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! { dg-do run }
! TS 29113
! 6.3 Argument association
! An assumed-rank dummy argument may correspond to an actual argument of
! any rank. If the actual argument has rank zero, the dummy argument has
! rank zero; the shape is a zero-sized array and the LBOUND and UBOUND
! intrinsic functions, with no DIM argument, return zero-sized
! arrays. [...]
program test
call testit (42)
subroutine testit (x0)
integer :: x0(..)
! expect to have rank 0
if (rank (x0) .ne. 0) stop 101
! expect shape to be a zero-sized array
if (size (shape (x0)) .ne. 0) stop 102
! expect lbound and ubound functions to return zero-sized arrays
if (size (lbound (x0)) .ne. 0) stop 103
if (size (ubound (x0)) .ne. 0) stop 104
end subroutine
end program