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2007-12-15 David Friedman <>
* phobos*/Makefile.{am,in}, phobos*/aclocal.m4: Automake changes
* Support Apple GCC build 5465
* patch-apple-gcc-5465, patch-build_gcc-5465, patch-toplev-5465:
new files
2007-12-01 David Friedman <>
* phobos/config/unix.x3, phobos/config/x3.c, phobos/config/x3.h
phobos/config/x3, phobos/config/x3main.c: better diagnostics
and behavior
2007-11-24 David Friedman <>
* Ignore .svn directories when making symlink trees.
* d-bi-attrs-34.h, d-bi-attrs-341.h, d-bi-attrs-40,h,
d-bi-attrs-41.h: Support attributes on declarations in
other modules.
* (IRState::attributes): Support constant declarations
as string arguments.
2007-11-08 David Friedman <>
* Use base-36 in substitutions. Other fixes.
2007-10-17 David Friedman <>
* More C++ mangling fixes and cleanups.
2007-10-16 David Friedman <>
* (EqualExp::toElem): Convert result to libcall
to expression type. (Bugzilla 1573)
2007-10-15 David Friedman <>
* Improve C++ mangling.
2007-10-14 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 1.022, 2.005
* dmd/..., dmd2/..., phobos/..., phobos2/...: Merge.
* Add builtin.dmd.o and d-cppmngl.o for V2.
* New file
* phobos/std/c/dirent.d, phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d: Update
* phobs2/...: same
* symbol.h, Remove references to Classym
* (CatExp::toElem): Null check. (Bugzilla 1581)
Remove carriage returns from files
2007-10-13 David Friedman <>
* (CatExp::toElem): Flatten multiple CatExps into a
single library call. (Bugzilla 1556)
* phobos/std/boxer.d (box, boxArray), phobos2/...: Fix for
promoted types. (Bugzilla 1543)
* (call): Catch a case in which a member function can
be called without 'this'. (Bugzilla 1568)
* dmd/mtype.c (TypeArray::dotExp): Correct return type of
sort and reverse functions. (SF 1809220 / Bugzilla 1554)
* dmd2/mtype.c: Ditto.
* patch-gcc-4.1.x: Add patch for ARM exception handling int nested
* dmd2/optimize.c: Fix for infinite recursion on initializer
when an error has already occurred.
Add support for ARM EABI. Fix some missing items from
cross-compilation changes.
* Add "Arm" and "Thumb" version identifiers
* phobos/unwind.d: Move pointer encoding to deh_pe.d. Move generic
unwinder interface to unwind_generic.d. Import either generic or
ARM interfaces based on config value.
* phobos/unwind_generic.d, phobos/unwind_pe.d: New file; old code.
* phobos/unwind_arm.d: New file.
* phobos/deh.d: Support ARM exception handling ABI.
* phobos/, Add config for ARM unwinder
* phobos/, phobos/internal.c, phobos/monitor.c: Support
"no system" targets.
* phobos/cbridge_math.c: Correct identifier names for earlier
* phobos/, phobos/, phobos/,
phobos/configure : Update.
* phobos2/...: Duplicate phobos/ changes
2007-10-07 David Friedman <>
Merge cross-compilation changes to phobos2
* phobos2/....: Merge
Enhance cross-compilation support:
* phobos/, phobos/, phobos/acinclude.m4,
phobos/aclocal.m4, phobos/, phobos/configure,
phobos/ Replace "fragment generation" with "X3"
system. Remove obsolete tests.
* phobos/config/{config-head, config-mid, config-tail}: Removed
* phobos/config/{makestruct.h, unix-head, unix-mid}: Removed
* phobos/{darwin8, mingw, skyos}: Removed
* phobos/config/{errno.x3, fpcls.x3, libc.x3, unix.x3},
phobos/config{x3, x3.c, x3.h, x3main.c}: New files
* phobos/ Now only contains boolean constants.
* phobos/ New file. Contains old configured math
* phobos/gcc/configext.d: Removed
* phobos/gcc/support.d: Move fallback strtold definition here.
* phobos/ Do not compile std/c/stdio.o
* phobos/std/c/stdio.c: Change function definitions to external
* phobos/gcc/deh.d, phobos/gcc/fpcls.d, phobos/gcc/fpmath.d,
phobos/gcc/support.d, phobos/gcc/threadsem.d,
phobos/internal/dgccmain2.d, phobos/internal/fpmath.d,
phobos/internal/gc/gcgcc.d, phobos/,
phobos/std/c/dirent.d, phobos/std/c/math.d, phobos/std/c/stddef.d,
phobos/std/c/stdio.d, phobos/std/c/stdlib.d, phobos/std/c/time.d,
phobos/std/c/unix/unix.d, phobos/std/date.d, phobos/std/math.d,
phobos/std/math2.d, phobos/std/mmfile.d, phobos/std/random.d,
phobos/std/stdio.d, phobos/std/stream.d, phobos/std/system.d,
phobos/std/thread.d: Update. Add some support for targets
withouth an operation system.
2007-09-24 David Friedman <>
* (IndeExp::toElem), (arrayElemRef):
Put the BIND_EXPR "inside the brackets". (Bugzilla 1155)
(StructLiteralExp::toElem): Handle NULL elements (for anonymous
2007-09-23 David Friedman <>
* d-codegen.{h,cc}, Add type to error_mark_node
for code that assumes the type of certain expressions.
(Bugzilla 1051)
* (FuncDeclaration::toObjFile): Set DECL_IGNORED_P
on the frame paramter. (Bugzilla 1033)
in most cases where DECL_ARTIFICIAL is set.
* (d_gcc_magic_builtins_module): Handle type
declarations after converting functions.
* (make_assign_math_op): Special case for division
when lhs is imaginary. (Bugzilla 739)
* dmd-script: Apply Ander's patch for implicit -H and -D
behavior. (Bugzilla 1502)
Use of -of argument does not depend on header generation.
(Bugzilla 1501)
*, dmd*/module.c: If the target va_list is a
struct, add the struct declaration to the object module.
(Bugzilla 1507)
* dmd2/parse.c: fix line endings
Update for D 2.0:
* Support both DMD front end version 1 and 2.
Replace with d/mars.c.
* Remove file.
* d-codegen.h, Update for DMD 2.x.
Add _d_hidden_func libcall.
*, Update for DMD 2.x.
* d-dmd-gcc.h: Add rtlsym, etc.
* Include mars.h. Implement rtlsym.
* (ObjectFile::hasModule): Add checks to allow
this function to be called earlier.
* dmd*/mars.c: Make changes for GDC.
* dmd*/attrib.c: Use WANTinterpret for pragma(GNU_asm)
* dmd2/parse.c (parseDeclarator): Fix aliasing bug.
* rdmd.d: Update for D 2.0
* gdc-version: now only contains the GDC version
* Support building D version 1 or 2. Take DMD
version from dmd*/mars.c.
* dmd2/, phobos2/: New directories
* phobos2/ (MAIN_OBJS): add std.c.stdio module
for std{in,out,err} vars
* phobos*/std/c/stdio.d: Make functions with definitions
* phobos2/std/loader.d: Update for D 2.0.
* phobos2/std/hiddenfunc.d: Use C calling conventions for GDC.
2007-09-14 David Friedman <>
* (convertTo, call): Prevent multiple re-evaluation
of delgate. (Bugzilla 1492)
2007-09-13 David Friedman <>
*, d-codegen.h, Make it an error
to reference a nested function without a body. (SF 1793594)
2007-09-12 David Friedman <>
* phobos/config/ldfuncs-ppclinux: Declare sqrt.
*, phobos/acinclude.m4, phobos/
Support kfreebsd.
* d-codegen.{h, cc}, Change rawArray to toDArray. Do
not cast result to void[]. (Bugzilla 1490)
2007-09-07 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/c/stdio.d: Define fpos_t correctly for Drawin
(Bugzilla 1469)
2007-09-05 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 1.021
* dmd-script, d-spec.c (lang_specific_driver): Support
-debuglib= and -defaultlib= options.
* dmd/cast.c, dmd/constfold.c, dmd/declaration.c, dmd/dsymbol.c,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/identifier.c,
dmd/idgen.c, dmd/init.c, dmd/init.h, dmd/interpret.c, dmd/lexer.c,
dmd/lexer.h, dmd/link.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h, dmd/parse.c,
dmd/statement.c, dmd/staticassert.c, dmd/template.c: Merge
* internal/object.d, phobos/internal/trace.d, phobos/object.d,
phobos/std/c/windows/windows.d, phobos/std/date.d,
phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/windows/registry.d: Merge
* phobos/std/stdio.d (readln): Use the result of getdelim
correctly. (SF 1788195)
* (FuncDeclaration::toObjFile): Do not gimplify if
there were errors (Bugzilla 1415)
2007-08-31 David Friedman <>
* (outdata): Do not set TREE_CONSTANT on initializers
(Bugzilla 1453)
2007-08-29 David Friedman <>
* (uniqueName): Allow multiple static declaration with
the same name if in a function. (SF 1783085)
2007-08-28 David Friedman <>
* (call): Use CommaExp correctly. (Bugzilla 1443)
* dmd/todt.c (createTsarrayDt): Don't take quadratic time to build
the initializer. (Bugzilla 1440)
2007-08-22 David Friedman <>
Release GDC 0.24
* rdmd.d: Fix for Windows
2007-08-21 David Friedman <>
* GDC.html, History, README,, gdc-version:
Update for 0.24
* rdmd.d, rdmd.1: New files. (Bugzilla 1152)
* patch-build_gcc-4.0: Build universal rdmd. (Bugzilla 1152)
* package/ Install rdmd. (Bugzilla 1152)
Install man pages for MacOS build.
* dmd-script: Apply Ander's patch to make -op apply
to interface files. (Bugzilla 1137)
* (d_parse_file): In -fall-sources mode,
only generate an interface file for the -fonly module.
* phobos/internal/adi.d (_adReverseChar, _adReverseWchar):
Make sure stride difference is signed.
2007-08-20 David Friedman <>
* patch-gcc-4.1.x, patch-gcc-4.0.x: Fix botched patches.
2007-08-05 David Friedman <>
* (convertForArgument): Recognize
pointer arithmetic expression as reference.
(Bugzilla 1400)
* (DotVarExp::toElem): Do not NOP_EXPR
the result. (Bugzilla 1398)
2007-07-27 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/stdio: Fix breakage from last commit.
(SF 1761989)
2007-07-26 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/c/stdio.d: Change import for gcc.config
* add flag_iso for target macros
* patch-gcc-4.0.x: (gcc/tree-sra.c): Do not use SRA
on structs with aliased fields created for anonymous
unions. (Followup to Bugzilla 1034)
2007-07-25 David Friedman <>
* implement d_gcc_is_target_win32
* dmd/parse.c (parseLinkage): use d_gcc_is_target_win32
* d-dmd-gcc.h (d_gcc_is_target_win32): added
2007-07-24 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 1.019 - 1.020
* dmd/attrib.c, dmd/cast.c, dmd/constfold.c, dmd/declaration.h,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/idgen.c,
dmd/inline.c, dmd/interpret.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h,
dmd/mtype.c, dmd/mtype.h, dmd/opover.c, dmd/parse.c,
dmd/template.c, dmd/template.h, dmd/tocsym.c, dmd/toir.c: Merge
* phobos/internal/gc/gc.d, phobos/linux.mak,
phobos/std/demangle.d, phobos/std/format.d, phobos/std/loader.d,
phobos/std/socket.d, phobos/std/uni.d: Merge
2007-07-22 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 1.015 - 1.018:
* dmd/lexer.c (escapeSequence): Change vendor string.
* dmd-script: Update documentation link
* dmd/attrib.c, dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c,
dmd/hdrgen.h, dmd/idgen.c, dmd/init.c, dmd/init.h, dmd/inline.c,
dmd/interpret.c, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h,
dmd/module.c, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/mtype.h, dmd/optimize.c,
dmd/parse.c, dmd/scope.c, dmd/scope.h, dmd/statement.c,
dmd/statement.h, dmd/staticassert.c, dmd/template.c: Merge
* phobos/internal/dmain2.d, phobos/internal/gc/gcx.d,
phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/object.d, phobos/std/bind.d,
phobos/std/compiler.d, phobos/std/date.d, phobos/std/dateparse.d,
phobos/std/format.d, phobos/std/intrinsic.d, phobos/std/loader.d,
phobos/std/math2.d, phobos/std/metastrings.d, phobos/std/mmfile.d,
phobos/std/outbuffer.d, phobos/std/string.d,
phobos/std/windows/registry.d, phobos/win32.mak: Merge
* gdc_alloca.h: Support OpenBSD. (Bugzilla 1065)
* patch-gcc-4.1.x (gcc/tree-sra.c): Do not use SRA
on structs with aliased fields created for anonymous
unions. (Bugzilla 1034)
2007-07-19 David Friedman <>
* patch-gcc-4.1.x (gcc/predict.c): Add null-pointer check.
(Bugzilla 1035)
* phobos/std/format.d (doFormatPtr): Fix accidental
reversion from DMD merge.
* (maybeSetUpBuiltin): Add some missing
* phobos/ (MAIN_OBJS): Add gcc.builtins
module to get built-instruct initializers.
* phobos/ Regenerated
* (d_parse_file): Call d_gcc_magic_module
for each module on the command line.
* (d_gcc_magic_builtins_module): output
declaration other than funcs
2007-07-16 David Friedman <>
* dmd/todt.c (StructLiteralExp::toDt): Use target_size_t
as in StructInitializer::toDt.
Bugzilla 1032:
* dmd/todt.c: Use DT_container for arrays, array elements,
and structs
* dt.h, Add DT_container / dtcontainer
2007-07-14 David Friedman <>
* (ArrayScope::setArrayExp, finish): Handle
constant lengths. (Bugzilla 1031)
2007-07-13 David Friedman <>
* (toElemLvalue): Use toElemLvalue recursively.
(Bugzilla 1191)
* (twoFieldCtor): Only set TREE_READONLY if
* (array_set_expr, AssocArrayLiteralExp::toElem,
(StructLiteralExp::toElem, NullExp::toElem):
* (NewExp::toElem): Do not set TREE_READONLY on
new array dimensions.
* (darrayVal): Do not set TREE_READONLY.
(Bugzilla 1329)
(delegateVal): ditto
* (FieldVisitor::visit): Handle classes that
are forward references. (Bugzilla 1325)
* dmd-script: Pass -J option correctly. (SF 1721435)
* (DeleteExp::toElem): Handle interfaces.
(SF 1721496)
* (VarDeclaration::toSymbol): Handle void initializer.
(SF 1749622)
* (AndAndExp, OrOrExp): Handle void second expression.
(SF 1689634)
* phobos/gcc/cbridge_time.c (_d_gnu_cbridge_tza): Remove
daylight saving time offset from tm_gmtoff (Bugzilla 1208)
* phobos/std/format.d (doFormat): Use original signature. Actual
work is done by new doFormatPtr. (Bugzilla 1109)
* phobos/std/boxer.d: Use doFormatPtr
2007-07-11 David Friedman <>
* (default_conversion): make public
(SF 1711324 and 1709602)
* d-apple-gcc.c (build_function_call): re-enable some code
2007-05-08 David Friedman <>
* d-apple-gcc.c: Remove a variable that is now defined in d-lang.c
* Fix for other GCC versions.
* d-c-stubs.c: New file.
stubs for C compiler to allow linking target-specific preprocessor
2007-05-05 David Friedman <>
* (hwi2toli, getTargetSizeConst): Fix 2x wide int to
long int conversion.
* dmd/cast.c (implicitConvTo): Use GCC floating point
routines instead of native.
* (toInt): Correctly convert to long integer
* (D_DMD_H): Add d-gcc-real.h
* phobos/internal/dgccmain2.d: Print newline after error message
2007-04-29 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 1.014:
* dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/constfold.c, dmd/delegatize.c, dmd/enum.c,
dmd/enum.h, dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/idgen.c,
dmd/inline.c, dmd/interpret.c, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/lexer.h,
dmd/mars.c, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/optimize.c, dmd/struct.c,
dmd/template.c, dmd/tocsym.c, dmd/todt.c, dmd/toobj.c,
dmd/typinf.c: Merge.
* phobos/internal/gc/gc.d, phobos/internal/gc/gcx.d,
phobos/std/format.d, phobos/std.ddoc: Merge.
* d-glue.d (StructLiteralExp::toElem): implement
* d-decls.d (EnumDeclaration::toInitializer): copy from tocsym.c
Merge DMD 1.013:
* dmd/cast.c, dmd/constfold.c, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/interpret.c, dmd/link.c,
dmd/mars.c, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/opover.c, dmd/optimize.c,
dmd/parse.c, dmd/port.h, dmd/statement.c: Merge.
* phobos/internal/aaA.d, phobos/internal/switch.d,
phobos/std/date.d, phobos/std/file.d, phobos/std/format: Merge.
* d-codegen.h, add _d_assocarrayliteralTp
* (AssocArrayLiteralExp::toElem): Implement.
* phobos/internal/aaA.d (_d_assocarrayliteralT): modified
to use pointers to keys, values.
Merge DMD 1.012:
* arraytypes.h, dmd/declaration.c, dmd/delegatize.c,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/init.c, dmd/init.h,
dmd/inline.c, dmd/interpret.c, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/lexer.h,
dmd/mangle.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/optimize.c, dmd/template.c,
dmd/template.h: Merge
* phobos/internal/object.d: Merge
* dmd/template.c (TemplateInstance::mangle): printf portability
* (AssocArrayLiteralExp::toElem): non-working implementation
2007-04-28 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 1.011:
* dmd/access.c, dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/arraytypes.h, dmd/attrib.c,
dmd/attrib.h, dmd/bit.c, dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/complex_t.h,
dmd/cond.c, dmd/cond.h, dmd/constfold.c, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/declaration.h, dmd/delegatize.c, dmd/doc.c, dmd/doc.h,
dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/dsymbol.h, dmd/dump.c, dmd/entity.c,
dmd/enum.c, dmd/enum.h, dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h,
dmd/func.c, dmd/hdrgen.c, dmd/hdrgen.h, dmd/html.c, dmd/html.h,
dmd/identifier.c, dmd/identifier.h, dmd/idgen.c, dmd/impcnvgen.c,
dmd/import.c, dmd/import.h, dmd/inifile.c, dmd/init.c, dmd/init.h,
dmd/inline.c, dmd/interpret.c, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/lexer.h,
dmd/link.c, dmd/macro.c, dmd/macro.h, dmd/mangle.c, dmd/mars.c,
dmd/mars.h, dmd/module.c, dmd/module.h, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/mtype.h,
dmd/opover.c, dmd/optimize.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/parse.h,
dmd/scope.c, dmd/scope.h, dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h,
dmd/staticassert.c, dmd/staticassert.h, dmd/struct.c,
dmd/template.c, dmd/template.h, dmd/tocsym.c, dmd/todt.c,
dmd/toir.c, dmd/toir.h, dmd/toobj.c, dmd/total.h, dmd/typinf.c,
dmd/unialpha.c, dmd/utf.c, dmd/utf.h, dmd/version.c, dmd/version.h:
* phobos/internal/gc/gc.d, phobos/internal/gc/gcx.d,
phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/std/c/locale.d,
phobos/std/stdio.d, phobos/std/windows/registry.d: Merge
* dmd/expression.c: Comment out some logging code.
* Update and fix handling of built-in structs.
*, Update
Merge DMD 1.010:
* dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/class.c, dmd/declaration.c, dmd/doc.c,
dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c,
dmd/interpret.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/scope.c, dmd/statement.c,
dmd/template.c, dmd/template.h, dmd/todt.c: Merge.
* phobos/internal/dmain2.d, phobos/internal/gc/gc.d,
phobos/internal/gc/gcx.d, phobos/internal/gc/testgc.d,
phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/object.d,
phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d, phobos/std/c/stdio.d,
phobos/std/file.d, phobos/std/gc.d, phobos/std/moduleinit.d,
phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/stdio.d, phobos/std/string.d,
phobos/std.ddoc, phobos/win32.mak: Merge
* dmd/mtype.c, phobos/internal/dgccmain2.d: Update.
* (gcc_d_backend_init): Update.
* phobos/config/unix-mid, phobos/std/c/unix/unix.d: Moved dirent
and stdio definitions out of configunix to std.c.unix.unix because
of compilation problems.
* phobos/internal/gc/gcx.d (GC.realloc, GC.extend, Clear
* phobos/std/stdio.d, phobos/, phobos/
Account for various configurations.
* phobos/ Remove GNU_Have_fwide
* phobos/configure: Regenerate
2007-04-22 David Friedman <>
* d-gcc-includes.h, Add target-specific preprocessor
symbols to the list of D version symbols.
* (NewExp::toElem): Use NewExp::newtype (Bugzilla 1038)
2007-04-16 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 1.009 (from 1.007):
* d-decls.c: Merge changes from dmd/tocsym.c
* dmd/constfold.c, dmd/declaration.c, dmd/declaration.h,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/init.c, dmd/interpret.c,
dmd/mangle.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/optimize.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/staticassert.c,
dmd/tocsym.c, dmd/todt.c: Merge changes.
* phobos/std/path.d, phobos/std/string.d: Merge changes.
* d-builtins.c,, d-lang.h: Reworked code to only
convert built-in functions when the gcc.builtins module is
imported. RECORD_TYPE is now converted to a TypeStruct. Fixed
problem that caused some functions to not be available. Support
targets builtins.
2007-03-11 David Friedman <>
* (ClassDeclaration::toSymbol): Do not set TREE_READONLY.
(Bugzilla 1037)
2007-03-10 David Friedman <>
* (call): Handle CommaExp form of a delegate call
(Bugzilla 1043)
* (VarDeclaration::toSymbol): Partial fix for Bugzilla 1044
* dt.h,, dmd/typeinf.c: Only pad 32-bit words in RTTI if
needed. (Bugzilla 1045, 1046)
* dmd/toobj.c: update
*, Additional GCC 3.3.x cleanup
* ChangeLog, History,,, d-builtins.c,,,, d-gcc-includes.h,,, d-gt.c,,,
d-lang.h, d-misc.c,, d-spec.c, phobos/, Remove support for GCC 3.3.x
* phobos/configure: Regenerated
* gcc-3.3.5-framework-headers.patch,
gcc-3.3.5-framework-linker.patch, patch-gcc-3.3.x,
patch-gcc-darwin-eh-3.3.x, patch-toplev-3.3.x,
phobos/config/ldfuncs33, phobos/config/noldfuncs33,
d-bi-attrs-33.h: Removed.
2007-03-05 David Friedman <>
Release GDC 0.23
* phobos/ Add all-local target to build libgphobos.a
* phobos/ Regenrated
PowerPC 64 fixes:
* (TypeStruct:toCtype): Add words at the end of a struct.
* phobos/config/darwin8/frag-unix: More accurate struct definitions.
* phobos/internal/gc/gc_dyld.c: Support Mach-O 64.
* phobos/internal/gc/gcgcc.d: Correct stack for 64-bit Darwin.
* phobos/std/thread.d (getESP): Align result.
2007-03-04 David Friedman <>
Rest of DMD 1.007 Merge:
* package/ Install GDC.html
* (D_DMD_OBJS): add interpret.dmd.o
* gdc-version: update
* GDC.html,, dmd-script, lang-specs.h, lang.opt,
patch-gcc-4.0.x, patch-gcc-4.1.x, patch-apple-gcc-4.0.x,
patch-gcc-3.4.x, patch-gcc-3.3.x: Add -J option.
* dmd/constfold.d, dmd/declaration.h, dmd/func.c: update
* d-glue.c: update
Initial merge of DMD 1.007 (from DMD 1.005):
* dmd/arraytypes.h, dmd/attrib.c, dmd/cond.c, dmd/constfold.c,
dmd/declaration.c, dmd/declaration.h, dmd/expression.c,
dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/idgen.c, dmd/init.c,
dmd/lexer.c, dmd/lexer.h, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h, dmd/module.c,
dmd/mtype.c, dmd/opover.c, dmd/optimize.c, dmd/parse.c,
dmd/parse.h, dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h, dmd/template.c,
dmd/typinf.c: Merge
* phobos/internal/aApply.d, phobos/internal/aApplyR.d,
phobos/internal/adi.d, phobos/internal/dmain2.d,
phobos/internal/gc/gc.d, phobos/internal/gc/gcx.d,
phobos/internal/gc/win32.d, phobos/internal/object.d,
phobos/std/base64.d, phobos/std/c/string.d, phobos/std/c/time.d,
phobos/std/c/windows/com.d, phobos/std/c/windows/windows.d,
phobos/std/dateparse.d, phobos/std/demangle.d, phobos/std/file.d,
phobos/std/format.d, phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/stdio.d,
phobos/std/stream.d, phobos/std/string.d, phobos/std/thread.d,
phobos/std/utf.d: Merge
* dmd/interpret.c: New file
2007-03-03 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/c/darwin/darwin.d: Remove. (Bugzilla 984)
* phobos/std/date.d: Cleanup
* Evaluate BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN at runtime.
* Cleanup.
* Initialize foreach key with zero, not default init.
* patch-gcc-4.0.x, patch-gcc-4.1.x, patch-apple-gcc-4.0.x:
Prevent emission of prologue and epilogue code for naked functions.
(Bugzilla 1013)
2007-03-02 David Friedman <>
* Test BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN at runtime.
* (ForeachStatement::toIR): Initialize key to zero, not
* patch-build_gcc-4.0, phobos/acinclude.m4, phobos/,
phobos/ Remove references to libgphobos.spec
* phobos/, phobos/configure: Regenerate
* patch-gcc-3.4.x, patch-gcc-3.3.x, patch-gcc-4.0.x,
patch-gcc-4.1.x, patch-apple-gcc-4.0.x: Support enabling
-pthread option by default without 'unrecognized option'
error message.
* d-spec.c (lang_specific_driver): Enable -pthread option
* phobos/ Remove
2007-02-28 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/loader.d: Fix error
2007-02-27 David Friedman <>
* Create directory of links instead of a single
link. No longer need to copy support files.
* Support targets with both 32-bit and
64-bit modes. Output preprocessor definitions instead of
command line otions.
* Put output in d-confdefs.h.
* package/ Handle multilib.
* phobos/ Use Automake, multilib.
* phobos/ New file.
* phobos/acinclude.m4: Fix quoting.
* phobos/, phobos/configure: regenerated
* patch-gcc-3.3.x, patch-gcc-3.4.x, patch-gcc-4.0.x,
patch-gcc-4.1.x, lang-specs.h: Add %N spec code.
* patch-build_gcc-4.0: Grab 64-bit libgphobos.a
* dt.h,
(dt_size): Change return type to target_size_t. Use target_size_t.
(dtnzeros, dtdword, dtxoff): Change count to target_size_t
(dtabytes, dtnbytes, dtawords, dtnwords, dtnbits): Change count to size_t
(dti32): added
* Cleanup.
(dt2node): use Type::tsize_t for DT_word and DT_xoff
(PtrExp::toElem): Use target_size_t for offset
(gcc_d_backend_init): Set CLASSINFO_SIZE and Tindex.
(AssignExp::toElem): Use tsize_t for _d_arraycopy arg
(CaseStatement::toIR): (not really a 64-bit change) Use int32 for
case value to match libcall
(CatAssignExp::toElem): cleanup (not 64-bit)
(ForeachStatement::toIR): fix bug in key increment expression
* d-codegen.{cc,h}
(AggLayout::addField): use target_size_t for offset
(...): LIBCALL_ARRAYCAST: Use size_t args (libcall already uses size_t)
(convertTo): Use Type::tsize_t for _d_arraycat arguments
(ClassDeclaration::toVtblSymbol): Use Type::tindex for array size.
(FuncDeclaration::toThunkSymbol): Use target_ptrdiff_t
* lang.opt: add -fmultilib-dir
* Use -fmultilib-dir
(d_init): Set global.params.isX86_64 if TARGET_64BIT.
Set CPU version symbol according to TARGET_64BIT.
Remove BitsPerPointer and BitsPerWord version symbols.
(d_gcc_magic_builtins_module): Change "abi" integer types
to "C". Add "pointer" integer types.
(gcc_type_to_d_type): Use Type::tindex for array types. Use whole
back-end size.
* symbol.h
(Thunk): Use target_ptrdiff_t for offset.
* dmd/mars.h: Define target_size_t and target_ptrdiff_t to allow use of
32-bit size-tracking variables when generating 32-bit code.
* dmd/aggregate.h:
(CLASSINFO_SIZE) change to 'extern int' %%....
* dmd/cast.d: Use target_ptrdiff_t with isBaseOf.
* dmd/class.c:
(ClassDeclaration::semantic): use PTRSIZE
(InterfaceDeclaration::semantic): Use sc->offset = PTRSIZE * 2 instead of
8 -- not sure what this is for...
* dmd/dsymbol.[ch]
(Dsymbol::size): Change to target_size_t
* dmd/init.h: ArrayInitializer::dim <- chg to target_size_t
* dmd/aggregate.h: Use target_ptrdiff_t and target_size_t
* dmd/typinf.c (TypeInfoStructDeclaration::toDt): Use dti32 for flags.
* dmd/toobj.c (Module::genmoduleinfo, ClassDeclaration::toObjFile,
InterfaceDeclaration::toObjFile): ditto
* dmd/func.c: Use target_ptrdiff_t with isBaseOf.
(NewDeclaration::semantic): Allow Type::tuns64 if 64-bit.
* dmd/mtype.c
(Type::init): set CLASSINFO_SIZE
(Type::dotExp): use Type::tsize_t for .offsetof property
(TypeArray::dotExp): use Type::tsize_t for _adReverse args
(TypeAArray::dotExp): use PTRSIZE to align keysize
(TypeStruct::dotExp): use Type::tsize_t for offset
(TypeStruct::alignsize): use target_size_t
* dmd/mtype.h: Add Tindex global variable.
(Type): Change tindex to baseic[Tindex].
(Type::isBaseOf): use target_ptrdiff_t
* dmd/expression.[ch]:
(SymOffExp): offset changed to target_size_t
(NewExp::semantic): use size_t as argument
(ArrayLiteralExp::toMangleBuffer, SymOffExp::toCBuffer): fix printf
* dmd/declaration.c
(VarDeclaration::semantic): use sinteger_t for dim
* dmd/declaration.h:
(Declaration::size): Use target_size_t
(VarDeclaration): Use target_size_t for offset
* dmd/schope.h:
(Scope::offset) Use target_size_t.
* dmd/statement.c:
(ForeachStatement::semantic): Change return value of _a*Apply* to
Type::tint32. Fix logic for allowed index variable types.
Use PTRSIZE to align keysize.
* dmd/struct.c
(AggregateDeclaration::addField): use target_size_t
* dmd/todt.c
(StructInitializer::toDt): Use target_size_t for offsets
(ClassDeclaration::toDt2): Use PTRSIZE
* phobos/object.d, phobos/internal/object.d:
(Interface): Use ptrdiff_t for offset.
(*.toHash): cast pointer to size_t
* phobos/internal/object.d: Use integer type definitions from
phobos/object.d. Split %.*s args.
* phobos/internal/adi.d:
(_adReverse): Use size_t for szelem.
* phobos/ fix multilib dir
* phobos/configure: updated
* phobos/config/cb_unix.c: Removed.
* phobos/config/gen_config1.c: Add ssize_t.
* phobos/config/config-head: Use __builtin_Clong and __builtin_Culong.
* phobos/config/config-mid: Support X86_64 and other 64-bit CPUs.
* phobos/config/unix-mid: Some size_t and ssize_t arg/return type fixes.
* phobos/config/darwin8/frag-gen, phobos/config/darwin8/frag-unix:
Support 32- and 64-bit.
* phobos/config/mingw/frag-unix, phobos/config/skyos/frag-unix:
Add ssize_t.
* phobos/gcc/builtins.d: Update documentation
* phobos/gcc/unwind.d: Use different builtin integer types.
* phobos/internal/arraycat.d (_d_arraycopy): use size_t arg
* phobos/std/c/fenv.d: Add field for 64-bit Linux.
* phobos/std/c/linuxextern.d: Use C long for timezone.
* phobos/std/c/stdio.d,
phobos/std/c/stdlib.d, phobos/std/c/math.d,
phobos/std/c/time.d: use C long types
* phobos/std/stdint.d: Add C long types.
Use ptrdiff_t and size_t for *intptr_t types.
* phobos/std/format.d: Formatting structs on X86_64 looses
* phobos/internal/cast.d (_d_isbaseof2): change offset to size_t
* phobos/internal/fpmath.d: Support 64-bit CPUs.
* phobos/std/file.d: Type of stat.st_size may vary; use auto.
(Unix read): Make sure file's size is within range.
* phobos/crc32.d, phobos/gcstats.d,
phobos/internal/gc/gc.d (_d_arraycatnT),
phobos/internal/gc/gcold.d (_d_arraycatn),
phobos/std/base64.d, phobos/std/bitarray.d, phobos/std/math.d,
phobos/std/math2.d, phobos/std/md5sum.d, phobos/std/outbuffer.d,
phobos/std/path.d, phobos/std/string.d, phobos/std/uri.d
use size_t, ptrdiff_t/ssize_t
* phobos/std/loader.d: Add definitions for 64-bit Mach-O objects.
* phobos/std/openrj.d, phobos/std/loader.d, phobos/std/moduleinit.d,
phobos/std/socket.d, phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/uri.
d, phobos/std/zip.d: split '%.*s' args
* phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_A*.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_ptr.d:
fix compare methods
* phobos/internal/gc/gc_dyld.c: use uintptr_t
* phobos/std/c/stdio.d, phobos/internal/gc/gcgcc.d:
Don't use old version symbols.
* phobos/std/c/mach/mach.d (natural_t): always a uint
* phobos/etc/c/zlib.d: use Culog_t
2007-02-13 David Friedman <>
* Copy the removed files from the top-level
2007-02-10 David Friedman <>
* phobos/config.guess, phobos/config.sub, phobos/install-sh:
Remove files.
* phobos/std/format.d (putAArray): account for
alignment of the value
* phobos/ fix metastrings.o
2007-02-09 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/format.d (doFormat): use aligntsize
Rest of DMD 1.005 merge:
* phobos/ (MAIN_OBJS): add metastrings.o
2007-02-08 David Friedman <>
*, lang.opt: support -v1 option
* lang.opt (d_init_options): set global.params.Dversion
* dmd-script: -v1 -> -fd-version=1
* phobos/std/format.d (doFormat): Fix for var args differences
Initial merge of DMD 1.005:
dmd/attrib.c, dmd/attrib.h, dmd/cast.c, dmd/cond.c,
dmd/constfold.c, dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/dsymbol.h, dmd/expression.c,
dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/idgen.c, dmd/inline.c,
dmd/lexer.c, dmd/lexer.h, dmd/mars.c, dmd/module.c, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/mtype.h, dmd/optimize.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/parse.h,
dmd/scope.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h, dmd/template.c,
dmd/template.h, dmd/toobj.c, dmd/typinf.c: Merge.
phobos/internal/aaA.d, phobos/internal/gc/gc.d,
phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/linux.mak, phobos/std/c/stdlib.d,
phobos/std/conv.d, phobos/std/ctype.d, phobos/std/format.d,
phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/zlib.d, phobos/std.ddoc,
phobos/win32.mak: Merge.
phobos/std/metastrings.d: New file
2007-02-05 David Friedman <>
Release GDC 0.22
* (twoFieldType): Fix back end -> front end type
* Enable ELFOBJ to put some RTTI in the read-only
data section.
* GDC.html: Update
2007-02-04 David Friedman <>
* phobos/gcc/cbridge_time.c (_d_gnu_cbridge_tza),
phobos/std/date.d: Fix timezone adjust sign
2007-02-03 David Friedman <>
* phobos/config/unix-mid: Correctly initialize sockaddr*
(Bugzilla 818)
* dmd-script: Fix -H* options (Bugzilla 896).
Support -framework. Fix error message.
* (d_write_global_declarations), patch-gcc-4.1.x:
Fixes for dwarf2out ICEs
* (check_static_sym): Fix setting TREE_CONSTANT.
Rest of DMD 1.004 merge:
*, gdc-version: Update
* phobos/std/regexp.d: update
* phobos/internal/gc/gcold.d (_d_newarrayip):
* phobos/internal/gc/gc.d: Fix argument and result types.
* phobos/config/unix-head, phobos/config/unix-mid: Update
* phobos/ Update for files removed in DMD 1.004
* (TypedefDeclaration::toInitializer): Copy
from dmd/tocsym.c. Create the Sdt here.
* dmd/toobj.c (TypedefDeclaration::toObjFile): Update
for toInitializer change
* dmd/mtype.c (TypeArray::dotExp): Fix library call decls
* Update
* d-codegen.[ch], Update memory allocation library
* (d_write_global_declarations): call
emit_debug_global_declarations only for GCC 4.0
* dmd/mtype.c (TypeArray::dotExp): update
* phobos/config/unix-head, phobos/config/unix-mid: update
* phobos/internal/gc/gcold.d: Use old GDC modifications.
2007-02-02 David Friedman <>
Initial merge DMD 1.004:
* dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/attrib.c, dmd/attrib.h, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/declaration.h, dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/dsymbol.h, dmd/expression.c,
dmd/import.c, dmd/import.h, dmd/inline.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h,
dmd/module.c, dmd/module.h, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/mtype.h,
dmd/struct.c, dmd/template.c, dmd/template.h, dmd/tocsym.c,
dmd/todt.c, dmd/toobj.c, dmd/typinf.c: Merge DMD 1.004
* phobos/internal/aaA.d, phobos/internal/adi.d,
phobos/internal/arraycast.d, phobos/internal/arraycat.d,
phobos/internal/gc/gc.d, phobos/internal/gc/gcx.d,
phobos/internal/gc/linux.mak, phobos/internal/gc/win32.mak,
phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/linux.mak, phobos/object.d,
phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d, phobos/std/compiler.d,
phobos/std/file.d, phobos/std/gc.d, phobos/std/outbuffer.d,
phobos/std/random.d, phobos/std/regexp.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_AC.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Acdouble.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Acfloat.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Acreal.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Adouble.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Afloat.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Ag.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aint.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Along.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Areal.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Ashort.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_C.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_cdouble.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_cfloat.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_char.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_creal.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_dchar.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_delegate.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_double.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_float.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_ptr.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_real.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_void.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_wchar.d,
phobos/win32.mak: Merge DMD 1.004
* phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aa.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Adchar.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aubyte.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Auint.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aulong.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aushort.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Awchar.d: Removed in DMD 1.004
* phobos/internal/gc/gcold.d: New in DMD 1.004
2007-02-01 David Friedman <>
* (d_write_global_declarations): Emit debug info.
* (twoFieldType): Fix debugging information.
* (initTypeDecl): Ditto.
* (PtrExp::toElem): Don't wrap the result in
* Add d-tree.def to dependencies
2007-01-30 David Friedman <>
GCC 4.1.x changes:
* GDC.html, INSTALL, INSTALL.html, README: update
* dmd/idgen.c, dmd/impcnvgen.c, dmd/mtype.h: Change to allow
compilation as C.
* patch-gcc-4.1.x, patch-toplev-4.1.x: New files
* Use $(version) instead of $(gcc_version).
Add d-bi-attrs-41.h. Use C for generator programs instead of C++.
* d-bi-attrs-41.h: New file.
* d-builtins.c: update
* Do not associate d_gcc_builtin_va_list_d_type with
va_list_type_node. Do this for GCC 4.0 and 4.1.
* Use CtorEltMaker.
(maybeExpandSpecialCall): Cast d_gcc_builtin_va_list_d_type to
(hostToTargetString): Update.
* d-codegen.h: Add CtorEltMaker class for before/after 4.1.x
* Add special case for pointer/int comparison
* d-gcc-includes.h: Include vec.h
* Use CtorEltMaker.
(gcc_d_backend_init): Call default_init_unwind_resume_libfunc
* Add d_types_compatible_p hook for va_list conversion
* d-lang.h: Update
* CtorEltMaker.
* phobos/std/conv.d: Do not assume signed integer wraparound.
2007-01-28 David Friedman <>
* d-asm-i386.h,,,,, various fixes
*, d-codegen.h,, d-lang.h:
Remove bit array code
2007-01-27 David Friedman <>
* d-asm-i386.h: fix fistp, lmsw, lldt, mov[sz]x, setCC, smsw, and
sldt instructions (Bugzilla 836, 837, 838, 839, 841, 843, 844).
Also r[co][lr].
* (StringExp::toElem): Correct termination of wchar
and dchar (Bugzilla 889)
2007-01-11 David Friedman <>
* INSTALL.html: fix corruption
2007-01-03 David Friedman <>
Release GDC 0.21
* GDC.html: New file.
* README: Update, refer to GDC.html
Rest of DMD 1.00 merge:
* Patch from Anders Bj¬örklund for GCC 3.3
* (FuncDeclaration::toObjFile): Fix shouldDefer/outputStage
* dmd/attrib.c (PragmaDeclaration::semantic): uint -> unsigned
* dmd/module.c (load): output to stdmsg
* dmd/mtype.c: revert '@' mangling changes
* gdc-version, update
* phobos/config/unix-mid: Support more functions
* phobos/acinclude.m4, phobos/config/gen_unix.c (c_pthread):
Support more types
* phobos/configure, phobos/ update
* phobos/config/darwin8/frag-unix: update
Initial merge of DMD 1.00:
* dmd/cond.c, dmd/constfold.c, dmd/delegatize.c, dmd/dsymbol.c,
dmd/enum.c, dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/init.c,
dmd/inline.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/module.c, dmd/module.h, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/parse.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/struct.c, dmd/template.c,
dmd/todt.c: Merge 1.00
* internal/gc/gc.d, phobos/linux.mak,
phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d.orig-dmd, phobos/std/c/stdlib.d,
phobos/std/conv.d, phobos/win32.mak: Merge 1.00
* phobos/std/c/linux/pthread.d.orig-dmd: New file (originally
pthread.d DMD)
* dmd/init.c (ArrayInitializer::semantic),
* dmd/root.c (OutBuffer::write4): 64-bit host cleanup
* d-asm-i386.h: cleanup, saftey
2007-01-02 DF <>
* (convertTo): Use 64-bit for Tarray, Tsarray conversion.
* d-codegen.{h, cc} (darrayVal): use uinteger_t arg
Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.