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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-additional-options "-fdump-tree-original" }
! PR fortran/61831
! The deallocation of components of array constructor elements
! used to have the side effect of also deallocating some other
! variable's components from which they were copied.
program main
implicit none
integer, parameter :: n = 2
type :: string_t
character(LEN=1), dimension(:), allocatable :: chars
end type string_t
type :: string_container_t
type(string_t) :: comp
end type string_container_t
type :: string_array_container_t
type(string_t) :: comp(n)
end type string_array_container_t
type(string_t) :: prt_in, tmp, tmpa(n)
type(string_container_t) :: tmpc, tmpca(n)
type(string_array_container_t) :: tmpac, tmpaca(n)
integer :: i, j, k
do i=1,16
! Test without intermediary function
prt_in = string_t(["A"])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 1
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "A")) STOP 2
deallocate (prt_in%chars)
! scalar elemental function
prt_in = string_t(["B"])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 3
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "B")) STOP 4
tmp = new_prt_spec (prt_in)
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 5
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "B")) STOP 6
deallocate (prt_in%chars)
deallocate (tmp%chars)
! array elemental function with array constructor
prt_in = string_t(["C"])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 7
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "C")) STOP 8
tmpa = new_prt_spec ([(prt_in, i=1,2)])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 9
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "C")) STOP 10
deallocate (prt_in%chars)
do j=1,n
deallocate (tmpa(j)%chars)
end do
! scalar elemental function with structure constructor
prt_in = string_t(["D"])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 11
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "D")) STOP 12
tmpc = new_prt_spec2 (string_container_t(prt_in))
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 13
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "D")) STOP 14
deallocate (prt_in%chars)
! array elemental function of an array constructor of structure constructors
prt_in = string_t(["E"])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 15
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "E")) STOP 16
tmpca = new_prt_spec2 ([ (string_container_t(prt_in), i=1,2) ])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 17
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "E")) STOP 18
deallocate (prt_in%chars)
do j=1,n
deallocate (tmpca(j)%comp%chars)
end do
! scalar elemental function with a structure constructor and a nested array constructor
prt_in = string_t(["F"])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 19
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "F")) STOP 20
tmpac = new_prt_spec3 (string_array_container_t([ (prt_in, i=1,2) ]))
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 21
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "F")) STOP 22
deallocate (prt_in%chars)
do j=1,n
deallocate (tmpac%comp(j)%chars)
end do
! array elemental function with an array constructor nested inside
! a structure constructor nested inside an array constructor
prt_in = string_t(["G"])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 23
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "G")) STOP 24
tmpaca = new_prt_spec3 ([ (string_array_container_t([ (prt_in, i=1,2) ]), j=1,2) ])
if (.not. allocated(prt_in%chars)) STOP 25
if (any(prt_in%chars .ne. "G")) STOP 26
deallocate (prt_in%chars)
do j=1,n
do k=1,n
deallocate (tmpaca(j)%comp(k)%chars)
end do
end do
end do
elemental function new_prt_spec (name) result (prt_spec)
type(string_t), intent(in) :: name
type(string_t) :: prt_spec
prt_spec = name
end function new_prt_spec
elemental function new_prt_spec2 (name) result (prt_spec)
type(string_container_t), intent(in) :: name
type(string_container_t) :: prt_spec
prt_spec = name
end function new_prt_spec2
elemental function new_prt_spec3 (name) result (prt_spec)
type(string_array_container_t), intent(in) :: name
type(string_array_container_t) :: prt_spec
prt_spec = name
end function new_prt_spec3
end program main
! { dg-final { scan-tree-dump-times "__builtin_malloc" 15 "original" } }
! { dg-final { scan-tree-dump-times "__builtin_free" 33 "original" } }