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! { dg-do run }
! Tests the fix for PR38538, where the character length for the
! argument of 'func' was not calculated.
! Contributed by Vivek Rao <>
module abc
implicit none
subroutine xmain (i, j)
integer i, j
call foo (func ("_"//bar (i)//"x"//bar (j)//"x"), "_abcxabx") ! original was elemental
call foo (nfunc("_"//bar (j)//"x"//bar (i)//"x"), "_abxabcx")
end subroutine xmain
function bar (i) result(yy)
integer i, j, k
character (len = i) :: yy(2)
do j = 1, size (yy, 1)
do k = 1, i
yy(j)(k:k) = char (96+k)
end do
end do
end function bar
elemental function func (yy) result(xy)
character (len = *), intent(in) :: yy
character (len = len (yy)) :: xy
xy = yy
end function func
function nfunc (yy) result(xy)
character (len = *), intent(in) :: yy(:)
character (len = len (yy)) :: xy(size (yy))
xy = yy
end function nfunc
subroutine foo(cc, teststr)
character (len=*), intent(in) :: cc(:)
character (len=*), intent(in) :: teststr
if (any (cc .ne. teststr)) STOP 1
end subroutine foo
end module abc
use abc
call xmain(3, 2)