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# This disables the long/short jump optimization.
# I use sysV68 R3V7.1 RM04 (
# Since ss-950318, with jump optimization enabled, "as" issues a warning
# when assembling combine.s :
# aline nnnnn : Warning: Table overflow: some optimizations lost (SDIs)
# but later "ld" complains with
# ld: relocation entry found for non-relocatable symbol in combine.o
# and the produced "cc1" fails with SIGSEGV
# Another possible fix would be to split combine.c.
# Since ss-961013, the same happens for expr.c compiled by gcc, but not by cc;
# and for cp/decl.c; aren't those files too big ?
XCFLAGS=`case $@ in combine.o|expr.o|decl.o) echo -Wa,-j;;esac`