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! { dg-do run }
! Tests fix for PR77296 and other bugs found on the way.
! Contributed by Matt Thompson <>
program test
implicit none
type :: str_type
character(len=:), allocatable :: str
end type
character(len=:), allocatable :: s, sd(:)
character(len=2), allocatable :: sf, sfd(:)
character(len=6) :: str
type(str_type) :: string
s = 'ab'
associate(ss => s)
if (ss .ne. 'ab') STOP 1! This is the original bug.
ss = 'c'
end associate
if (s .ne. 'c ') STOP 2! No reallocation within ASSOCIATE block!
sf = 'c'
associate(ss => sf)
if (ss .ne. 'c ') STOP 3! This the bug in comment #2 of the PR.
ss = 'cd'
end associate
sd = [s, sf]
associate(ss => sd)
if (any (ss .ne. ['c ','cd'])) STOP 4
end associate
sfd = [sd,'ef']
associate(ss => sfd)
if (any (ss .ne. ['c ','cd','ef'])) STOP 5
ss = ['gh']
end associate
if (any (sfd .ne. ['gh','cd','ef'])) STOP 6! No reallocation!
string%str = 'xyz'
associate(ss => string%str)
if (ss .ne. 'xyz') STOP 7
ss = 'c'
end associate
if (string%str .ne. 'c ') STOP 8! No reallocation!
str = "foobar"
call test_char (5 , str)
IF (str /= "abcder") STOP 9
associate(ss => foo())
if (ss .ne. 'pqrst') STOP 10
end associate
associate(ss => bar())
if (ss(2) .ne. 'uvwxy') STOP 11
end associate
! The deallocation is not strictly necessary but it does allow
! other memory leakage to be tested for.
deallocate (s, sd, sf, sfd, string%str)
! This is a modified version of the subroutine in associate_1.f03.
! 'str' is now a dummy.
SUBROUTINE test_char (n, str)
ASSOCIATE (my => str)
IF (LEN (my) /= n) STOP 12
IF (my /= "fooba") STOP 13
my = "abcde"
IF (str /= "abcde") STOP 14
function foo() result(res)
character (len=:), pointer :: res
allocate (res, source = 'pqrst')
end function
function bar() result(res)
character (len=:), allocatable :: res(:)
allocate (res, source = ['pqrst','uvwxy'])
end function
end program test