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2009-12-28 michaelp <>
Merge with DMD 1.043
* phobos/ Changed part of phobos configure.
* samples/README, samples/ Uploading the start of the some
small tests to help in the testing of GDC/D components.
*,, dmd/machobj.c, phobos/config/unix.x3,
phobos/std/file.d, phobos/std/moduleinit.d, phobos/std/socket.d: Fixed
problem when building on Mac OS X.
2009-12-05 michaelp <>
Merge with DMD 1.042
* Added async.dmd.o
* d-asm-i386.h, d-codegen.h: Merge changes from dmd/constfold.c.
* d-codegen.h, phobos2/aclocal.m4, phobos2/ Fixed
problems with D2.
2009-11-22 michaelp <>
Merge with DMD 1.041
* Update for files added in DMD 1.041.
* d-backendfunctions.c: Added stubs for functions in the backend that
cannot be included in the front end source.
* dmd-script: Added Bitbucket page to display for gdmd wrapper script.
2009-11-07 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
Changes to GCC-4.4.x branch:
* tools/makewebstatistics.d: Added d tool to generate webstats about
dstress in D2.
2009-10-25 michaelp <>
Merge with DMD 1.040
* dmd/..., phobos/...: Now working for D1 (Not on GCC 4.3.4?)
* Merge from dmd/statement.c
* phobos/acinclude.m4, phobos/, phobos/
Posix is now defined.
2009-10-24 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
* dmd/attrib.c, dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/constfold.c,
dmd/declaration.c, dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/expression.c, dmd/toobj.c: Fixes
some errors in the DMD v1 frontend. Trying to fix DMD 1.039, but still
no fix. The problem may be in phobos then.
Changes to GCC-4.4.x branch:
*, d-lang.h, patches/patch-gcc-4.4.x,
patches/patch-toplev-4.4.x: Applied Eldar patches for gcc 4.4.0
2009-10-07 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
* dmd2/attrib.c, dmd2/class.c, dmd2/declaration.c, dmd2/doc.c,
dmd2/dsymbol.h, dmd2/func.c, dmd2/parse.c, dmd2/statement.c,
dmd2/template.c, dmd2/toir.c: 2.015 WORKING ;)
* dmd2/parse.c: Fixed problem with static if.
* dmd2/template.c: Fixed problem with tuples.
* Update for files added in DMD 2.015.
2009-10-01 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
Changes to 2.032 branch:
* dmd2/..., phobos2/...: Force merge with 2.032 - NOT WORKING AT ALL.
- Adding new files.
2009-10-04 michaelp <>
Merge with DMD 1.039
* Merge changes from dmd/mtype.h.
* phobos/internal/aaA.d, phobos/std/stdio.d: Small Phobos fix.
2009-09-30 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
* phobos2/internal/aaA.d, phobos2/linux.mak, phobos2/std/algorithm.d,
phobos2/std/functional.d, phobos2/std/math.d, phobos2/std/thread.d:
DMD 2.015 Phobos changes.
* Fixed a problem introduced by Michael modifying a
common file between D1 and D2.
2009-09-29 michaelp <>
Merge with DMD 1.036
2009-09-28 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
Merge with DMD 2.015
* dmd2/mtype.h, dmd2/parse.c: Fixed parser in D2.
* dmd2/template.c, dmd2/toobj.c: Other fixes.
2009-09-28 michaelp <>
Merge with DMD 1.035
* Merge changes from dmd/attrib.c.
* phobos/, phobos/internal/arraydouble.d,
phobos/internal/arrayfloat.d: Included arraydouble, arrayfloat, and
arrayreal in libphobos Makefile.
*, dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h, phobos/std/math.d: Fixed
Phobos std.math bug.
2009-09-25 michaelp <>
Merge with DMD 1.033
2009-09-17 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
* dmd2.032/...: Initial import of version 2.032.
*, dmd/.svn/...: Removed .svn directory.
2009-09-13 michaelp <>
* phobos/std/boxer.d phobos/std/dateparse.d: Fixed phobos build and
possible implicit conversion errors in boxer.d.
* Removed assert(0) line 926.
2009-09-13 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
* History gdc-version: Changed version.
* phobos2/config/x3, Added support for DMD 2.
* phobos2/std/c/string.d, phobos2/std/contracts.d: Fixed a std.string
bug following these guidelines:
* phobos2/std/contracts.d, phobos2/std/date.d, phobos2/std/dateparse.d,
phobos2/std/file.d, phobos2/std/md5.d, phobos2/std/path.d,
phobos2/std/random.d, phobos2/std/stdio.d: Fix DMD 2 for GCC-4.3.4
2009-09-11 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
Switching to Mercurial branch system.
* d/...: Setting up default branch with GCC-4.3.x support.
* branches/gcc-4.1/...: Starting gcc-4.1.x stable branch.
*, Fixed permission problems in
bash scripts.
2009-09-10 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
* trunk/...: Import of gdc 0.24 stable into bitbucket.
2009-01-31 Arthur Loiret <>
*,,, d-lang.h,,, d-codegen.h: Replace calls to build macro by appropriate
buildN function (build is removed in GCC > 4.1).
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