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# Use link editor directives to make NULL pointers point to
# invalid addresses.
EXTRA_PARTS=crtbegin.o crtend.o gcc.ld
gcc.ld: $(srcdir)/config/m88k/dolphin.ld
rm -f gcc.ld; cp $(srcdir)/config/m88k/dolphin.ld gcc.ld
# Green Hills C on Dolphin UNIX System V/88 Release 3.2 Version 3.6/5.86 does
# not provide alloca. It does not harm to have it defined on version 3.8.alfa
# even though it's not needed there.
# Under DolphinOS 3.8.alfa, /bin/cc defines __GNUC__, but not __m88k__,
# causing gdstarg.h to fail. Defining __m88k__ does probably not hurt on
# DolphinOS 3.6.
X_CFLAGS =-D__m88k__