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! { dg-do run }
! PR31306 ICE with implicit character variables
! Test case from PR and prepared by Jerry DeLisle <>
module cyclic
implicit none
character(10) function ouch(x,y)
implicit character(len(ouch)) (x)
implicit character(len(x)+1) (y)
intent(in) x,y
integer i
do i = 1, len(ouch)
ouch(i:i) = achar(ieor(iachar(x(i:i)),iachar(y(i:i))))
end do
end function ouch
end module cyclic
program test
use cyclic
implicit none
character(10) astr
integer i
write(astr,'(a)') ouch('YOW! ','jerry ')
if (astr(1:5) /= "3*%SY") STOP 1
do i=6,10
if (astr(i:i) /= achar(0)) STOP 2
end do
end program test