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-- S T Y L E --
-- --
-- S p e c --
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-- Copyright (C) 1992-2022, Free Software Foundation, Inc. --
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-- GNAT is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under --
-- terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Soft- --
-- ware Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later ver- --
-- sion. GNAT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITH- --
-- OUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY --
-- or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License --
-- for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General --
-- Public License distributed with GNAT; see file COPYING3. If not, go to --
-- for a complete copy of the license. --
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-- GNAT was originally developed by the GNAT team at New York University. --
-- Extensive contributions were provided by Ada Core Technologies Inc. --
-- --
-- This package collects all the routines used for style checking in the
-- compiler, as activated by the relevant command line option. These are
-- gathered in a separate package so that they can more easily be customized.
-- Calls to these subprograms are only made if Opt.Style_Check is set True.
with Errout;
with Styleg;
with Types; use Types;
package Style is
procedure Body_With_No_Spec (N : Node_Id);
-- Called where N is a subprogram body node for a subprogram body
-- for which no spec was given, i.e. a body acting as its own spec.
procedure Check_Array_Attribute_Index
(N : Node_Id;
E1 : Node_Id;
D : Int);
-- Called for an array attribute specifying an index number. N is the
-- node for the attribute, and E1 is the index expression (Empty if none
-- present). If E1 is present, it is known to be a static integer. D is
-- the number of dimensions of the array.
procedure Check_Identifier
(Ref : Node_Or_Entity_Id;
Def : Node_Or_Entity_Id);
-- Check style of identifier occurrence. Ref is an N_Identifier node whose
-- spelling is to be checked against the Chars spelling in identifier node
-- Def (which may be either an N_Identifier, or N_Defining_Identifier node)
procedure Missing_Overriding (N : Node_Id; E : Entity_Id);
-- Called where N is the declaration or body of an overriding operation,
-- and the node does not have an overriding_indicator.
procedure Subprogram_Not_In_Alpha_Order (Name : Node_Id);
-- Called if Name is the name of a subprogram body in a package body
-- that is not in alphabetical order.
-- Remaining style routines come from instantiation of Styleg
package Style_Inst is new Styleg
-- Instantiation of Styleg for compiler use
procedure Check_Abs_Not
renames Style_Inst.Check_Abs_Not;
-- Called after scanning an ABS or NOT operator to check spacing
procedure Check_Apostrophe
renames Style_Inst.Check_Apostrophe;
-- Called after scanning an apostrophe to check spacing
procedure Check_Arrow (Inside_Depends : Boolean := False)
renames Style_Inst.Check_Arrow;
-- Called after scanning out an arrow to check spacing
procedure Check_Attribute_Name (Reserved : Boolean)
renames Style_Inst.Check_Attribute_Name;
-- The current token is an attribute designator. Check that it is
-- capitalized in an appropriate manner. Reserved is set if the attribute
-- designator is a reserved word (access, digits, delta or range) to allow
-- differing rules for the two cases.
procedure Check_Boolean_Operator (Node : Node_Id)
renames Style_Inst.Check_Boolean_Operator;
-- Called after resolving AND or OR node to check short circuit rules
procedure Check_Box
renames Style_Inst.Check_Box;
-- Called after scanning out a box to check spacing
procedure Check_Binary_Operator
renames Style_Inst.Check_Binary_Operator;
-- Called after scanning out a binary operator other than a plus, minus
-- or exponentiation operator. Intended for checking spacing rules.
procedure Check_Exponentiation_Operator
renames Style_Inst.Check_Exponentiation_Operator;
-- Called after scanning out an exponentiation operator. Intended for
-- checking spacing rules.
procedure Check_Colon
renames Style_Inst.Check_Colon;
-- Called after scanning out colon to check spacing
procedure Check_Colon_Equal
renames Style_Inst.Check_Colon_Equal;
-- Called after scanning out colon equal to check spacing
procedure Check_Comma
renames Style_Inst.Check_Comma;
-- Called after scanning out comma to check spacing
procedure Check_Comment
renames Style_Inst.Check_Comment;
-- Called with Scan_Ptr pointing to the first minus sign of a comment.
-- Intended for checking any specific rules for comment placement/format.
procedure Check_Defining_Identifier_Casing
renames Style_Inst.Check_Defining_Identifier_Casing;
procedure Check_Dot_Dot
renames Style_Inst.Check_Dot_Dot;
-- Called after scanning out dot dot to check spacing
procedure Check_EOF
renames Style_Inst.Check_EOF;
-- Called after scanning out end of file mark
procedure Check_HT
renames Style_Inst.Check_HT;
-- Called with Scan_Ptr pointing to a horizontal tab character
procedure Check_Indentation
renames Style_Inst.Check_Indentation;
-- Called at the start of a new statement or declaration, with Token_Ptr
-- pointing to the first token of the statement or declaration. The check
-- is that the starting column is appropriate to the indentation rules if
-- Token_Ptr is the first token on the line.
procedure Check_Left_Paren_Square_Bracket
renames Style_Inst.Check_Left_Paren_Square_Bracket;
-- Called after scanning out a left parenthesis to check spacing. If
-- Ada_Version >= Ada_2022 then called similarly for a left square bracket.
procedure Check_Line_Terminator (Len : Int)
renames Style_Inst.Check_Line_Terminator;
-- Called with Scan_Ptr pointing to the first line terminator terminating
-- the current line, used to check for appropriate line terminator and to
-- check the line length (Len is the length of the current line). Note that
-- the terminator may be the EOF character.
procedure Check_Not_In
renames Style_Inst.Check_Not_In;
-- Called with Scan_Ptr pointing to an IN token, and Prev_Token_Ptr
-- pointing to a NOT token. Used to check proper layout of NOT IN.
procedure Check_Pragma_Name
renames Style_Inst.Check_Pragma_Name;
-- The current token is a pragma identifier. Check that it is spelled
-- properly (i.e. with an appropriate casing convention).
procedure Check_Right_Paren
renames Style_Inst.Check_Right_Paren;
-- Called after scanning out a right parenthesis to check spacing
procedure Check_Semicolon
renames Style_Inst.Check_Semicolon;
-- Called after scanning out a semicolon to check spacing
procedure Check_Then (If_Loc : Source_Ptr)
renames Style_Inst.Check_Then;
-- Called to check that THEN and IF keywords are appropriately positioned.
-- The parameters show the first characters of the two keywords. This
-- procedure is called only if THEN appears at the start of a line with
-- Token_Ptr pointing to the THEN keyword.
procedure Check_Unary_Plus_Or_Minus (Inside_Depends : Boolean := False)
renames Style_Inst.Check_Unary_Plus_Or_Minus;
-- Called after scanning a unary plus or minus to check spacing
procedure Check_Vertical_Bar
renames Style_Inst.Check_Vertical_Bar;
-- Called after scanning a vertical bar to check spacing
procedure Check_Xtra_Parens (Loc : Source_Ptr)
renames Style_Inst.Check_Xtra_Parens;
-- Called after scanning an if, case or quantified expression that has at
-- least one level of parentheses around the entire expression.
function Mode_In_Check return Boolean
renames Style_Inst.Mode_In_Check;
-- Determines whether style checking is active and the Mode_In_Check is
-- set, forbidding the explicit use of mode IN.
procedure No_End_Name (Name : Node_Id)
renames Style_Inst.No_End_Name;
-- Called if an END is encountered where a name is allowed but not present.
-- The parameter is the node whose name is the name that is permitted in
-- the END line, and the scan pointer is positioned so that if an error
-- message is to be generated in this situation, it should be generated
-- using Error_Msg_SP.
procedure No_Exit_Name (Name : Node_Id)
renames Style_Inst.No_Exit_Name;
-- Called when exiting a named loop, but a name is not present on the EXIT.
-- The parameter is the node whose name should have followed EXIT, and the
-- scan pointer is positioned so that if an error message is to be
-- generated, it should be generated using Error_Msg_SP.
procedure Non_Lower_Case_Keyword
renames Style_Inst.Non_Lower_Case_Keyword;
-- Called if a reserved keyword is scanned which is not spelled in all
-- lower case letters. On entry Token_Ptr points to the keyword token.
-- This is not used for keywords appearing as attribute designators,
-- where instead Check_Attribute_Name (True) is called.
end Style;