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! { dg-do compile }
! PR fortran/56969
! Contributed by Salvatore Filippone
! Was before rejected as the different c_associated weren't recognized to
! come from the same module.
module test_mod
use iso_c_binding
type(c_ptr), save :: test_context = c_null_ptr
type, bind(c) :: s_Cmat
type(c_ptr) :: Mat = c_null_ptr
end type s_Cmat
function FtestCreate(context) &
& bind(c,name="FtestCreate") result(res)
use iso_c_binding
type(c_ptr) :: context
integer(c_int) :: res
end function FtestCreate
end interface
function initFtest() result(res)
implicit none
integer(c_int) :: res
if (c_associated(test_context)) then
res = 0
res = FtestCreate(test_context)
end if
end function initFtest
end module test_mod
module base_mat_mod
type base_sparse_mat
integer, allocatable :: ia(:)
end type base_sparse_mat
end module base_mat_mod
module extd_mat_mod
use iso_c_binding
use test_mod
use base_mat_mod
type, extends(base_sparse_mat) :: extd_sparse_mat
type(s_Cmat) :: deviceMat
end type extd_sparse_mat
end module extd_mat_mod
subroutine extd_foo(a)
use extd_mat_mod
implicit none
class(extd_sparse_mat), intent(inout) :: a
if (c_associated(a%deviceMat%Mat)) then
write(*,*) 'C Associated'
end if
end subroutine extd_foo