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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-options "-std=gnu" }
! This test is pretty simple but is here just to make sure that the changes
! done to c_ptr and c_funptr (translating them to void *) works in the case
! where a component of a type is of type c_ptr or c_funptr.
module c_ptr_tests_9
use, intrinsic :: iso_c_binding, only: c_ptr, c_null_ptr
type myF90Derived
type(c_ptr) :: my_c_ptr
end type myF90Derived
subroutine sub0() bind(c)
type(myF90Derived), target :: my_f90_type
type(myF90Derived), pointer :: my_f90_type_ptr
my_f90_type%my_c_ptr = c_null_ptr
print *, 'my_f90_type is: ', my_f90_type%my_c_ptr
my_f90_type_ptr => my_f90_type
print *, 'my_f90_type_ptr is: ', my_f90_type_ptr%my_c_ptr
end subroutine sub0
end module c_ptr_tests_9
program main
use c_ptr_tests_9
call sub0()
end program main