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# Common support for PowerPC eabi, System V targets.
# Do not build libgcc1.
# These are really part of libgcc1, but this will cause them to be
# built correctly, so... [taken from t-sparclite]
LIB2FUNCS_EXTRA = fp-bit.c dp-bit.c eabi.S eabi-ctors.c tramp.S
dp-bit.c: $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c
cat $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c > dp-bit.c
fp-bit.c: $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c
echo '#define FLOAT' > fp-bit.c
cat $(srcdir)/config/fp-bit.c >> fp-bit.c
eabi.S: $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/eabi.asm
cat $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/eabi.asm > eabi.S
eabi-ctors.c: $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/eabi-ctors.c
cat $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/eabi-ctors.c > eabi-ctors.c
tramp.S: $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/tramp.asm
cat $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/tramp.asm > tramp.S
# Switch synonyms
MULTILIB_MATCHES_FLOAT = msoft-float=mcpu?403 msoft-float=mcpu?821 msoft-float=mcpu?860
MULTILIB_MATCHES_ENDIAN = mlittle=mlittle-endian mbig=mbig-endian
MULTILIB_MATCHES_SYSV = mcall-sysv=mcall-sysv-eabi mcall-sysv=mcall-sysv-noeabi
LIBGCC = stmp-multilib
INSTALL_LIBGCC = install-multilib
EXTRA_MULTILIB_PARTS = ecrti$(objext) ecrtn$(objext) scrt0$(objext) scrti$(objext) scrtn$(objext)
# We build {e,s}crti.o, {e,s}crtn.o, and scrt0.o which serve to add begin and
# end labels to all of the special sections used when we link using gcc.
# Assemble startup files.
ecrti.S: $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/eabi-ci.asm
cat $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/eabi-ci.asm >ecrti.S
ecrtn.S: $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/eabi-cn.asm
cat $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/eabi-cn.asm >ecrtn.S
scrti.S: $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/sol-ci.asm
cat $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/sol-ci.asm >scrti.S
scrtn.S: $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/sol-cn.asm
cat $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/sol-cn.asm >scrtn.S
scrt0.c: $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/sol-c0.c
cat $(srcdir)/config/rs6000/sol-c0.c >scrt0.c
# Build multiple copies of ?crt{i,n}.o, one for each target switch.
$(T)ecrti$(objext): ecrti.S
$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) $(GCC_CFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) $(MULTILIB_CFLAGS) -c ecrti.S -o $(T)ecrti$(objext)
$(T)ecrtn$(objext): ecrtn.S
$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) $(GCC_CFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) $(MULTILIB_CFLAGS) -c ecrtn.S -o $(T)ecrtn$(objext)
$(T)scrti$(objext): scrti.S
$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) $(GCC_CFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) $(MULTILIB_CFLAGS) -c scrti.S -o $(T)scrti$(objext)
$(T)scrtn$(objext): scrtn.S
$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) $(GCC_CFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) $(MULTILIB_CFLAGS) -c scrtn.S -o $(T)scrtn$(objext)
$(T)scrt0$(objext): scrt0.c
$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) $(GCC_CFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) $(MULTILIB_CFLAGS) -c scrt0.c -o $(T)scrt0$(objext)