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# Build the include directory. The stamp files are stmp-* rather than
# stamp-* so that mostlyclean does not force the include directory to
# be rebuilt.
# Copy in the headers provided with gcc.
USER_H = $(srcdir)\ginclude\stdarg.h $(srcdir)\ginclude\stddef.h \
$(srcdir)\ginclude\varargs.h $(srcdir)\ginclude\va-alpha.h \
$(srcdir)\ginclude\va-h8300.h $(srcdir)\ginclude\va-i860.h \
$(srcdir)\ginclude\va-i960.h $(srcdir)\ginclude\va-mips.h \
$(srcdir)\ginclude\va-m88k.h $(srcdir)\ginclude\va-pa.h \
$(srcdir)\ginclude\va-pyr.h $(srcdir)\ginclude\va-sparc.h \
$(srcdir)\ginclude\va-clipper.h $(srcdir)\ginclude\va-spur.h \
$(srcdir)\ginclude\iso646.h \
# Build the include directory except for float.h (which depends upon
# enquire).
stmp-int-hdrs: $(USER_H)
type $(srcdir)\limitx.h >xlimits.h
type $(srcdir)\glimits.h >>xlimits.h
type $(srcdir)\limity.h >>xlimits.h
-mkdir include
for %%f in ($(USER_H)) do copy %%f include
del include\limits.h
copy xlimits.h include\limits.h
del include\syslimits.h
copy $(srcdir)\gsyslimits.h include\syslimits.h
copy include\limits.h include\syslimits.h
del include\README
copy $(srcdir)\README-fixinc include\README
touch stmp-int-hdrs
stmp-headers: stmp-int-hdrs fixinc-nt.exe
touch stmp-headers
# Build float.h.
stmp-float_h: libgcc.lib enquire.exe
-.\enquire -f > tmp-float.h
del include\float.h
copy tmp-float.h include\float.h
touch stmp-float_h
fixinc-nt.obj: $(srcdir)/config/winnt/fixinc-nt.c
cl -c -I. -I$(srcdir) -I$(srcdir)/include -I$(srcdir)/config/winnt $(srcdir)/config/winnt/fixinc-nt.c
fixinc-nt.exe: fixinc-nt.obj dirent.obj
cl fixinc-nt.obj dirent.obj libc.lib kernel32.lib