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2008-12-12 Arthur Loiret <>
Bugzilla 929:
* dmd/mtype.c: Provide isZeroInit() overload in TypeAArray that
returns TRUE.
* dmd/mtype.h: Add prototype for TypeAArray::isZeroInit().
* dmd2/mtype.c, dmd2/mtype.h: Ditto.
2008-07-21 David Friedman <David Friedman>
* dmd/root.c, dmd2/root.c: Fix earlier patching error.
* phobos/config/x3.c, phobos2/config/x3.c: Fix problem when
building under MSYS.
* Remove lang_requires.
2008-07-20 David Friedman <David Friedman>
* dmd/expression.c, dmd2/expression.c: Make integer conversion
fix work for other hosts/targets.
2008-07-20 Arthur Loiret <>
* dmd/expression.c: Fix integer conversion routines on x86_64.
Patch from downs <>, thanks!
* dmd2/expression.c: Likewise.
* Add lang_requires="c c++".
2008-07-19 David Friedman <David Friedman>
* patches/patch-gcc-4.0.x, patches/patch-gcc-4.1.x: Fix infinite
loop bug in patch.
* patches/patch-apple-gcc-4.0.x: Ditto.
* Do not assume D_OS_VERSYM is defined.
Handle TARGET_xxx_CPP_BUILTINS macros for more targets.
2008-07-17 David Friedman <>
* dmd-script: Append an exe suffix to executables when the
target is Windows.
* phobos/gcc/deh.d, phobos2/gcc/deh.d: Fix for sjlj exceptions.
2008-06-16 David Friedman <>
* Correct logic for output constanting vars for V1.
2008-06-01 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD.1.30 and 2.014
* dmd-script: Implement -man, -lib and single-object features.
* phobos2/ add bigint
* phobos2/config/{ldfuncs,ldfuncs-darwin,ldfuncs-ppclinux,noldfuncs},
Merge nanl change from std/c/math.d
* phobos2/gcc/support.d: Merge std/c/math.d changes.
* (obj_append): Implement.
* phobos2/std/c/unix/unix.d: Merge linux.d and socket.d changes
*,, Update
* dmd/..., dmd2/..., phbobos/..., phobos2/...: Merge
2008-05-26 David Friedman <>
*,,, d-misc.c, d-objfile.{cc, h}:
Fix for -combine compilation. Remove fileContext global and clean
up generation of unique symbol names.
* phobos/internal/object.d: Correct merge error
* dmd-script, lang.opt,, : support -ignore
Merge DMD 1.029 and 2.013
* phobos2/std/perf.d: use std.c.unix.unix
2008-05-22 Arthur Loiret <>
* Add missing CPUs and fix
d_cpu_versym/d_cpu_versym64 for each.
* Fix build on non biarched 64-bit archs (alpha, ia64, ...)
and fix 64-bit cpu detection.
* Move patch-* to patches/
* Update.
2008-05-10 David Friedman <>
* lang-specs.h: Support a "cc1d" spec. (Bugzilla 2068)
Merge DMD 1.028 and 2.012
* d-codegen.{h,cc}: Add postblitting array libcalls.
* phobos2/internal/arrayassign.d
(_d_arraysetassign, _d_arraysetctor): Use size_t.
* (AssignExp::toElem): Postblit-aware code
* phobos2/ Add arrayssign.d. Remove math2.d.
* dmd/..., dmd2/..., phbobos/..., phobos2/...: Merge
2008-05-03 David Friedman <>
* d-dmd-gcc.h,, dmd*/toobj.c: Cleanup: Remove unused
2008-05-02 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 1.027 and 2.011
* termios.d: Point to std.c.unix.unix. Leave original
termios.d as termios.d.orig-dmd
* Implement blockExit
* phobos2/config/unix.x3: Add termios stuff
* phobos2/std/c/unix/unix.d: Merge new funcs from std.c.linux.d
* Implement stub obj_startaddress
* (ForStatement::toIR): condition may be NULL
(DeleteExp::toIR): Use libcalls for interfaces
* dmd*/clone.c, dmd*/e2ir.c: New files.
* Add new clone.c
* d-codegen.{h, cc}, Use _d_callinterfacefinalizer.
Also use _d_delinterface instead of casting.
* dmd/..., dmd2/..., phbobos/..., phobos2/...: Merge
2008-04-27 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 1.026 and 2.010
* dmd/..., dmd2/..., phbobos/..., phobos2/...: Merge
* (d_write_global_declarations): Make earlier change
regarding cgraph_optimize only apply to 4.0.x.
* (VarDeclartion::toSymbol): Change for
V2 STCmanifest. Make more constant vars have
static storage (instead of making CONST_DECLs) in
both V1 and V2.
* dmd2/constfold.c (Cmp): Compare wchar and dchar
strings portably.
* (ExtAsmStatement::semantic): Heuristic
for evaluating operands: If an input operand, evaluate.
* d-asm-i386.h: Make previous change apply to V1.
* (TypeEnum::toCtype): Update.
Phobos changes (applies to V2 Phobos as well):
* phobos/, phobos/
Deal with strerror_r portability.
* phobos/, phobos/configure, phobos/
* phobos/gcc/cbridge_strerror.c: New file.
* phobos/std/c/string.d: Replace non-portable strerror_r with
* phobos/std/file.d, phobos/std/loader.d, phobos/std/process.d,
phobos/std/socket.d, phobos/std/stdio.d: Use
Merge DMD 2.009:
* dmd2/..., phobos2/...: Merge.
Merge DMD 1.025:
* dmd/..., phobos/...: Merge.
2008-04-25 David Friedman <>
*, d-asm-i386.h: Handle some other cases
for constant floating point operands.
2008-04-19 David Friedman <>
* dmd/toobj.c, dmd2/toobj.c (EnumDeclaration::toObjFile):
Output initializer correctly.
* (EnumDeclaration::toInitializer): Correctly
set up initializer symbol. (Bugzilla 1746)
2008-04-17 David Friedman <>
* dmd/toobj.c (InterfaceDeclaration::toObjFile): Fix error.
(Bugzilla 1844)
2008-04-16 David Friedman <>
* d-codegen.{h, cc}: Clean up nested function / nested class /
closure code.
* phobos/std/c/stdlib.d, phobos2/...: Remove comment that hides
atof. (Bugzilla 1888)
2008-03-11 David Friedman <>
* cleanup
* dmd/expression.c (DotVarExp::semantic): Apply fix from dmd2/
* dmd2/expression.c (DotVarExp::semantic): Move fix to
better location.
2008-03-09 David Friedman <>
* dmd2/func.c (FuncDeclaration::needsClosure): Closures fix:
Change test from isVirtual to isThis.
* dmd2/expression.c (DotVarExp::semantic): Note change from DMD.
* patch-build_gcc-5465: Correctly build driver-driver
* phobos*/ (MAIN_OBJS): Add std/cover.o
* phobos2/std/file.d: use 'mkdir -p' in unittest
* Fixes for pointer-to-function types (for V2)
* Add _d_allocmemory libcall.
(emitLocalVar): Rework.
(var): New function to handle static-frame/closure variables
(convertTo): Use typesSame instead of typesCompatible
(assignValue): New function to handle Exp(v=value) vs. Exp(value)
(getFrameForFunction, getFrameForNestedClass): New interface
to get frames for nested functions.
(functionNeedsChain): Return false for nested functions that
take closures.
* Changes for const/invariant/STCinit
* Use new interface for nested functions. Use
IRState::var instead of v->toSymbol()->Stree. Create
* Add case for closure-using function when
setting the link-once attribute.
* package/ install .../include/d2
* patch-build_gcc-4.0, patch-build_gcc-5465: Support D 2.0
includes and libraries.
* phobos2/std/bitmanip.d: Apply previous bitarray.d changes.
* phobos*/std/typeinfo/ti_ptr.d (getHash): Cast to hash_t.
* (VarDeclaration::toSymbol): For D 2.0, use
isInvariant() and STCinit as criteria for making CONST_DECLs and
* phobos2/std/c/linux/linux.d: Do not import std.c.dirent.
* phobos2/std/c/dirent.d: Deprecated std.c.dirent.
* phobos2/std/c/unix/unix.d: Move dirent/DIR routines here.
* phobos*/std/c/darwin/ldblcompat.d: declare constants as 'string'
Merge DMD 2.008:
* dmd2/..., phobos2/...: Merge.
Merge DMD 1.024:
* phobos*/config/unix.x3: ensure MSG_NOSIGNAL is defined
* dmd/..., phobos/...: Merge.
* patch-apple-gcc-4.0.x, patch-apple-gcc-5465: Include patch
for SRA pass like the other 4.x patches.
* (convertTo): Ensure pointers are cast to an
unsigned type.
* (dt2tree_list_of_elems): Always generate a
CONSTRUCTOR for struct data.
(ObjectFile::ObjectFile): Use NULL_TREE for file context instead
* (d_write_global_declarations): Call
debug_hooks->global_decl before cgraph_optimize so that nested
class functions do not get passed to dwarf2out before the
outer class functions.
* Rename patch-build_gcc-4.0 to patch-build_gcc-4.0.x
Copyright (C) 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.