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! PR15986
! Siblings may be used as actual arguments, in which case they look like
! variables during parsing. Also checks that actual variables aren't replaced
! by siblings with the same name
! { dg-do run }
module contained_1_mod
integer i
subroutine a
integer :: c = 42
call sub(b, c)
end subroutine a
subroutine b()
i = i + 1
end subroutine b
subroutine c
end subroutine
end module
subroutine sub (proc, var)
external proc1
integer var
if (var .ne. 42) STOP 1
call proc
end subroutine
program contained_1
use contained_1_mod
i = 0
call a
if (i .ne. 1) STOP 2
end program