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! { dg-do run }
! Fixes a bug that emerged from the fix of PR62044 - see the PR. When
! there was no default initializer, code-expr3 was set null and so the
! vpointer was set to the vtable of the declared type, rather than that
! of the MOLD expression.
! Contributed by but based on the original PR62044 testcase by
! Paul Thomas <>
module GridImageSilo_Template
implicit none
type, public, abstract :: GridImageSiloTemplate
end type GridImageSiloTemplate
end module GridImageSilo_Template
module UnstructuredGridImageSilo_Form
use GridImageSilo_Template
implicit none
type, public, extends ( GridImageSiloTemplate ) :: &
end type UnstructuredGridImageSiloForm
end module UnstructuredGridImageSilo_Form
module UnstructuredGridImages
use UnstructuredGridImageSilo_Form, &
UnstructuredGridImageForm => UnstructuredGridImageSiloForm
subroutine foo
class (GridImageSiloTemplate), allocatable :: a
type (UnstructuredGridImageForm) :: b
integer :: i = 0
allocate (a, mold = b)
select type (a)
type is (UnstructuredGridImageForm)
i = 1
class default
i = 2
end select
if (i .ne. 1) STOP 1
end subroutine
end module UnstructuredGridImages
use UnstructuredGridImages
call foo