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! { dg-do compile }
! Tests the fix for PR32464, where the use associated procedure would
! mess up the check for "grandparent" host association.
! Contributed by Harald Anlauf <>
module gfcbug64_mod1
implicit none
public :: inverse
interface inverse
module procedure copy
end interface
function copy (d) result (y)
real, intent(in) :: d(:)
real :: y(size (d)) ! <- this version kills gfortran
! real, intent(in) :: d
! real :: y
y = d
end function copy
end module gfcbug64_mod1
module gfcbug64_mod2
implicit none
subroutine foo (x_o)
real, intent(in) :: x_o(:)
integer :: s(size (x_o)) ! <- this line kills gfortran
subroutine bar ()
use gfcbug64_mod1, only: inverse ! <- this line kills gfortran
end subroutine bar
end subroutine foo
end module gfcbug64_mod2