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/* Compiler implementation of the D programming language
* Copyright (C) 1999-2021 by The D Language Foundation, All Rights Reserved
* written by Walter Bright
* Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
#pragma once
#include "arraytypes.h"
#include "lexer.h"
#include "enum.h"
class Type;
class TypeQualified;
class Expression;
class Declaration;
class Statement;
class Import;
class Initializer;
class FuncDeclaration;
class CtorDeclaration;
class PostBlitDeclaration;
class DtorDeclaration;
class StaticCtorDeclaration;
class StaticDtorDeclaration;
class SharedStaticCtorDeclaration;
class SharedStaticDtorDeclaration;
class ConditionalDeclaration;
class InvariantDeclaration;
class UnitTestDeclaration;
class NewDeclaration;
class DeleteDeclaration;
class Condition;
class Module;
struct ModuleDeclaration;
class TemplateDeclaration;
class TemplateInstance;
class StaticAssert;
struct PrefixAttributes;
* These control how parseStatement() works.
enum ParseStatementFlags
PSsemi = 1, // empty ';' statements are allowed, but deprecated
PSscope = 2, // start a new scope
PScurly = 4, // { } statement is required
PScurlyscope = 8, // { } starts a new scope
PSsemi_ok = 0x10 // empty ';' are really ok
class Parser : public Lexer
Module *mod;
ModuleDeclaration *md;
LINK linkage;
CPPMANGLE cppmangle;
Loc endloc; // set to location of last right curly
int inBrackets; // inside [] of array index or slice
Loc lookingForElse; // location of lonely if looking for an else
Parser(Loc loc, Module *module, const utf8_t *base, size_t length, bool doDocComment);
Parser(Module *module, const utf8_t *base, size_t length, bool doDocComment);
Dsymbols *parseModule();
Dsymbols *parseDeclDefs(int once, Dsymbol **pLastDecl = NULL, PrefixAttributes *pAttrs = NULL);
Dsymbols *parseAutoDeclarations(StorageClass storageClass, const utf8_t *comment);
Dsymbols *parseBlock(Dsymbol **pLastDecl, PrefixAttributes *pAttrs = NULL);
StorageClass appendStorageClass(StorageClass storageClass, StorageClass stc, bool deprec = false);
StorageClass parseAttribute(Expressions **pexps);
StorageClass parsePostfix(StorageClass storageClass, Expressions **pudas);
StorageClass parseTypeCtor();
Expression *parseConstraint();
TemplateDeclaration *parseTemplateDeclaration(bool ismixin = false);
TemplateParameters *parseTemplateParameterList(int flag = 0);
Dsymbol *parseMixin();
Objects *parseTemplateArguments();
RootObject *parseTypeOrAssignExp(TOK endtoken = TOKreserved);
Objects *parseTemplateArgumentList();
Objects *parseTemplateSingleArgument();
StaticAssert *parseStaticAssert();
TypeQualified *parseTypeof();
Type *parseVector();
LINK parseLinkage(Identifiers **, CPPMANGLE *, bool *);
Identifiers *parseQualifiedIdentifier(const char *entity);
Condition *parseDebugCondition();
Condition *parseVersionCondition();
Condition *parseStaticIfCondition();
Dsymbol *parseCtor(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Dsymbol *parseDtor(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Dsymbol *parseStaticCtor(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Dsymbol *parseStaticDtor(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Dsymbol *parseSharedStaticCtor(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Dsymbol *parseSharedStaticDtor(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Dsymbol *parseInvariant(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Dsymbol *parseUnitTest(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Dsymbol *parseNew(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Dsymbol *parseDelete(PrefixAttributes *pAttrs);
Parameters *parseParameters(VarArg *pvarargs, TemplateParameters **tpl = NULL);
EnumDeclaration *parseEnum();
Dsymbol *parseAggregate();
BaseClasses *parseBaseClasses();
Dsymbols *parseImport();
Type *parseType(Identifier **pident = NULL, TemplateParameters **ptpl = NULL);
Type *parseBasicType(bool dontLookDotIdents = false);
Type *parseBasicTypeStartingAt(TypeQualified *tid, bool dontLookDotIdents);
Type *parseBasicType2(Type *t);
Type *parseDeclarator(Type *t, int *alt, Identifier **pident,
TemplateParameters **tpl = NULL, StorageClass storage_class = 0, int *pdisable = NULL, Expressions **pudas = NULL);
void parseStorageClasses(StorageClass &storage_class, LINK &link, bool &setAlignment, Expression *&ealign, Expressions *&udas);
Dsymbols *parseDeclarations(bool autodecl, PrefixAttributes *pAttrs, const utf8_t *comment);
Dsymbol *parseFunctionLiteral();
FuncDeclaration *parseContracts(FuncDeclaration *f);
void checkDanglingElse(Loc elseloc);
void checkCstyleTypeSyntax(Loc loc, Type *t, int alt, Identifier *ident);
Statement *parseForeach(Loc loc, bool *isRange, bool isDecl);
Dsymbol *parseForeachStaticDecl(Loc loc, Dsymbol **pLastDecl);
Statement *parseForeachStatic(Loc loc);
/** endPtr used for documented unittests */
Statement *parseStatement(int flags, const utf8_t** endPtr = NULL, Loc *pEndloc = NULL);
Initializer *parseInitializer();
Expression *parseDefaultInitExp();
void check(Loc loc, TOK value);
void check(TOK value);
void check(TOK value, const char *string);
void checkParens(TOK value, Expression *e);
bool isDeclaration(Token *t, int needId, TOK endtok, Token **pt);
bool isBasicType(Token **pt);
bool isDeclarator(Token **pt, int *haveId, int *haveTpl, TOK endtok, bool allowAltSyntax = true);
bool isParameters(Token **pt);
bool isExpression(Token **pt);
bool skipParens(Token *t, Token **pt);
bool skipParensIf(Token *t, Token **pt);
bool skipAttributes(Token *t, Token **pt);
Expression *parseExpression();
Expression *parsePrimaryExp();
Expression *parseUnaryExp();
Expression *parsePostExp(Expression *e);
Expression *parseMulExp();
Expression *parseAddExp();
Expression *parseShiftExp();
Expression *parseCmpExp();
Expression *parseAndExp();
Expression *parseXorExp();
Expression *parseOrExp();
Expression *parseAndAndExp();
Expression *parseOrOrExp();
Expression *parseCondExp();
Expression *parseAssignExp();
Expressions *parseArguments();
Expression *parseNewExp(Expression *thisexp);
void addComment(Dsymbol *s, const utf8_t *blockComment);
// Operator precedence - greater values are higher precedence
enum PREC
extern PREC precedence[TOKMAX];
void initPrecedence();