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2010-12-28 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/patches/patch-apple-gcc-5465,
d/patches/patch-apple-gcc-5664, d/patches/patch-gcc-4.0.x,
d/patches/patch-gcc-4.1.x, d/patches/patch-gcc-4.2.x,
d/patches/patch-gcc-4.3.x, d/patches/patch-gcc-4.4.x,
d/patches/patch-gcc-4.5.x: New function added to langhooks:
* d/, d/patches/patch-apple-gcc-5465,
d/patches/patch-apple-gcc-5664, d/patches/patch-gcc-4.0.x,
d/patches/patch-gcc-4.1.x, d/patches/patch-gcc-4.2.x,
d/patches/patch-gcc-4.3.x, d/patches/patch-gcc-4.4.x,
d/patches/patch-gcc-4.5.x, d/phobos2/,
d/phobos2/ New function added to langhooks:
* d/, d/druntime/core/stdc/complex.d,
d/druntime/rt/complex.c, d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/
D2 - Use GCC builtins in core.stdc.complex
* d/, d/ Issue #109 - segfault in memcpy()
2010-12-23 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/d-bi-attrs-45.h, d/d-c-stubs.c,
d/, d/d-gcc-includes.h, d/, d/d-lang-45.h,
d/, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Updated to 2.051.
* d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/ D2 - Move generated
headers out of the way so as they don't interfere with build process.
* /druntime/rt/aaA.d, d/druntime/rt/adi.d, d/druntime/rt/lifetime.d,
d/druntime/rt/memory.d, d/druntime/rt/qsort.d,
d/druntime/rt/switch_.d, d/druntime/rt/util/string.d: Merge
differences between GDC and DMD Druntime. Should fix Issue #129
* d/, d/, d/druntime/rt/dmain2.d,
d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/,
d/phobos2/gcc/bitmanip.d: Fix codegen in ArrayLiteralExp; Split cmain
from dmain2 in druntime; Update gcc.bitmanip for 2.051.
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/, d/,
d/, d/ Use build_constructor to make constructor
2010-12-17 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/d-codegen.h, d/, d/dmd/expression.c, d/dmd2/expression.c:
Fix handling of _argptr after commit 398.
* d/, d/patches/patch-gcc-4.4.x: Issue #104 revisited -
easier to instead fix in GCC.
* d/ Issue #104 - ICE on inlining nested struct member
* d/ Issue #85 - template functions not inlined.
2010-12-12 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/dmd2/toobj.c: D2 - tighten up
purity set on builtins.
* d/GDC.html, d/dmd/attrib.c, d/dmd/idgen.c, d/dmd2/attrib.c,
d/dmd2/idgen.c, d/phobos/gcc/unwind_arm.d, d/phobos2/gcc/unwind_arm.d:
GNU_attribute and GNU_set_attribute deprecated for promoting attribute
and set_attribute.
* d/, d/, d/dmd2/expression.c, d/dmd2/todt.c:
cleanup todt; testsuite fixes.
2010-12-10 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/d-dmd-gcc.h, d/dmd2/builtin.c,
d/dmd2/declaration.h, d/dmd2/expression.c, d/dmd2/interpret.c: Power
operators ^^ now working in CTFE.
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/ Issue #121 - ICE in
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/d-gcc-real.h, d/d-irstate.h,
d/d-lang.h, d/d-objfile.h, d/dt.h: Glue Header code cleanups.
* d/phobos2/std/math.d: Issue #113 - std.math: cos/sin forward
declaration issue.
* d/d-asm-i386.h, d/phobos2/std/math.d: Add special case for fdiv/fsub
* d/, d/d-asm-i386.h, d/ Glue code cleanups.
* d/d-asm-i386.h, d/dmd2/expression.c, d/phobos2/std/math.d:
off-by-one Inline asm fix.
* d/, d/, d/dmd2/builtin.c,
d/dmd2/declaration.h, d/dmd2/interpret.c, d/phobos2/,
d/phobos2/configure: D2 - GCC builtins now CTFE'd.
2010-12-04 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/druntime/gc/gcgccextern.d, d/phobos2/,
d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/std/math.d, d/,
d/ Updated FreeBSD and Solaris version identifiers.
2010-12-03 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/d-asm-i386.h, d/d-spec.c, d/dmd2/root.c, d/dmd2/speller.c,
d/druntime/core/sys/posix/setjmp.d, d/phobos2/configure,
d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/std/math.d: Applied patches from
Issue #100, some work on Phobos/Druntime ARM port.
* d/d-asm-i386.h, d/d-builtins.c, d/ Issue #118 - Segfault
on string compare.
2010-11-26 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/ Issue #110 - Pure Nothrow Functions Not Called.
* d/dmd/entity.c, d/dmd2/entity.c: Fixes to html entities.
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/, d/d-irstate.h: D2 -
support 'case var:' in switch statements.
* d/, d/, d/dmd/expression.c,
d/dmd2/expression.c: Check lwr <= upr in pointer array slices, fixed
AA bug using const types.
* d/druntime/core/sys/osx/mach/kern_return.d,
d/druntime/core/sys/osx/mach/thread_act.d: Add version(OSX) at top of
source files.
* d/ Fix ICE compiling empty with{} or volatile{}
* d/druntime/rt/aaA.d, d/phobos2/std/format.d, d/phobos2/std/string.d:
Fix bug in aaA.d, remove workaround in std.format.
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/,
d/druntime/rt/lifetime.d: Issue #108 - crash when compiling
declaration of a big array.
* d/, d/, d/dmd2/expression.c,
d/dmd2/expression.h, d/dmd2/optimize.c, d/druntime/core/atomic.d,
d/, d/dt.h: Refs #108 - Prevent crash when compiling declaration
of a big array.
2010-11-21 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/, d/,
d/, d/, d/druntime/core/stdc/stdarg.d,
d/druntime/rt/lifetime.d, d/, d/ Add _d_arrayliteralT
as libcall.
* d/, d/dmd2/expression.c, d/druntime/core/stdc/stdarg.d,
d/phobos2/std/algorithm.d: Issue #107 - compilation failed on
associated array.clear()
* d/, d/, d/gdc.1, d/lang.opt,
d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/ Issue #106 - compilation
failed on files importing std.xml.
* d/, d/druntime/object.di, d/phobos2/,
d/phobos2/ Makefile now properly creates D interface files
for installing.
2010-11-19 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/, d/,
d/, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend
to 2.050.
* d/, d/dmd2/*, d/phobos2/*: Issue #95 - 'Hello World' for
64bit not working.
* d/, d/, d/, d/,
d/druntime/gc/gcgccextern.d, d/dt.h, d/phobos2/ No more
segfaults from calling the moduleTlsDtor of a spawned thread.
* d/druntime/core/atomic.d, d/druntime/rt/dmain2.d,
d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/ Fix makefile to generate
& install .di headers for druntime.
* d/, d/, d/druntime/rt/memory.d: Passes the
compilable/fail_compilation testsuite. Fix off-by-one static assert in
* d/, d/druntime/core/atomic.d, d/druntime/rt/monitor.c:
Don't make a libcall for _d_arraycast when converting void[] to
array[]. Fix a hang in the generic atomicOps.
* d/, d/d-apple-gcc.c, d/, d/ Remove
redundant tree checking. Fold in apple-gcc patches.
* d/patches/patch-apple-gcc-5664, d/patches/patch-build_gcc-5664: New
patches for apple-gcc.
* d/dmd/entity.c, d/dmd2/entity.c: Merge Walter's and Thomas' named
entity lists.
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/ Issue #98 - cannot
perform floating-point modulo division on creal.
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/ Issue #102 - Fixed error
using overloaded <>= operator.
* d/d-glue.c: Issue #89 - Error initialising struct with static array.
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/ Issue #103 - destructor
not called on array of structs. Postblit on struct now called when
returned from a function.
* d/druntime/object_.d: Merge workaround from Phobos1 library.
* d/phobos/std/math.d, d/phobos2/std/math.d: Add aliases for missing
rndtol and rndtonl functions.
* d/, d/ Properly handle return (void)value. In
slice expression [lwr .. upr], ensure lwr gets evaluated first. Tree
checking fixes in NewExp and floatMod.
2010-11-13 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/d-c-stubs.c, d/, d/, d/,
d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend to 2.049.
* d/druntime/core/sys/posix/sys/select.d: Issue #90 - select.d fails
to compile on 64 bits Linux.
* d/druntime/core/sys/posix/sys/select.d, d/druntime/rt/lifetime.d,
d/phobos2/gcc/bitmanip.d, d/phobos2/std/bitmanip.d,
d/phobos2/std/regexp.d: Issue #91, #92, #93 - various issues building
on 64bit Linux.
2010-11-12 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/d-asm-i386.h, d/, d/, d/,
d/, d/, d/, d/d-spec.c, d/dmd2/*,
d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend to 2.048.
* d/druntime/core/sys/posix/sys/select.d: Fix some 64bit compat issues
with druntime module.
2010-11-08 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/, d/,
d/dmd-script, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend
to 2.047.
2010-11-07 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/,
d/dmd-script, d/dmd-script.1, d/gdc.1, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*,
d/phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend to 2.046. Removed tabs, trailing
2010-11-05 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/, d/,
d/d-objfile.h, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Updated D2
frontend to 2.040.
2010-11-03 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/phobos/, d/phobos/, d/phobos/etc/c/zlib.d,
d/phobos/std/zlib.d, d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/,
d/phobos2/etc/c/zlib.d, d/phobos2/std/zlib.d, d/zlib/*: Upgrade zlib
support to zlib 1.2.5.
* d/ Issue #79 - Wrong decimal value in error message.
* d/phobos2/std/json.d, d/ Added --update option for to rebuild directory of libphobos links.
* d/dmd/typinf.c, d/dmd2/typinf.c: Issue #83 - wrong TypeInfo_Struct
name outputted.
* d/ Bugzilla 1911 - Link error when creating array of
typedefs with default initializer.
2010-11-01 michaelp <>
* d/ Issue #76 - odd error message when casting between
non-convertable types.
2010-11-01 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/, d/d-codegen.h,
d/, d/, d/, d/, d/dmd-script,
d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Updated D2 Frontend to 2.037.
* d/druntime/compiler/gdc/object_.d, d/druntime/compiler/gdc/rt/aaA.d,
d/druntime/import/object.di: Issue #82 - undefined references in
2010-10-31 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*,
d/phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend to 2.036.
* d/, d/ Issue #80 - Bad codegen for structs
containing invariants.
* d/, d/ Issue #81 - Bad codegen and ICEs using
* d/ Issue #76 - Hide 'In file included from <builtin>'
message in errors.
* d/phobos2/std/string.d, d/phobos2/std/zlib.d: Fix return result of
* d/, d/druntime/import/core/stdc/math.d: All GCC
builtins now marked pure and optionally nothrow. core.stdc.math
functions made builtin.
2010-10-27 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*,
d/phobos2/*: Update D2 frontend to 2.035.
* d/ Adjust Classinfo size for D2.
* d/patches/*, d/ Updated patches and for
Apple GCC.
* d/d-asm-i386.h, d/phobos/std/cpuid.d, d/phobos2/std/cpuid.d: Tell
backend cpuid clobbers EBX; remove workaround in std.cpuid.
2010-10-24 michaelp <>
* d/, d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Issue #77 - porting D2
Phobos to x86_64.
2010-10-23 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/phobos2/*: Issue #74 - New D2 Phobos source rebased from DMD.
* d/phobos/, d/phobos/, d/phobos/
d/phobos/configure, d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/
Fix building with --enable-multilib
2010-10-21 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/d-asm-i386.h, d/, d/, d/,
d/dmd-script, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend
to 2.032.
* d/, d/druntime/import/core/stdc/stdarg.d: D2 - Add
core.stdc.stdarg as an stdarg module. Patched core.stdc.stdarg to work
with GDC compiler.
* d/ Issue #72 - 'this' in nested structs cannot access
frame of outer function.
* d/phobos/std/intrinsic.d: D1 - Fix bt function on 64bit archs.
* d/, d/ Issue #73 - ICE declaring string enums.
* d/druntime/compiler/gdc/aaA.d: D2 - Fixed segfault getting AA
* d/dmd/mars.h, d/dmd/mtype.c, d/phobos/acinclude.m4,
d/phobos/configure, d/phobos/, d/phobos2/acinclude.m4,
d/phobos2/configure, d/phobos2/, d/
Some updated to target OS detection.
2010-10-12 opticron <>
* d/phobos/, d/phobos/, d/phobos2/
d/phobos2/ D1/D2: Fix type sizes in gcc/config/* when
building with multilib.
2010-10-11 michaelp <>
* d/patches/patch-gcc-4.4.x, d/patches/patch-toplev-4.4.x: Updated
4.4.x patches for 4.4.5
2010-10-08 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*: Updated D2 frontend to 2.029.
2010-10-07 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/d-asm-i386.h, d/d-codegen.h, d/
d/, d/d-gcc-real.h, d/, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*,
d/phobos2/*: Update D2 frontend to 2.028.
* d/dmd/cast.c d/dmd/constfold.c d/dmd/identifier.c d/dmd/lexer.c
d/dmd/mars.h d/dmd/mtype.c d/dmd/opover.c d/dmd/optimize.c
d/dmd/template.h d/dmd/todt.c d/dmd/toobj.c: Cleaned up D1 folder
after D2 updates.
* d/, d/d-asm-i386.h: Issue #70 - Inline Asm errors junk
`(%ebp)+4' after expression.
2010-10-06 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, dmd2/*, phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend to 2.026.
* d/ Issue #69 - ICE on typedef'd array
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/ D2 - Fixed 'this.this'
being null in a nested class.
* d/ Let backend know about functions marked as 'nothrow'
and 'immutable'.
* d/, d/d-codegen.h, d/, d/ D2 -
Implemented nested structs.
* d/ d/d-codegen.h d/ Move block of code
initialising structs from emitLocalVar to AssignExp.
* d/, d/, d/dmd2/array.c, d/dmd2/async.c
d/dmd2/async.h, d/dmd2/root.c: D2 - Added AsyncRead sources.
2010-10-03 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/phobos/std/regexp.d: Fix D1 phobos for 64bit systems.
* d/, d/d-lang.h: D2 - Let backend know about functions
marked as 'pure'.
* d/druntime/compiler/gdc/lifetime.d: Issue #69 - arraycatnT not
working on 64bit.
2010-09-30 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/, d/, dmd2/*, druntime/*
phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend to 2.025.
2010-09-29 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d/dmd2/*, d/druntime/*, d/phobos2/*: Updated D2
frontend to 2.022
* d/, d/, d/phobos2/ Fix building with
* d/, d/druntime/gc/basic/gcx.d: Issue #68 - Cannot cast to
structs of same type size.
* d/, d/dmd-script, d/lang.opt: Added -safe switch.
* d/d-spec.c: Update D2 driver.
2010-09-28 Iain Buclaw <>
* zlib/*: Moved zlib to it's own maintained directory.
* d/phobos/etc/c/zlib, d/phobos2/etc/c/zlib: Removed.
* dmd/*, phobos/*: Updated D1 frontend to 1.064.
* dmd2/*, druntime/*, phobos2/*: Updated D2 frontend to 2.021.
* d/druntime/compiler/gdc/adi.d, d/druntime/compiler/gdc/alloca.d,
d/druntime/compiler/gdc/cover.d, d/druntime/compiler/gdc/memset.d,
d/druntime/compiler/gdc/qsort.d, d/druntime/compiler/gdc/qsort2.d,
d/phobos2/, d/phobos2/ D2 runtime segfault fixes.
* d/ d/ d/ d/
d/dmd2/mars.h d/druntime/compiler/gdc/util/console.d
d/phobos2/std/bigint.d d/phobos2/std/bitmanip.d d/phobos2/std/boxer.d
d/phobos2/std/date.d d/phobos2/std/dateparse.d d/phobos2/std/md5.d: D2
'this' parameter to struct member functions is now a reference type.
2010-09-25 Iain Buclaw <>
* D2 - rework return by ref.
*, Move check for ref function to better place.
* Issue #66 - Array setting causes OutOfMemoryException.
2010-09-20 Iain Buclaw <>
* d-builtins.c,,
D2 updates - Return by reference now implemented (instead of ignored).
Gain back some compiler speed in release builds.
2010-09-18 Iain Buclaw <>
* phobos2/, phobos2/configure:
Regenerate D2 configure scripts.
* druntime/compiler/gdc/dmain2.d:
Fix _d_hidden_func to work with GDC compiler
*,,, d-lang.h:
Issue #64 - enable-checking in configure fails on 4.4.x
* d-lang.h: Issue #28 - enable-checking in configure fails
* druntime/compiler/gdc/trace.d, phobos2/,
phobos2/, phobos2/config.log:
Remove trace.d from D2
2010-09-15 Iain Buclaw <>
* Fix obscure memory bug in D2.
*, d-codegen.h,,, d-irstate.h,
dmd/statement.c, dmd2/statement.c:
Issue #56 - goto into a try block doesn't produce an error.
* dmd2/inifile.c, druntime/compiler/gdc/cmath2.d,
druntime/compiler/gdc/gccmemory.d, druntime/compiler/gdc/memory.d,
phobos2/, phobos2/
Split off rt.memory, remove useless sources.
* druntime/common/core/thread.d, druntime/compiler/gdc/util/cpuid.d:
Merge getESP code from D2 phobos to druntime.
* druntime/compiler/gdc/llmath.d: Remove llmath.d
2010-09-09 Iain Buclaw <>
Revert part of commit 210, and fix integer representations on gdc-4.4.
* d-bi-attrs-34.h, d-bi-attrs-341.h, d-builtins.c, d-c-stubs.c, Merge d-bi-attrs-341 with d-bi-attrs-34.h.
2010-09-07 michaelp <>
Removed from top level d/ folder.
Updated for removal of
* GDC.html, History, INSTALL, INSTALL.html, README, dmd-script,
dmd-script.1, gdc.1:
Documentation updates.
2010-09-03 Iain Buclaw <>
Issue #59 and #60: ICE when goto undefined label and ICE in foreach over
member member array in static func
*,,, d-lang.h, dmd/func.c,
dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h:
Issue #54: 1.063 changes in phobos versioning + dmd backend.
2010-09-01 Iain Buclaw <>
* dmd/cast.c, dmd/impcnvgen.c, dmd2/impcnvgen.c:
Bugzilla 1822 - String slicing in 64-bit gdc causes spurious
* patches/patch-gcc-4.0.x, patches/patch-gcc-4.1.x, d/patches
/patch-gcc-4.2.x, patches/patch-gcc-4.3.x, patches/patch-
Issue #50 - thanks venix1: SjLj expections fail when thrown from catch
*,, d-spec.c:
Removed va_list hack, small change to D2 lang driver.
2010-08-30 Iain Buclaw <>
Issue #14: STATIC_CHAIN_EXPR not caught in estimate_num_insns_1()
2010-08-29 Iain Buclaw <>
* d-c-stubs.c,,
Add stubs for C_TARGET_OBJS on non-x86 archs.
Bugzilla 1669 - this.outer in nested classes gives a bogus pointer
*, phobos2/, phobos2/acinclude.m4:
Add D_Version2 version predicate.
2010-08-28 Iain Buclaw <>
* d-c-stubs.c,,,
druntime/compiler/gdc/aaA.d, druntime/compiler/gdc/util/cpuid.d,
druntime/gc/basic/gc_c.h, druntime/gc/basic/gc_dyld.c,
druntime/gc/basic/gc_freebsd.c, druntime/gc/basic/gcgccextern.d,
phobos/internal/gc/gcgccextern.d, phobos/std/loader.d,
phobos2/, phobos2/acinclude.m4,
D2 updates.
2010-08-27 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d-spec.c, phobos2/
Add druntime to the GDC driver.
* druntime/Makefile, druntime/compiler/gdc/dgccmain2.d,
druntime/compiler/gdc/lifetime.d, phobos2/gcc/deh.d,
phobos2/gcc/unwind_generic.d, phobos2/gcc/unwind_pe.d,
Remove Makefile and fix module dependencies in Druntime
* phobos2/, phobos2/acinclude.m4, phobos2/aclocal.m4,
phobos2/, d/
Reorganise D2 Makefile for Druntime
* d/
Use BACKENDLIBS rather than GMPLIBS for gdc-4.4
Fix ICE in D2 ForeachRange statements
2010-08-26 Iain Buclaw <>
* patches/patch-gcc-4.4.x:
Regenerate gcc-4.4.x patch
2010-08-25 Iain Buclaw <>
* d-codegen.h:
Fix codegen for addressOf array types, resolves broken va_lists on
* druntime/compiler/gdc/fpmath.d, druntime/compiler/gdc/gcc/*,
druntime/druntimelicense.txt, druntime/druntimereadme.txt,
druntime/hello.d, druntime/license.txt, druntime/readme.txt:
Re-add fpmath.d - previously from removed internal directory.
Slight alteration to va_list type generation on gdc-4.4
*,,, d-lang.h:
Use own language flag for labels marked 'used'.
Rework of previous commit for Issue #58.
2010-08-24 Iain Buclaw <>
Issue #58 - Fixed stack overflow in gdc-4.4
2010-08-23 Iain Buclaw <>
Bugzilla 1813 - ICE on static function parametrized with alias.
2010-08-22 michaelp <>
* patches/patch-gcc-3.4.x, patches/patch-gcc-4.0.x, d/patches
/patch-gcc-4.1.x, patches/patch-gcc-4.2.x, patches/patch-
gcc-4.3.x, patches/patch-toplev-3.4.x, patches/patch-
toplev-4.0.x, patches/patch-toplev-4.1.x, patches/patch-
toplev-4.2.x, patches/patch-toplev-4.3.x:
Updated patches for D2/druntime
2010-08-22 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d-bi-attrs-44.h, d-builtins.c,,,, d-gcc-includes.h,,, patches/patch-gcc-4.4.x, patches/patch-
toplev-4.4.x, d/
Building on GCC-4.4 now supported.
Issue #51: 1.062 outstanding issues
2010-08-20 michaelp <>
* phobos2/*:
Updated phobos2 to 2.020 (not working)
2010-08-20 Iain Buclaw <>
Fix ICE on shorthand if statements.
2010-08-20 michaelp <>
Fixed problem with continue statements in D2
2010-08-20 Iain Buclaw <>
*, druntime/compiler/gdc/arraybyte.d,
druntime/compiler/gdc/arrayshort.d, phobos/internal/arraybyte.d,
phobos/internal/arraydouble.d, phobos/internal/arrayfloat.d,
phobos/internal/arrayint.d, phobos/internal/arrayshort.d,
phobos2/internal/arraybyte.d, phobos2/internal/arraydouble.d,
phobos2/internal/arrayfloat.d, phobos2/internal/arrayint.d,
Issue #30: D_InlineAsm updates
2010-08-19 michaelp <>
Fixed JSON option for D2
* d/
Updated for libdruntime building
* patches/patch-toplev-4.1.x, patches/patch-toplev-4.2.x,
Updated toplevel 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 patches for libdruntime
* patches/patch-toplev-3.4.x, patches/patch-toplev-4.0.x:
Updated 3.4 + 4.0 toplevel patches to include libdruntime
* dmd/func.c:
Issue #57: C-style variadic functions broken
2010-08-19 Iain Buclaw <>
* phobos/*:
Updated Phobos to 1.063 - expanded tabs.
2010-08-17 michaelp <>
One of Issue #56. Cannot goto into finally block
2010-08-17 Iain Buclaw <>
*,,, d-irstate.h:
Bugzilla 1041 - incorrect code gen for scope(exit) inside switch
2010-08-16 michaelp <>
*, dmd/func.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h:
Temporarily reverted 1.063 change
2010-08-16 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d-apple-gcc.c, d-asm-i386.h, d-builtins.c,, d-c-stubs.c,, d-codegen.h,,,, d-gcc-includes.h,
d-lang.h,, d-spec.c, d/, d/dt.h,
d/gdc_alloca.h, d/
Added GPL onto files missing it, attributed modifications.
2010-08-15 Iain Buclaw <>
Some more type conversion updates in glue.
2010-08-14 Iain Buclaw <>
* d-apple-gcc.c,,,,
Remove default_conversion, tighten up signed/unsigned conversions.
Removed references to TREE_UNSIGNED.
* d-gcc-includes.h:
Fixed previous glue commit.
2010-08-14 michaelp <>
* phobos/std/thread.d:
Updated thread_attach bug in Windows
2010-08-14 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/,,, d-gcc-includes.h,,,
Glue touch-ups, now uses D_USE_MAPPED_LOCATION
2010-08-13 michaelp <>
Uploaded missing fix from 1.063 merge
* dmd/template.c:
Fixed implicit conversion of template parameters
*, dmd/async.c, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/declaration.h, dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/dsymbol.h, dmd/enum.c,
dmd/enum.h, dmd/expression.c, dmd/func.c, dmd/init.c,
dmd/interpret.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h, dmd/module.c,
dmd/module.h, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/parse.h,
dmd/root.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h, dmd/todt.c,
phobos/internal/deh2.d, phobos/internal/object.d,
Updated to 1.063
2010-08-11 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, d-bi-attrs-34.h, d-bi-attrs-341.h, d-bi-
attrs-40.h, d-bi-attrs-41.h, d-bi-attrs-42.h, d-bi-attrs-43.h,
Cleanup d-bi-attrs. Make includes slightly smarter.
Remove useless trial/error comments in function.
2010-08-10 michaelp <>
Issue 33 - Sefault with nested array allocation
2010-08-09 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, patches/patch-gcc-4.2.x, patches/patch-
toplev-4.2.x, d/
Building on GCC-4.2 now supported.
Apply adaptation of feep's autovec patch (one big thanks!)
* d/, d-asm-i386.h:
Replace tabs for space in ASM outbuffer.
2010-08-09 michaelp <>
* d/dmd-script:
Whitespace fix to previous commit.
*, d/dmd-script, d/lang.opt:
Added JSON support - Issue 52 + gdmd usage change
* d/dmd-script:
Added -defaultlib= and -debuglib= into gdmd usage
* d/dmd-script:
Updated -defaultlib and -debuglib switches for gdmd - Issue 46
2010-08-08 Iain Buclaw <>
* d-builtins.c, d-c-stubs.c,,,
Build with GCC-3.4 working again.
* d/, dmd2/array.c, dmd2/mars.c, dmd2/root.c,
Updates of previous commit
* d/,, dmd/expression.c, dmd2/arrayop.c,
dmd2/bit.c, dmd2/complex_t.h, dmd2/e2ir.c, dmd2/lib.h,
dmd2/libelf.c, dmd2/link.c, dmd2/man.c, dmd2/port.h,
dmd2/template.c, dmd2/tocsym.c, dmd2/toir.c, dmd2/toir.h,
dmd2/toobj.c, d/, d/symbol.h:
Issue 29 - Remove unused D2 files
Bugzilla 1296 - ICE when object.d is missing things
2010-08-06 michaelp <>
* d/dmd-script:
More updates to gdmd
2010-08-05 michaelp <>
* d/dmd-script:
Small changes to gdmd; some fixes for Issue 46
2010-08-05 Iain Buclaw <>
Fix logic on array ops. Fixup comments for previous commits.
Issue 43: >>> and >>>= generate wrong code
2010-08-02 Iain Buclaw <>
Regression in D1 when building with --enable-checking
* d-spec.c:
Check missing argument for -defaultlib
Issue 47: GDC improperly handles extern(System) and extern(Windows) on
2010-07-31 Iain Buclaw <>
*, dmd/todt.c:
Issue 51: 1.062 outstanding issues
* dmd/aav.c, dmd/aav.h, dmd/arrayop.c, dmd/attrib.c,
dmd/cast.c, dmd/constfold.c, dmd/dsymbol.c,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/imphint.c, dmd/interpret.c,
dmd/lexer.c, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/speller.h,
dmd/statement.c, dmd/toobj.c, dmd/unittests.c, dmd/utf.c:
Line endings, cleanups, and a missing ')'
Glue updates for previous merge.
2010-07-31 michaelp <>
*, dmd/*, phobos/std/date.d:
Updated to 1.062
2010-07-30 Iain Buclaw <>
* d-spec.c:
Added -defaultlib and -debuglib to allow building with another
library other than libphobos.
* druntime/*:
Initial import of druntime into project.
Fix generation of D array concatenation calls.
* phobos2/acinclude.m4, phobos2/configure, phobos2/,
phobos2/internal/arrayassign.d, phobos2/
D2 now defines Posix.
* dmd/parse.c, dmd/speller.c:
Include header needed for MinGW to build.
2010-07-29 michaelp <>
* phobos2/std/c/stdio.d:
Fixed accidentally reapplied Windows patch
* d/, dmd/aav.c, dmd/aav.h, dmd/class.c,
dmd/declaration.c, dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/dsymbol.h,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/func.c, dmd/imphint.c, dmd/mars.c,
dmd/mars.h, dmd/optimize.c, dmd/scope.c, dmd/speller.c,
dmd/struct.c, dmd/template.c, phobos2/std/c/stdio.d:
Updated to 1.061
* phobos/std/c/stdio.d, phobos2/std/c/stdio.d:
Remove stdio.d patches from Issue 21 patch
*, phobos/std/c/stdio.d, phobos2/std/c/stdio.d:
Issue 21 - _iob undefined reference under Windows
Fixed array ops bugs from 1.059
* d/, dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/declaration.h, dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/expression.c,
dmd/expression.h, dmd/idgen.c, dmd/init.c, dmd/inline.c,
dmd/interpret.c, dmd/json.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/parse.c, dmd/speller.c, dmd/speller.h, dmd/statement.h,
Updated to 1.060
2010-07-28 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/dmd-script, d/lang-specs.h:
Issue 48: gdc/gdmd should be able to compile .di files
*, dmd/*, phobos/*:
Updated to 1.058
* d/, dmd/machobj.c:
Remove machobj.c from D1
*, d/dmd-script, d/
Issue 42: -Wall should not error out compiler
2010-07-27 michaelp <>
* d/,, d/dmd-script, dmd/dsymbol.c,
dmd/dsymbol.h, dmd/expression.c, dmd/func.c, dmd/init.c,
dmd/inline.c, dmd/interpret.c, dmd/machobj.c, dmd/mars.c,
dmd/mars.h, dmd/module.c, dmd/module.h, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/root.c, dmd/root.h, dmd/scope.c, dmd/scope.h,
dmd/speller.c, dmd/speller.h, dmd/statement.c,
dmd/template.c, d/lang.opt, phobos/internal/aaA.d:
Updated to 1.057
2010-07-27 Iain Buclaw <>
* d/, dmd/array.c, dmd/bit.c, dmd/complex_t.h,
dmd/constfold.c, dmd/e2ir.c, dmd/elfobj.c, dmd/expression.c,
dmd/irstate.c, dmd/irstate.h, dmd/lib.h, dmd/libelf.c,
dmd/libmach.c, dmd/link.c, dmd/man.c, dmd/mars.c,
dmd/mem.c, dmd/mem.h, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/port.c, dmd/port.h,
dmd/root.c, dmd/tocsym.c, dmd/toir.c, dmd/toir.h:
Issue 29 - Remove unused D1 files
* dmd/template.c, dmd2/template.c:
Issue 36: duplicate symbols created for negatively initialized template
* d-builtins.c:
Partial fix for Issue 28
Issue 44: strange code in d-asm-1386.h
2010-07-26 Iain Buclaw <>
D2 postblit on struct literals finished!
2010-07-25 michaelp <>
*, d/dmd-script, dmd/*,
Updated to 1.056
2010-07-24 Iain Buclaw <>
D2 postblit updates.
2010-07-23 michaelp <>
* dmd/class.c, dmd/enum.c, dmd/enum.h, dmd/mars.c,
Updated to 1.055
* dmd/expression.c:
Fixed spot with wrong patch in it
* dmd/*, phobos/internal/gc/gcx.d:
Updated to 1.054
2010-07-21 Iain Buclaw <>
Fixed warnings in (thanks Trass3r)
* d-asm-i386.h:
Fix cast warnings in d-asm-i386.h
* dmd/lexer.c, dmd2/lexer.c:
Fix buffer overflow in certain error messages
* d-asm-i386.h:
Correctly check align value in asm.
2010-07-20 Iain Buclaw <>
*, dmd/root.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/template.c,
dmd/template.h, phobos/std/c/stddef.d:
Quick updates to D1 and postblit code.
*,, d-codegen.h,,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/func.c, dmd/machobj.c, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/parse.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h, dmd/toobj.c,
Some whitespace corrections.
2010-07-20 michaelp <>
*,, d-codegen.h,,
dmd/*, phobos/*:
Updated to 1.053
2010-07-20 Iain Buclaw <>
Quick revision updates
2010-07-19 Iain Buclaw <>
*, dmd2/attrib.c, dmd2/cast.c, dmd2/cond.c,
dmd2/constfold.c, dmd2/declaration.c, dmd2/declaration.h,
dmd2/e2ir.c, dmd2/expression.c, dmd2/func.c,
dmd2/impcnvgen.c, dmd2/lexer.c, dmd2/lexer.h, dmd2/link.c,
dmd2/mars.c, dmd2/mtype.c, dmd2/mtype.h, dmd2/parse.c,
dmd2/parse.h, dmd2/statement.c, dmd2/toir.c:
Updated to 2.020 - Frontend Only
2010-07-17 Iain Buclaw <>
* phobos2/
libgphobos2 Makefile fixes.
2010-07-16 Iain Buclaw <>
Merge with DMD 2.019
* Merge changes from dmd2/tocsym.c
* phobos/, phobos/, phobos2/,
phobos2/ Fix build for check-target-libphobos tests.
*, d-objfile: Fixed ICE in gdc-4.3 [39825b8156a3]
2010-07-14 Iain Buclaw <>
Merge with DMD 2.018
* Added support for AsyncRead in D1.
* dmd/constfold.c, dmd2/constfold.c: Fixed lost precision when casting
from large floats to integral types.
* dmd/todt.c, dmd2/todt.c: Fixed initialiased pointer array values
being reset to null during compilation.
*, d-backendfunctions.c, dmd/template.c: Removed
backendfunctions.c from Makefile.
2010-07-11 Iain Buclaw <>
* d-asm-i386.h: AMD Opcodes Supported.
*, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/struct.c,
struct ABI fixes.
* phobos/std/math.d, phobos2/std/math.d: Fix wrong return value in
expi() function.
2010-07-07 michaelp <>
* dmd/arrayop.c: Fix problem with float array operations.
- Added linear search for the array op library functions.
2010-07-05 Iain Buclaw <>
* dmd2/..., phobos2/...: Resolved issues for DMD 2.017.
* phobos2/configure, phobos2/ Re-add GNU_Need_execvpe for
D2 libphobos.
* dmd/mtype.h, phobos2/internal/object.d, phobos2/std/cpuid.d:
Quick updates to previous revisions.
2010-07-05 michaelp <>
Merge DMD 2.017
2010-07-04 Iain Buclaw <>
Merge DMD 1.052
* Fix ICE when using type tuple as function argument.
* phobos/..., phobos2/...: libphobos cleanup and updates.
*, Fix problem when building with
2010-06-28 michaelp <>
* D1 is default in now.
2010-06-27 Iain Buclaw <>
Merge with DMD 1.050
* Update for files added in DMD 1.050.
* phobos/etc/c/zlib.d, phobos/std/zlib.d, phobos2/etc/c/zlib.d:
Updated Zlib to 1.2.3.
2010-06-22 michaelp <>
* phobos/configure, phobos/, phobos/std/process.d,
phobos2/configure, phobos2/, phobos2/std/process.d:
Fix problem when building with a version of GNU C that has execvpe()
implemented (staring with glibc-2.11).
* phobos/configure, phobos/, phobos/std/c/freebsd/freebsd.d:
Fix problem when linking on FreeBSD targets.
2010-06-19 Iain Buclaw <>
Merge with DMD 1.049
* Merge changes from dmd/mars.c.
*, Fix ICEs in const array assignments.
*, dmd-script, lang.opt: Added -fdeps option to gdc and
-deps to gdmd.
* dmd/mem.c, dmd/mem.h, dmd/port.c, dmd/rmem.h,, dt.h,
phobos/internal/qsortg.d: Remove executable bit on source files.
2010-06-12 Iain Buclaw <>
Merge with DMD 1.047
* Look for reference initializations in foreach
statement assignments.
* dmd/..., dmd2/..., phobos/..., phobos2/...: Converted CR, CRLF line
endings to LF (thanks to venix1).
2010-06-04 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
* d-asm-i386.h: Apply patch to compile tango (thanks to venix1).
2010-04-05 michaelp <>
Merge with DMD 1.046
* Fix problem with struct declarations in GCC-4.3.x.
* dmd-script: Added -pipe option to gdmd
*, phobos/...: Fix FreeBSD and Windows version issues.
* dmd/root.c: Fix Windows template instantiating error.
* dmd/func.c: Fix segfault on wrong arg type.
2010-02-17 Vincenzo Ampolo <>
* Make d1 classinfo like d2 ones.
* dmd/expression.c, phobos/std/process.d: Apply feep (downs) patch.
2010-02-07 michaelp <>
Merge with 1.045
* phobos/linux.mak, phobos/win32.mak: Removed Phobos .mak files for
D 1.045 update.
* samples/hello.d, samples/ Added 1 file to samples
2010-01-15 opticron <>
* phobos/std/string.d: Fix a set of bugs in std.string.split which
made delemiters of length > 1 segfault.
Copyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.