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! { dg-do compile }
! { dg-options "-std=f2008" }
! Test argument checking for C_LOC with subcomponent parameters.
module c_vhandle_mod
use iso_c_binding
type double_vector_item
real(kind(1.d0)), allocatable :: v(:)
end type double_vector_item
type(double_vector_item), allocatable, target :: dbv_pool(:)
real(kind(1.d0)), allocatable, target :: vv(:)
type foo
integer :: i
end type foo
type foo_item
type(foo), pointer :: v => null()
end type foo_item
type(foo_item), allocatable :: foo_pool(:)
type foo_item2
type(foo), pointer :: v(:) => null()
end type foo_item2
type(foo_item2), allocatable :: foo_pool2(:)
type(c_ptr) function get_double_vector_address(handle)
integer(c_int), intent(in) :: handle
if (.true.) then ! The ultimate component is an allocatable target
get_double_vector_address = c_loc(dbv_pool(handle)%v) ! OK: Interop type and allocatable
get_double_vector_address = c_loc(vv) ! OK: Interop type and allocatable
end function get_double_vector_address
type(c_ptr) function get_foo_address(handle)
integer(c_int), intent(in) :: handle
get_foo_address = c_loc(foo_pool(handle)%v)
get_foo_address = c_loc(foo_pool2(handle)%v) ! { dg-error "Fortran 2018: Noninteroperable array at .1. as argument to C_LOC: Expression is a noninteroperable derived type" }
end function get_foo_address
end module c_vhandle_mod