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! { dg-do run }
! Test fix for the additional bug that was found in fixing PR79832.
! Contributed by Walt Brainerd <>
module dollar_mod
implicit none
type, public :: dollar_type
real :: amount
end type dollar_type
interface write(formatted)
module procedure Write_dollar
end interface
private :: write (formatted)
subroutine Write_dollar &
(dollar_value, unit, b_edit_descriptor, v_list, iostat, iomsg)
class (dollar_type), intent(in) :: dollar_value
integer, intent(in) :: unit
character (len=*), intent(in) :: b_edit_descriptor
integer, dimension(:), intent(in) :: v_list
integer, intent(out) :: iostat
character (len=*), intent(inout) :: iomsg
write (unit=unit, fmt="(f9.2)", iostat=iostat) dollar_value%amount
end subroutine Write_dollar
end module dollar_mod
program test_dollar
use :: dollar_mod
implicit none
integer :: ios
character(100) :: errormsg
type (dollar_type), parameter :: wage = dollar_type(15.10)
write (unit=*, fmt="(DT)", iostat=ios, iomsg=errormsg) wage
if ( STOP 1
if (errormsg(1:22).ne."Missing DTIO procedure") STOP 2
end program test_dollar