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! { dg-do run }
! Test that the temporary in a sourced-ALLOCATE is not freeed.
! PR fortran/79344
! Contributed by Juergen Reuter
module iso_varying_string
implicit none
type, public :: varying_string
character(LEN=1), dimension(:), allocatable :: chars
end type varying_string
interface assignment(=)
module procedure op_assign_VS_CH
end interface assignment(=)
interface operator(/=)
module procedure op_not_equal_VS_CA
end interface operator(/=)
interface len
module procedure len_
end interface len
interface var_str
module procedure var_str_
end interface var_str
public :: assignment(=)
public :: operator(/=)
public :: len
private :: op_assign_VS_CH
private :: op_not_equal_VS_CA
private :: char_auto
private :: len_
private :: var_str_
elemental function len_ (string) result (length)
type(varying_string), intent(in) :: string
integer :: length
if(ALLOCATED(string%chars)) then
length = SIZE(string%chars)
length = 0
end function len_
elemental subroutine op_assign_VS_CH (var, exp)
type(varying_string), intent(out) :: var
character(LEN=*), intent(in) :: exp
var = var_str(exp)
end subroutine op_assign_VS_CH
pure function op_not_equal_VS_CA (var, exp) result(res)
type(varying_string), intent(in) :: var
character(LEN=*), intent(in) :: exp
logical :: res
integer :: i
res = .true.
if (len(exp) /= size(var%chars)) return
do i = 1, size(var%chars)
if (var%chars(i) /= exp(i:i)) return
end do
res = .false.
end function op_not_equal_VS_CA
pure function char_auto (string) result (char_string)
type(varying_string), intent(in) :: string
character(LEN=len(string)) :: char_string
integer :: i_char
forall(i_char = 1:len(string))
char_string(i_char:i_char) = string%chars(i_char)
end forall
end function char_auto
elemental function var_str_ (char) result (string)
character(LEN=*), intent(in) :: char
type(varying_string) :: string
integer :: length
integer :: i_char
length = LEN(char)
forall(i_char = 1:length)
string%chars(i_char) = char(i_char:i_char)
end forall
end function var_str_
end module iso_varying_string
program test_pr79344
use iso_varying_string, string_t => varying_string
implicit none
type :: field_data_t
type(string_t), dimension(:), allocatable :: name
end type field_data_t
type(field_data_t) :: model, model2
model%name(1) = "foo"
model%name(2) = "bar"
call copy(model, model2)
subroutine copy(prt, prt_src)
implicit none
type(field_data_t), intent(inout) :: prt
type(field_data_t), intent(in) :: prt_src
integer :: i
if (allocated (prt_src%name)) then
if (prt_src%name(1) /= "foo") STOP 1
if (prt_src%name(2) /= "bar") STOP 2
if (allocated (prt%name)) deallocate (prt%name)
allocate (prt%name (size (prt_src%name)), source = prt_src%name)
! The issue was, that prt_src was empty after sourced-allocate.
if (prt_src%name(1) /= "foo") STOP 3
if (prt_src%name(2) /= "bar") STOP 4
if (prt%name(1) /= "foo") STOP 5
if (prt%name(2) /= "bar") STOP 6
end if
end subroutine copy
end program test_pr79344