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! { dg-do run }
! Tests the fix for PR34820, in which the nullification of the
! automatic array iregion occurred in the caller, rather than the
! callee. Since 'nproc' was not available, an ICE ensued. During
! the bug fix, it was found that the scalar to array assignment
! of derived types with allocatable components did not work and
! the fix of this is tested too.
! Contributed by Toon Moene <>
module grid_io
type grid_index_region
integer, allocatable::lons(:)
end type grid_index_region
subroutine read_grid_header()
integer :: npiece = 1
type(grid_index_region),allocatable :: iregion(:)
allocate (iregion(npiece + 1))
call read_iregion(npiece,iregion)
if (size(iregion) .ne. npiece + 1) STOP 1
if (.not.allocated (iregion(npiece)%lons)) STOP 2
if (allocated (iregion(npiece+1)%lons)) STOP 3
if (any (iregion(npiece)%lons .ne. [(i, i = 1, npiece)])) STOP 4
deallocate (iregion)
end subroutine read_grid_header
subroutine read_iregion (nproc,iregion)
type(grid_index_region), intent(OUT)::iregion(1:nproc)
integer :: iarg(nproc)
iarg = [(i, i = 1, nproc)]
iregion = grid_index_region (iarg) !
end subroutine read_iregion
end module grid_io
use grid_io
call read_grid_header