unsigned linnum;
unsigned charnum;
linnum = 0;
charnum = 0;
filename = NULL;
Loc(const char *filename, unsigned linnum, unsigned charnum);
const char *toChars() const;
bool equals(const Loc& loc);
enum LINK
enum MATCH
MATCHnomatch, // no match
MATCHconvert, // match with conversions
MATCHconst, // match with conversion to const
MATCHexact // exact match
PINLINEdefault, // as specified on the command line
PINLINEnever, // never inline
PINLINEalways // always inline
typedef uinteger_t StorageClass;