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/* Compiler implementation of the D programming language
* Copyright (C) 1999-2021 by The D Language Foundation, All Rights Reserved
* written by Walter Bright
* Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
#pragma once
class Dsymbol;
class ScopeDsymbol;
class Identifier;
class Module;
class Statement;
class SwitchStatement;
class TryFinallyStatement;
class LabelStatement;
class ForeachStatement;
class ClassDeclaration;
class AggregateDeclaration;
class FuncDeclaration;
class UserAttributeDeclaration;
struct DocComment;
struct AA;
class TemplateInstance;
#include "dsymbol.h"
#if __GNUC__
// Requires a full definition for LINK
#include "globals.h"
enum LINK;
#define CSXthis_ctor 1 // called this()
#define CSXsuper_ctor 2 // called super()
#define CSXthis 4 // referenced this
#define CSXsuper 8 // referenced super
#define CSXlabel 0x10 // seen a label
#define CSXreturn 0x20 // seen a return statement
#define CSXany_ctor 0x40 // either this() or super() was called
#define CSXhalt 0x80 // assert(0)
// Flags that would not be inherited beyond scope nesting
#define SCOPEctor 0x0001 // constructor type
#define SCOPEcondition 0x0004 // inside static if/assert condition
#define SCOPEdebug 0x0008 // inside debug conditional
// Flags that would be inherited beyond scope nesting
#define SCOPEnoaccesscheck 0x0002 // don't do access checks
#define SCOPEconstraint 0x0010 // inside template constraint
#define SCOPEinvariant 0x0020 // inside invariant code
#define SCOPErequire 0x0040 // inside in contract code
#define SCOPEensure 0x0060 // inside out contract code
#define SCOPEcontract 0x0060 // [mask] we're inside contract code
#define SCOPEctfe 0x0080 // inside a ctfe-only expression
#define SCOPEcompile 0x0100 // inside __traits(compile)
#define SCOPEignoresymbolvisibility 0x0200 // ignore symbol visibility (Bugzilla 15907)
#define SCOPEfree 0x8000 // is on free list
#define SCOPEfullinst 0x10000 // fully instantiate templates
#define SCOPEalias 0x20000 // inside alias declaration
// The following are mutually exclusive
#define SCOPEprintf 0x40000 // printf-style function
#define SCOPEscanf 0x80000 // scanf-style function
struct Scope
Scope *enclosing; // enclosing Scope
Module *_module; // Root module
ScopeDsymbol *scopesym; // current symbol
FuncDeclaration *func; // function we are in
Dsymbol *parent; // parent to use
LabelStatement *slabel; // enclosing labelled statement
SwitchStatement *sw; // enclosing switch statement
TryFinallyStatement *tf; // enclosing try finally statement
ScopeGuardStatement *os; // enclosing scope(xxx) statement
Statement *sbreak; // enclosing statement that supports "break"
Statement *scontinue; // enclosing statement that supports "continue"
ForeachStatement *fes; // if nested function for ForeachStatement, this is it
Scope *callsc; // used for __FUNCTION__, __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ and __MODULE__
int inunion; // we're processing members of a union
int nofree; // set if shouldn't free it
int noctor; // set if constructor calls aren't allowed
int intypeof; // in typeof(exp)
VarDeclaration *lastVar; // Previous symbol used to prevent goto-skips-init
/* If minst && !tinst, it's in definitely non-speculative scope (eg. module member scope).
* If !minst && !tinst, it's in definitely speculative scope (eg. template constraint).
* If minst && tinst, it's in instantiated code scope without speculation.
* If !minst && tinst, it's in instantiated code scope with speculation.
Module *minst; // root module where the instantiated templates should belong to
TemplateInstance *tinst; // enclosing template instance
unsigned callSuper; // primitive flow analysis for constructors
unsigned *fieldinit;
size_t fieldinit_dim;
AlignDeclaration *aligndecl; // alignment for struct members
LINK linkage; // linkage for external functions
CPPMANGLE cppmangle; // C++ mangle type
PINLINE inlining; // inlining strategy for functions
Prot protection; // protection for class members
int explicitProtection; // set if in an explicit protection attribute
StorageClass stc; // storage class
DeprecatedDeclaration *depdecl; // customized deprecation message
unsigned flags;
UserAttributeDeclaration *userAttribDecl; // user defined attributes
DocComment *lastdc; // documentation comment for last symbol at this scope
AA *anchorCounts; // lookup duplicate anchor name count
Identifier *prevAnchor; // qualified symbol name of last doc anchor
static Scope *freelist;
static Scope *alloc();
static Scope *createGlobal(Module *module);
Scope *copy();
Scope *push();
Scope *push(ScopeDsymbol *ss);
Scope *pop();
Scope *startCTFE();
Scope *endCTFE();
void mergeCallSuper(Loc loc, unsigned cs);
unsigned *saveFieldInit();
void mergeFieldInit(Loc loc, unsigned *cses);
Module *instantiatingModule();
Dsymbol *search(Loc loc, Identifier *ident, Dsymbol **pscopesym, int flags = IgnoreNone);
Dsymbol *search_correct(Identifier *ident);
static const char *search_correct_C(Identifier *ident);
Dsymbol *insert(Dsymbol *s);
ClassDeclaration *getClassScope();
AggregateDeclaration *getStructClassScope();
void setNoFree();
structalign_t alignment();