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! { dg-do run }
! Tests the fix for PR81758, in which the vpointer for 'ptr' in
! function 'pointer_value' would be set to the vtable of the component
! 'container' rather than that of the component 'vec_elem'. In this test
! case it is ensured that there is a single typebound procedure for both
! types, so that different values are returned. In the original problem
! completely different procedures were involved so that a segfault resulted.
! Reduced from the original code of Dimitry Liakh <> by
! Paul Thomas <>
module types
type, public:: gfc_container_t
procedure, public:: get_value => ContTypeGetValue
end type gfc_container_t
!Element of a container:
type, public:: gfc_cont_elem_t
integer :: value_p
procedure, public:: get_value => ContElemGetValue
end type gfc_cont_elem_t
!Vector element:
type, extends(gfc_cont_elem_t), public:: vector_elem_t
end type vector_elem_t
type, extends(gfc_container_t), public:: vector_t
type(vector_elem_t), allocatable, private :: vec_elem
end type vector_t
type, public :: vector_iter_t
class(vector_t), pointer, private :: container => NULL()
procedure, public:: get_vector_value => vector_Value
procedure, public:: get_pointer_value => pointer_value
end type
integer function ContElemGetValue (this)
class(gfc_cont_elem_t) :: this
ContElemGetValue = this%value_p
end function
integer function ContTypeGetValue (this)
class(gfc_container_t) :: this
ContTypeGetValue = 0
end function
integer function vector_Value (this)
class(vector_iter_t) :: this
vector_value = this%container%vec_elem%get_value()
end function
integer function pointer_value (this)
class(vector_iter_t), target :: this
class(gfc_cont_elem_t), pointer :: ptr
ptr => this%container%vec_elem
pointer_value = ptr%get_value()
end function
subroutine factory (arg)
class (vector_iter_t), pointer :: arg
allocate (vector_iter_t :: arg)
allocate (vector_t :: arg%container)
allocate (arg%container%vec_elem)
arg%container%vec_elem%value_p = 99
end subroutine
end module
use types
class (vector_iter_t), pointer :: x
call factory (x)
if (x%get_vector_value() .ne. 99) STOP 1
if (x%get_pointer_value() .ne. 99) STOP 2