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! { dg-do compile }
! Test the patch for PR30081 in which non-generic intrinsic
! procedures could not be overloaded by generic interfaces.
! Contributed by Harald Anlauf <>
module gfcbug46
interface random_seed
module procedure put_seed
end interface
interface random_number
module procedure random_vector
end interface
type t_t
real :: x(2)
end type t_t
subroutine put_seed (n, seed)
integer, intent(inout) :: n
integer, intent(in) :: seed
call random_seed (size=n)
end subroutine put_seed
subroutine random_vector (t)
type(t_t) :: t
call random_number (t% x)
end subroutine random_vector
end module gfcbug46
use gfcbug46
type(t_t) :: z
integer :: n = 2, seed = 1
call put_seed (n, seed)
call random_number (z)
print *, z