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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-additional-sources "cf-descriptor-3-c.c dump-descriptors.c" }
! { dg-additional-options "-g" }
! This program checks that building a descriptor for an allocatable
! or pointer scalar argument in C works and that you can use it to call
! back into a Fortran function declared to have c binding.
module mm
use iso_c_binding
type, bind (c) :: m
integer(C_INT) :: i, j
end type
integer(C_INT), parameter :: imagic = 42, jmagic = 69
end module
subroutine ftest (a, b, initp) bind (c, name="ftest")
use iso_c_binding
use mm
type(m), allocatable :: a
type(m), pointer :: b
integer(C_INT), value :: initp
if (rank(a) .ne. 0) stop 101
if (rank(b) .ne. 0) stop 101
if (initp .ne. 0 .and. .not. allocated(a)) stop 102
if (initp .eq. 0 .and. allocated(a)) stop 103
if (initp .ne. 0 .and. .not. associated(b)) stop 104
if (initp .eq. 0 .and. associated(b)) stop 105
if (initp .ne. 0) then
if (a%i .ne. imagic) stop 201
if (a%j .ne. jmagic) stop 202
if (b%i .ne. imagic + 1) stop 203
if (b%j .ne. jmagic + 1) stop 204
end if
end subroutine
program testit
use iso_c_binding
use mm
implicit none
subroutine ctest (i, j) bind (c)
use iso_c_binding
integer(C_INT), value :: i, j
end subroutine
end interface
! ctest will call ftest with both an unallocated and allocated argument.
call ctest (imagic, jmagic)
end program