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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <alloca.h>
#include <ISO_Fortran_binding.h>
#include "dump-descriptors.h"
extern void ctest (int n);
extern void ftest (CFI_cdesc_t *a, int n);
ctest (int n)
CFI_CDESC_T(0) adesc;
CFI_cdesc_t *a = (CFI_cdesc_t *) &adesc;
char *adata = (char *) alloca (n);
/* Fill in adesc. */
check_CFI_status ("CFI_establish",
CFI_establish (a, adata, CFI_attribute_other,
CFI_type_char, n, 0, NULL));
/* Sanity checking to make sure the descriptor has been initialized
properly. */
dump_CFI_cdesc_t (a);
if (a->version != CFI_VERSION)
abort ();
if (a->rank != 0)
abort ();
if (a->attribute != CFI_attribute_other)
abort ();
if (a->elem_len != n)
abort ();
/* Call back into Fortran. */
ftest (a, n);