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-- --
-- --
-- M A K E _ U T I L --
-- --
-- S p e c --
-- --
-- Copyright (C) 2004-2022, Free Software Foundation, Inc. --
-- --
-- GNAT is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under --
-- terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Soft- --
-- ware Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later ver- --
-- sion. GNAT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITH- --
-- OUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY --
-- or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License --
-- for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General --
-- Public License distributed with GNAT; see file COPYING3. If not, go to --
-- for a complete copy of the license. --
-- --
-- GNAT was originally developed by the GNAT team at New York University. --
-- Extensive contributions were provided by Ada Core Technologies Inc. --
-- --
-- This package contains various subprograms used by the builders, in
-- particular those subprograms related to build queue management.
with Namet; use Namet;
with Opt;
with Osint;
with Types; use Types;
with GNAT.OS_Lib; use GNAT.OS_Lib;
package Make_Util is
type Fail_Proc is access procedure (S : String);
-- Pointer to procedure which outputs a failure message
-- Root_Environment : Prj.Tree.Environment;
-- The environment coming from environment variables and command line
-- switches. When we do not have an aggregate project, this is used for
-- parsing the project tree. When we have an aggregate project, this is
-- used to parse the aggregate project; the latter then generates another
-- environment (with additional external values and project path) to parse
-- the aggregated projects.
-- Default_Config_Name : constant String := "default.cgpr";
-- Name of the configuration file used by gprbuild and generated by
-- gprconfig by default.
On_Windows : Boolean renames Osint.On_Windows;
-- True when on Windows
Source_Info_Option : constant String := "--source-info=";
-- Switch to indicate the source info file
Subdirs_Option : constant String := "--subdirs=";
-- Switch used to indicate that the real directories (object, exec,
-- library, ...) are subdirectories of those in the project file.
Relocate_Build_Tree_Option : constant String := "--relocate-build-tree";
-- Switch to build out-of-tree. In this context the object, exec and
-- library directories are relocated to the current working directory
-- or the directory specified as parameter to this option.
Unchecked_Shared_Lib_Imports : constant String :=
-- Command line switch to allow shared library projects to import projects
-- that are not shared library projects.
Single_Compile_Per_Obj_Dir_Switch : constant String :=
-- Switch to forbid simultaneous compilations for the same object directory
-- when project files are used.
Create_Map_File_Switch : constant String := "--create-map-file";
-- Switch to create a map file when an executable is linked
No_Exit_Message_Option : constant String := "--no-exit-message";
-- Switch to suppress exit error message when there are compilation
-- failures. This is useful when a tool, such as gnatprove, silently calls
-- the builder and does not want to pollute its output with error messages
-- coming from the builder. This is an internal switch.
Keep_Temp_Files_Option : constant String := "--keep-temp-files";
-- Switch to suppress deletion of temp files created by the builder.
-- Note that debug switch -gnatdn also has this effect.
procedure Add
(Option : String_Access;
To : in out String_List_Access;
Last : in out Natural);
procedure Add
(Option : String;
To : in out String_List_Access;
Last : in out Natural);
-- Add a string to a list of strings
function Create_Name (Name : String) return File_Name_Type;
function Create_Name (Name : String) return Name_Id;
function Create_Name (Name : String) return Path_Name_Type;
-- Get an id for a name
function Base_Name_Index_For
(Main : String;
Main_Index : Int;
Index_Separator : Character) return File_Name_Type;
-- Returns the base name of Main, without the extension, followed by the
-- Index_Separator followed by the Main_Index if it is non-zero.
function Executable_Prefix_Path return String;
-- Return the absolute path parent directory of the directory where the
-- current executable resides, if its directory is named "bin", otherwise
-- return an empty string. When a directory is returned, it is guaranteed
-- to end with a directory separator.
procedure Inform (N : Name_Id := No_Name; Msg : String);
procedure Inform (N : File_Name_Type; Msg : String);
-- Prints out the program name followed by a colon, N and S
procedure Ensure_Absolute_Path
(Switch : in out String_Access;
Parent : String;
Do_Fail : Fail_Proc;
For_Gnatbind : Boolean := False;
Including_Non_Switch : Boolean := True;
Including_RTS : Boolean := False);
-- Do nothing if Switch is an absolute path switch. If relative, fail if
-- Parent is the empty string, otherwise prepend the path with Parent. This
-- subprogram is only used when using project files. If For_Gnatbind is
-- True, consider gnatbind specific syntax for -L (not a path, left
-- unchanged) and -A (path is optional, preceded with "=" if present).
-- If Including_RTS is True, process also switches --RTS=. Do_Fail is
-- called in case of error. Using Osint.Fail might be appropriate.
type Name_Ids is array (Positive range <>) of Name_Id;
No_Names : constant Name_Ids := (1 .. 0 => No_Name);
-- Name_Ids is used for list of language names in procedure Get_Directories
-- below.
function Path_Or_File_Name (Path : Path_Name_Type) return String;
-- Returns a file name if -df is used, otherwise return a path name
function Unit_Index_Of (ALI_File : File_Name_Type) return Int;
-- Find the index of a unit in a source file. Return zero if the file is
-- not a multi-unit source file.
procedure Verbose_Msg
(N1 : Name_Id;
S1 : String;
N2 : Name_Id := No_Name;
S2 : String := "";
Prefix : String := " -> ";
Minimum_Verbosity : Opt.Verbosity_Level_Type := Opt.Low);
procedure Verbose_Msg
(N1 : File_Name_Type;
S1 : String;
N2 : File_Name_Type := No_File;
S2 : String := "";
Prefix : String := " -> ";
Minimum_Verbosity : Opt.Verbosity_Level_Type := Opt.Low);
-- If the verbose flag (Verbose_Mode) is set and the verbosity level is at
-- least equal to Minimum_Verbosity, then print Prefix to standard output
-- followed by N1 and S1. If N2 /= No_Name then N2 is printed after S1. S2
-- is printed last. Both N1 and N2 are printed in quotation marks. The two
-- forms differ only in taking Name_Id or File_Name_Type arguments.
Max_Header_Num : constant := 6150;
type Header_Num is range 0 .. Max_Header_Num;
-- Size for hash table below. The upper bound is an arbitrary value, the
-- value here was chosen after testing to determine a good compromise
-- between speed of access and memory usage.
function Hash (Name : Name_Id) return Header_Num;
function Hash (Name : File_Name_Type) return Header_Num;
function Hash (Name : Path_Name_Type) return Header_Num;
-- Program termination --
procedure Fail_Program
(S : String;
Flush_Messages : Boolean := True);
pragma No_Return (Fail_Program);
-- Terminate program with a message and a fatal status code
procedure Finish_Program
(Exit_Code : Osint.Exit_Code_Type := Osint.E_Success;
S : String := "");
pragma No_Return (Finish_Program);
-- Terminate program, with or without a message, setting the status code
-- according to Fatal. This properly removes all temporary files.
-- Mains --
-- Package Mains is used to store the mains specified on the command line
-- and to retrieve them when a project file is used, to verify that the
-- files exist and that they belong to a project file.
-- Mains are stored in a table. An index is used to retrieve the mains
-- from the table.
type Main_Info is record
File : File_Name_Type; -- Always canonical casing
Index : Int := 0;
end record;
No_Main_Info : constant Main_Info := (No_File, 0);
package Mains is
procedure Add_Main (Name : String; Index : Int := 0);
-- Add one main to the table. This is in general used to add the main
-- files specified on the command line. Index is used for multi-unit
-- source files, and indicates which unit in the source is concerned.
procedure Delete;
-- Empty the table
procedure Reset;
-- Reset the cursor to the beginning of the table
procedure Set_Multi_Unit_Index
(Index : Int := 0);
-- If a single main file was defined, this subprogram indicates which
-- unit inside it is the main (case of a multi-unit source files).
-- Errors are raised if zero or more than one main file was defined,
-- and Index is non-zaero. This subprogram is used for the handling
-- of the command line switch.
function Next_Main return String;
function Next_Main return Main_Info;
-- Moves the cursor forward and returns the new current entry. Returns
-- No_Main_Info there are no more mains in the table.
function Number_Of_Mains return Natural;
-- Returns the number of main.
end Mains;
-- Queue --
package Queue is
-- The queue of sources to be checked for compilation. There can be a
-- single such queue per application.
type Source_Info is
File : File_Name_Type := No_File;
Unit : Unit_Name_Type := No_Unit_Name;
Index : Int := 0;
end record;
-- Information about files stored in the queue.
No_Source_Info : constant Source_Info := (No_File, No_Unit_Name, 0);
procedure Initialize (Force : Boolean := False);
-- Initialize the queue
procedure Remove_Marks;
-- Remove all marks set for the files. This means that the files will be
-- handed to the compiler if they are added to the queue, and is mostly
-- useful when recompiling several executables as the switches may be
-- different and -s may be in use.
function Is_Empty return Boolean;
-- Returns True if the queue is empty
procedure Insert (Source : Source_Info);
function Insert (Source : Source_Info) return Boolean;
-- Insert source in the queue. The second version returns False if the
-- Source was already marked in the queue.
procedure Extract
(Found : out Boolean;
Source : out Source_Info);
-- Get the first source that can be compiled from the queue. If no
-- source may be compiled, sets Found to False. In this case, the value
-- for Source is undefined.
function Size return Natural;
-- Return the total size of the queue, including the sources already
-- extracted.
function Processed return Natural;
-- Return the number of source in the queue that have aready been
-- processed.
function Element (Rank : Positive) return File_Name_Type;
-- Get the file name for element of index Rank in the queue
end Queue;
end Make_Util;