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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ISO_Fortran_binding.h>
#include "dump-descriptors.h"
extern void ctest (CFI_cdesc_t *a);
ctest (CFI_cdesc_t *a)
/* Dump the descriptor contents to test that we can access the fields
correctly, etc. */
dump_CFI_cdesc_t (a);
/* The actual argument on the Fortran side was declared as
character(len=20) :: aa
Make sure that matches what's in the descriptor. */
if (!a->base_addr)
abort ();
if (a->elem_len != 20)
abort ();
if (a->rank != 0)
abort ();
if (a->type != CFI_type_char)
abort ();
if (a->attribute != CFI_attribute_other)
abort ();