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! { dg-do compile }
! Tests the fix for PR30273, in which the pointer assignment was
! wrongly determined to have dependence because NULL() was not
! recognised by the analysis.
! Contributed by Harald Anlauf <>
module gfcbug49
implicit none
type spot_t
integer, pointer :: vm(:,:,:)
end type spot_t
type rc_t
integer :: n
type(spot_t), pointer :: spots(:) => NULL()
end type rc_t
subroutine construct (rc, n)
type(rc_t), intent(out) :: rc
integer , intent(in) :: n
integer :: k
rc% n = n
allocate (rc% spots (n))
forall (k=1:n)
rc% spots (k)% vm => NULL() ! gfortran didn't swallow this
end forall
end subroutine construct
end module gfcbug49